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Do Both People in a Twin Flame Relationship Feel the Same?

Do Both People in a Twin Flame Relationship Feel the Same?

A twin flame relationship is based on vibrational frequencies and the connection is stronger than most things we can see in nature.

A twin flame relationship will experience love, joy, anger, guilt, happiness, sadness, depression and all emotions that a human can have.  These experiences will be part of a twin flame journey, but these feelings are not always shared by both twin flames.

Twin flames mirror their souls, and this means that they have the same types of characters and thoughts and they do not feel differently than each other.

They are flawed but they are similar, and they can have the power to speak to each other without actually talking.  The different markings that the twin flame relationship will have will mark them for life.

Some feel that one of the twins in the twin flame relationship will be a psychic and will be able to know what the other twin is feeling.  They know what they are feeling and what they are going through in their life.

They are also very spiritually connected because the twin flame relationship is from the universe.  They learn to be in harmony, and they learn that they need to work to help their twin to move through life with ideas and goals.

They do have self-pain and they will come to the idea that life is part of their world and that it is not always a good thing.  They want to find their higher and spiritual self and they will keep moving forward to work on this.

The dynamic of the twin flame relationship is so strong and that is why there is usually a chasing and running session that happens sometimes in the relationship.

Personal Vibrations

When a twin flame decides to run from the relationship, this does not mean that the relationships is wrong, it means that they are trying to hide their feelings from their twin.  Instead of learning to handle what is handed to them, they will find ways to get rid of the pain inside of them.

Sometimes, they will turn to drugs or alcohol to drown out the pain.  This takes them further from their twin flame and their spiritual guidance and causes them to make the situation bad for themselves.

They will run away and then their vibrational frequency will begin to get lower.  They will become tired and will feel that they are lot in the world.  They will move away from their twin flame.

The twin flame that has found their higher level of spiritual self will be able to see their spiritual self through their twin flame.  They will see that their levels do align and that their vibrational frequency is getting ready to come together and this means they will get closer to each other again.

The twin that is lacking spiritual guidance must move towards the universe and not let society stop them from following where they are meant to go.

They must learn to embrace who they are and allow love to follow them.  Once they find enlightenment, they will be able to enjoy the psychic abilities that they have from their twin flame.

They can then begin to hear what their twin flame is saying through telepathy and will be able to feel each other strongly.  This can only happen when they are on the same vibrational frequency and they both must work to get to that point in their relationship in order to allow their souls to mirror one another.

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