Blue Barite

Blue Barite

The Blue Barite stone is a magical stone and helps with synchronicity and coincidences and can help you with your memory and is good at reaching your higher being. This stone can help you if you have been in a past traumatic event or accident and has been used for hundreds of years to help for this purpose.

This stone used to be used by women and in the army so that it could help heal those that were wounded. When you are developing your psychic giftings, this crystal can help you to communicate better. The blue crystals have strong properties for meditation and a beautiful color with excellent healing properties.

Meaning of Barite

The word Barite comes from the Greek word “barus” which means heavy. This stone has had its name changed over time and has had some changes and so the spelling is sometimes different such as Baryte. This is called Barytine in some places.

This stone has tabular and prismatic crystals and has phantoms in it and is huge and has fibroids and bladed pieces in it. It is made up of minerals such as barium and sulfate and can have other stones such as Anglesite, Celestine, and Anhydrite in it.

This means that the Celestine and the Blue Anhydrite are also called Angelite and are related to this stone and its properties. This stone comes in different colors such as brown, white, grey, yellow, and blue.

The blue crystals are deep blue to pale blue and is a common stone found in many different locations. These are found in the United States and in Morocco.

Why Use This Stone?

There are many reasons to use this stone such as:

  • It is great for meditation.
  • You can hold it while you meditate, and it is easy.
  • This works with your third eye chakra.
  • This will work with the crown chakra.
  • This works to connect your memory.
  • This helps you remember dreams.
  • You can reach the higher realm.
  • You might get a teacher that will guide you.

This stone is thought to have been used by men after their battles and the women would follow them and treat them after they fought in the war. The stone is thought to calm patients and put them in a relaxed state until they could get medical attention. This is thought to be a magical stone.

If you have fear, this stone can help to release the fear and can help increase your communication and intuition in the spirit world and help you connect with angels.

Wearing Blue Barite

Blue Barite is easy to buy and is pretty to wear. It can make beautiful jewelry and it is the right size that it is easy to wear. This stone is great and has great properties and so you can get it to wear, or you can keep it in your pocket so that you can experience things that you need in your life.

If you want to experience coincidence and synchronicity, this is the stone for you, and it can help manifest situations in your life. This stone will cleanse the throat chakra and will give guidance to your life. If you want to record your dreams, you can see a pattern and see these stones are good for you.

How Will It Help You?

This stone has great healing properties and works great to heal the brain. It will synchronize the two brain hemispheres and can help you to get rid of brain troubles and problems such as degenerative conditions. This can help those that have suffered brain damage.

This has good energy with the throat chakra and can help those that have had radiation or chemotherapy and will lower the blood pressure and get rid of pain and fevers. When needing action, you can use these with the higher chakras to help you feel better overall.

Using with Other Stones

When you are a student, you need to have good remembrance and if you have a class coming up to study for or if you have age related memory issues, you can use stones to benefit your memory.

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