Interesting Facts About Crystals


Crystals are pretty to look at but more than just looks, crystals can bring energies that you need to balance your life, to have protection and for healing. Crystals are there to help you with many things in your life.

How Are Crystals Formed?

Crystals are formed with time and energy. It takes a lot to get a crystal that is shiny and used for jewelry and other things.

Crystals are formed when there is heat, pressure, rhythm, and liquid that become a solid object. All of the crystals have a different pattern, and they are full of ions, molecules, atoms, and other unique things that make them different from any other crystal.


Snowflakes are crystals. Even though they melt, they are the same kinds of molecules that are seen in a crystal. You might be surprised at this, things like vases, glasses, and crystal items are normally not made of real crystals but snowflakes form when they are a liquid and turn into a solid.

Glass is not a crystal because it has a shape, but it isn’t made up of a straight pattern but just different atoms that are moving around.

Just like snowflakes, sugar and salt are also crystals.

Energy Vibrations

Everything has its own vibrations, and these things work with your senses. Each of the crystals that you can see have their own vibration. Some of the crystals such as protection crystals, work at a higher energy and a higher vibration than other crystals.

Energy can bring about changes in your life and if you need some kind of healing, some of the crystals can raise your vibrations to make healing come.

Ancient Crystal Practices

There have been people that have been practicing crystal healing for years and years. This dated back to more than 3000 BC. Crystal healing was used by different cultures such as the ancient Egyptians for healing and for other things.

Since crystal use has been around for years, some soldiers would put crystals on their body, in their pocket or as jewelry so that they can be protected when going to battle.

Mystic Power

Crystals are different sizes, shapes, and colors. Each crystal has a different kind of pattern and makeup and each of them have different powers. There are some crystals that you can hold in your hand, but some are huge.

Some crystals are like pyramids and have a triangle shape and these are thought to be stones that are imprinted with certain energy and certain information that can help people in their lives.

Final Thoughts

You can look almost anywhere and find some kind of crystal, in the jewelry box, outside and more. The different energies and vibrations of the crystals are here to help keep you safe, heal you or do some other kind of job to make sure that you have a great life.