One of the spiritual stones that have high levels of loving energy is the Ajoite stone. This stone can give you power form the Goddesses and from Mother Gaia and can help you to communicate better with your angels.

This stone is a great healing stone and has strong female energy and it helps with karmic wounds from the past life and with forgiveness. This quartz is good for emotional support, and this is a great stone for women because it allows there to be peace and harmony in their body.

If you want to meditate and use this stone, you can reach your spiritual realm and you can learn to speak to the spiritual world and communicate wisdom from this plane.

Meaning of Ajoite

The Ajoite comes from Ajo, Arizona where it was discovered, and it is sometimes called the Ajo Quartz. This stone has also been found in South Africa and in Zimbabwe.

It is hard to find the Ajoite stone, but it can be found in some different colors such as turquoise or blue-green. When you look at this quartz, you can see translucent parts and phantom patches and even the stone is considered rare, but you can find it when you go to a special crystal shop.

This stone can be expensive, but it can be affordable if you get a small piece. This is a common stone if you find it mixed with other things such as the Shattuckite or the Hematite. The Papagoite is a very rare piece. Some of the stones within the quartz looks like angel wings and these have strong vibrations, and they are hard to get ahold of.

Emotional Support

The crystals have high energy, and they help to bring about pure love and energy from the Goddess. This stone helps with the heart chakra and the thymus and higher heart chakra., This is a stone that helps to find divine love.,

This stone helps to give you energies of love and is strong and can cleanse you if you have feminine vibrations. This energy encourages you to forgive and help you with your higher heart chakra. This high vibration helps you to have forgiveness and compassion for others and for yourself and if you try, you can use this stone to help you move forward in your spiritual growth.

Once you clear out all of these energies, you can journey to a higher place and have higher vibrations in your life. The stone will help to get rid of stress and will help you have better health.

Why Use the Ajoite?

This stone is helpful to the higher chakras and can help to heal your entire body. This stone can help to clear all of the negative energies and can help bring harmony to your life. This stone can help with your Light body and can help unite your physical body and can help you get rid of pain and negative things that need released. This can give you peace and help your body to be healthier.

The Ajoite stone allows you to understand things that happened in your past life, and it can help to heal wounds that came from karma and other negative things. This stone will help to release implants from the Atlantean and Lemurian civilizations and can help to heal your karmic situations that you have been carrying in your life.

This stone also helps to occupy your life and give you unconditional love and peace. The vibrations of this stone help with the throat chakra and can get rid of negative energies that stop you from having good communication skills. You can use this stone and you will be able to say things from your heart and speak what is on your mind.

How Can it Help You?

The Ajoite stone is a communicate stone and will open up the throat chakra and will help you to speak better to your spiritual guides and to have a higher transpersonal chakra., This can also help with your soul star chakra and your crown chakra.

The spiritual and psychic communication with this stone can be beneficial and it can help with psychic knowing and help you to learn more things. This stone allows you to have good abilities and helps you to concentrate and give you attention to what you are doing.

Psychic knowing helps you with channel writing and can help you if you are journaling or doing automatic writing. You can learn to receive information in rewriting directly from your spiritual guides.

Keeping this stone close to you and in your auric field can help you to get the energy to your etheric body. You can get the Ajoite specimen form special crystal shops even though this is not always an easy crystal to get.

Using Ajoite

This stone has love and a high frequency and can guide you to your divine sources. This can help you to connect with angels and can help you to communicate with the spiritual world and help you to tell the truth. This also can help you if you do spiritual work.

If you lack in creativity, this stone can help you to have manifestations and help you to show off your beliefs and to keep you on track of reaching your highest good.

You can learn to meditate, and this can help you to get rid of stress and you can use the stone while you meditate. This stone can help you to get rid of your anger and can help you not to be jealous or have negative emotions., This stone can encourage you to bond and see the views of others.

You can have an easier time making friends if you use the Ajoite and it is a great stone that can support your life and can help you to have stronger feminine power. This is a crystal that can help you reach your angels and the spiritual world.

This is a great stone that can help you to have assistance from your spiritual beings and it can help you to have love and support and to grow to a higher level.

Ajoite with Shattuckite

The Ajoite with Shattuckite is a natural stone and it is a mixture of stones and can be worn as jewelry to give you peace in your life. The vibrations of the Ajoite stone will help with your energies and can protect you from psychic attacks and can help you to have strong psychic powers.

This stone can help you from Electromagnetic vibrations that come from microwaves, phones, wi-fi and other electronics. This stone is similar to the Ajoite in Quartz and is a strong stone that can give you karmic healing and help to restore your soul and leave you refreshed.

Using with Other Stones

This stone can be used alone, or it can be used with higher chakra stones. Adding extra stones can help to increase your energy and can help you to use the crystal to connect with your angels. You can use this with the Angel Phantom Quartz and the Blue Anhydrite or Larimar if you want to open up your forgiveness and have a deeper relationship with the Goddess.

You can use this stone with the Green Calcite, Dioptase, Variscite and Green Apophyllite if you have a problem forgiving people. Using the Blizzard stone and the Gabbro can help to ground you and it will magnify the energies of the Ajoite when used together.

Using the Ajoite with the Hematite and the Boji stone can help to give you stronger blood and ground your energy levels. This stone will boost your truth and communication skills and if you want to do this, use it with the Clear Topaz, Azurite, Turquoise, and the Amazonite.

If you want to use this stone for communication and to open up the throat chakra, use this with blue stones such as the Blue Aragonite, Thulite, Blue Topaz, Lepidocrocite, Amazonite, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, Pietersite, and the Chrysocolla.

When opening up your channeling abilities, you can use this stone with other channeling stones such as the Sugalite, Blue Tourmaline, Quantum Quattro, Yttrium, Blue Hemimorphite and the Shattuckite.