When a Crystal Breaks or Gets Lost


If you lose a crystal or one breaks, there are different interpretations to what this can mean. It is important to use your intuition to guide you in this manner. Find out what kind of circumstances caused this with your crystals so that you will not be fearful.

When a crystal is lost, here are some reasons it can happen:

No or Little Resonance

Losing or misplacing a crystal might happen because that is not the crystal energy that you need at the time. The crystal might be so strong that it is upsetting your own energy and you need it away from you.

Healing Message Needed

You need to know what the crystal means that you keep losing. If you keep losing a crystal that has to do with the heart such as one that helps with love and forgiveness, you might find that you need to get this message and you are not listening.

Protection Crystal

A protection crystal can mean that you have something going on in your life that needs cleared. This can mean that you have a psychic attack, and the energy is hanging on to you and making you lose the crystal.

Your Favorite Crystal

Losing your favorite crystal can mean that you need to be more mindful of what you have and about your stuff. You need to put the crystal in the right place and stop misplacing it.

You Don’t Need It

A crystal that you use will have a certain purpose. If you find that you keep losing this crystal, chances are that you no longer need it and that you need to move forward. This can mean that you have gotten your healing.


Some crystals can evolve to a different dimension. If you find that you have lost a crystal and you cannot find it, see if you can feel it in your aura. This can mean that your crystal is no longer in the physical form.

Someone Needed it Besides You

Sometimes a crystal will be lost so that someone else can find it. This can be a gift to someone that needs a certain healing.

It’s Not for You

Maybe you no longer need the crystal, or it is one that isn’t for you at this time. Energy of a crystal can be strong and if you don’t need it, it might get lost for a time.

When a Crystal is Broken

When a crystal gets broken, here are some reasons it might happen:

Energy Clearance

You might have a crystal that breaks because it needs to have its energy cleared. You might see the crystal break when you wear it, and this can be because it has too much energy that is negative coming to it.

Psychic Attack or Negative Energy

Energy that is negative can break your crystals. If you find a crystal breaking, it might have been attacked.

Heat or Wetness

Crystals that have too much heat or moisture can break or be damaged. Find out what kind of water resistance your crystal has before you wear it.

Another Crystal

Sometimes a crystal can break because it is by another crystal that is harder. You need to be careful not to wear crystals that are easily broken.

Out of Energy

Some crystals will crack when they are out of energy or are rejecting energy around them.

Reaching the End

If your crystal has reached the end of its life, it might break. This happens so that it can return to the earth.

What to do with Broken or Lost Crystals

When a crystal breaks, you might be upset about it. If you are still feeling the energy from the crystal, you need to bury it in the earth or let it go into a body of water. If it is toxic, the best is to bury it.

Some people will want to glue these crystals together, especially if they are attracted to the certain crystal. Even if you feel bonded though, you need to bury it because it is time for it to return to the earth.

As long as you show respect to your crystals and you honor them, they will honor you, even if they end up broken or lost, don’t be discouraged.