Best Crystals for Energy

Best Crystals for Energy

If you are feeling worn out or tired, chances are that you need to increase your energies. You can do this quickly by drinking caffeine but this can be unhealthy and cause your energy to crash.

Other ways that you can increase your energy is to go out into the sun, eat foods that have Vitamin D or B12 and use herbs such as Ashwagandha. But, if you are wanting to increase your energy and keep it strong, crystals might be the right plan for you.

Crystals for Energy

Crystals have different healing properties and reasons and they can help you through hard things in your life. They have different energies, and you can channel these energies into your life. So, when you are feeling tired or sluggish, crystals can help.


This is one of the best energy crystals and it can also help to make you feel more confident in your life. You can use this stone by keeping it close to your body or even wearing it as jewelry.


The garnet is a hope stone. It can bring you energy and strength and help you when you need to have support in your emotions and in your body. This is often thought to be a good luck stone. Try to use this stone by holding it in your left hand and doing deep breathing.


The amber is a powerful stone, and it comes from the sun energy. It can help your overall wellbeing and it can work when you wear it each day.


This stone represents blood and purity and it can help you to see your personal power and to see yourself in a different way. This stone can change your life and take away your stress. It is a great stone if you are tired, and you need to balance your energies.

Blue Apatite

This is a stone that can increase your energy and give you power. This happens because it increases your vibrations and can get rid of brain clutter.


The Bronzite helps to ground you so that you can be in control of your life. It will help you to handle hard situations and if you use this while doing your breathing, it will work the best.


Citrine is a very known and popular stone. It works by increasing your energies and by stimulating your mind. If you are full of negativity, use this stone by keeping it on you so that you have better dreams and get rid of negative energy.

Red Goldstone

This stone is also called the Sandstone, Monk’s Gold and more. It is a man-made stone and it can give you energy to reach your goals. Since this is glass, it can get rid of negative energy and keep it away from you.

Black Onyx

This stone is great to give you power in your life. If you need to be grounded and you are struggling, you can see your strength increase. Hold this stone close to you to use its energies.


Pyrite is also known as Fool’s Gold. It has a strong connection with the earth and can bring you luck and abundance.

Red Jasper

This stone helps to give you passion and to inspire you. It can keep you safe from dangerous situations and negative energy. Hold this stone in your hand to have more strength.

Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s Eye can help to balance you and to help you to have more intuition. If you need to reach your goals, keep this stone on your body and even in your sleep to have good dreams.

Final Thoughts

You can use these 12 crystals or other crystals to help you have more energy. If you are tired or you feel worn down, these stones can help you to feel better.