Aragonite Clusters

Aragonite Clusters

This stone is a star cluster and called a conservationist’s stone. This helps you to care for the earth and to be more caring. This stone can help to clear anything you have blocked such as ley lines and geopathic stress.

This crystal will help to heal and balance you and it can help you get rid of stress and anxiety. The structure of this stone will send light to your body and will be a strong source of energies.

This can get rid of anger and resentment and can bring in positive feelings.

Aragonite Meanings

The meaning of this stone is that it was discovered in Aragon in Spain and is a big place where these star clusters are found.

Deposits of Aragonite have been found in Namibia, Spain, Britain, and Mexico. This stone comes in different colors such as brown, white, pink, and blue. They are different in structures and properties.

Why Use the Aragonite?

This stone has many unique things about it such as:

  • To help heal you and the earth.
  • Heal you emotionally.
  • Hear you spiritually.
  • To give you strong feelings and get rid of energies.
  • Spiritual grounding.
  • Support the connection of the earth.
  • Stability.
  • Help you be patient.
  • Allow you to be content in your life.
  • Get rid of stress.
  • Helps you to cope.

Who Should Use This?

This stone is a strong healing stone and can help to balance your chakras and give you energies. This stone is impressive and can help with light and make the light move through your body.

This field of light will go to your aura and can give you peace and harmony.

The energies are strong, and it is a good stone for healing and can give you patience and make you accept things and let things go.

If you need help and you have a difficult time in life, you can use this stone to get rid of negative energies. These can be cleansed by water and are good to keep with you.

Wearing the Aragonite

This stone is a good stone and can send light clusters. The stones are powerful and can be used for jewelry to help release stress and to heal you of aches and pains.

This stone helps with the immune system and you can use it for self-healing or to heal others.

This stone is good for energies and can give you liveliness and endurance in life. The light flowing out of this stone is amazing and can help you to have contact to heal the earth.

This stones vibration is so strong, and they can help to recycle your feelings and can help you to use the stone when you want to get rid of blocked lines and geopathic stress.

Using This Stone

This stone can help you to meditate and to develop your psychic giftings. This stone can enhance your abilities and can help your brain waves to slow down if the rhythm needs to be changed so that you can change from beta to alpha waves which are slower and help get rid of mind chatter.

There are parts of the brain such as the Amygdala and Anterior Cingulate Cortex that are connected to your psychic abilities and you can even use Isochronic tones to help assist you to increase your intuition and to slow down your brain waves.

When you can still your mind, you can have deeper meditation and figure out your gifts more easily.

This stone can raise your vibrations and bring back old memories and your past life. Once you release these memories you will be successful. These stones have good psychic communication and can help you get information about your past life and your soul history and help you grow.

Combining with Other Stones

If you are wanting to use a beneficial and high energy stone, the Aragonite is perfect for this. There are other high energy stones that can help you if you combine them and it can help you reach a higher plane such as:

  • Herkimer Diamonds
  • Phenacite

You can also use these if you want to do astral travel and you can add them to the Aragonite such as:

  • Selenite
  • Angelite
  • Lepidocrocite
  • Petalite
  • Stellerite
  • Angel Phantom
  • Blue Celestite
  • Amphibole Quartz

If you need to ground your root or earth star chakra, you can use these stones so that you can be grounded. Stones such as these can help to work with the energy and let you balance these chakras:

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Dalmatian Jasper
  • Aragonite
  • Brown Aragonite
  • Blue Aragonite