Crystal Healing to Get Unstuck

Crystal Healing to Get Unstuck

Do you feel that you have no motivation, and you don’t know how to get out of your rut?  Using crystals can help you to find new motivation and to be able to work through tasks that you need to complete in your life. Even if it is hard to work through these things, using crystals can give you positive motivation energy.

Have you ever felt that you were not able to move forward in things in your life such as work, school, a relationship or even a project? Maybe you even have a hard time doing things like keeping the house clean?

Do you daydream a lot and wonder what it would be like if you could just change and do what is needed to help you to move forward? When you need to boost your motivation, there are things that can help you, one important one being crystals.

If you find that you are feeling pressured to get things done and you are having problems feeling motivated, keep reading.

Look Where You Are

Look at where you are in life. Find out what you need to get done and what you need to get it done. Get rid of things that are always distracting you like your phone or the television.

As soon as you realize what is blocking you from finishing your projects or things in your life, you can write a statement. Write a short statement that states why you feel unmotivated. Add things in about your resources, your blocks, your attention and what you intend to get done. This can help you to be successful in completing what you need to get done.

Now, choose a crystal that works with what you just wrote down. If you need to be motivated, use the Red Jasper. If you have a problem focusing, try the Tiger’s Eye. If you need resources, the Citrine can help with that. There are stones for almost all purposes.

Programing the Crystals

After picking your crystal you need to make sure that you program them. Here are ways that you can do that:

  • Find a comfortable place that you won’t get distracted.
  • Write your affirmation or intention down.
  • Put your crystal on the paper you wrote on.
  • Put your hand on the crystal and keep your eyes closed.
  • Imagine white light filling your energy.
  • Let the energy move from your body to the crystal.
  • Imagine the stone glowing.
  • See the light surrounding you.
  • Keep seeing the light until it fades.
  • Open your eyes.

This will help you to keep your crystals charged so that they will be ready to help you. Put the stones by your paper or around your area. You can carry these stones in a small pouch and use them when you are working.

The stones can help to get rid of blocks in your life. They will keep your energy strong and will help you to move forward.


  1. While I’m skeptical about the efficacy of crystals, the steps provided for ‘programming’ them seem to be psychologically beneficial. The idea of dedicating time to focus on one’s intentions and goals may contribute to increased motivation.

  2. The approach to identifying distractions and creating a written statement to clarify blocks is quite practical. Whether or not one believes in the power of crystals, the act of self-reflection can be very powerful.

  3. Programming crystals as described in the article appears to be quite a meditative process. I appreciate how it encourages mindfulness and focused intention, which are key aspects of achieving personal goals.

  4. The concept of using crystals for motivation is intriguing. It aligns with practices in alternative medicine where physical objects are used to channel energy. However, more empirical research would be beneficial to substantiate these claims.

  5. The article’s method of using specific crystals for different needs, like Red Jasper for motivation or Citrine for resources, is quite detailed. I wonder if there are any comparative studies on the effectiveness of different crystals?

    • Indeed, an empirical approach to evaluate the impact of various crystals could offer insights. The psychological benefit of the ritual itself is likely significant regardless of the actual power of the crystals.

    • I share your curiosity, Fiesta. It would be interesting to see scientific studies on this. Even if the crystals’ effects are placebo, the positive outcomes might still be worthwhile.


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