Creativity Crystals

Creativity Crystals

One of the best things that a person can have in their lives is creativity. Some people are blessed with natural creativity while others have to work towards it. Sometimes it can be hard to find your creativity because of stress, tiredness and just living your everyday life.

It can be hard when you are a creative person and then out of nowhere you no longer feel that you are creative enough. If this has or is happening to you, the great news is that there are crystals that you can use to help boost your creativity. This can help you to get past creative blockages and to focus on your creativity.

  • Apatite

This stone comes in different colors such as gray, green, blue, and yellow. It is one of the minerals that you can even find in your teeth and bones. This is a stone that works with the throat chakra and can help you to communicate and speak better. If you need to express yourself, this is a great crystal for it.

This stone is also associated with the third eye chakra which can help you to awaken your soul and to seek out your gifts. It can give you peace, take away stress and help you to be calm so you can be more creative.

  • Carnelian

This is a stone that is red and orange. The orange comes from iron oxide. When you use Carnelian, it can help you to come up with new ideas. It is a stone that can get rid of negative thoughts and can cultivate positive thinking.

This stone will open up your mind and give you mental clarity. You can use this when your Sacral chakra is blocked, and it can spark your imagination and help you to find your creativity.

  • Citrine

This stone is a yellow and gold and sometimes an orange stone. It will open up the solar plexus and can help you to take the ideas that you have and bring them to life. Using this crystal can help you to be more positive and will cultivate your ideas and thoughts.

  • Garnet

This red stone is one that has been under a lot of pressure. It is one that will help to motivate you. It is associated with the sacral chakra, and it can help you to open up your passions. If you love art, this stone can help you to be more positive about your gifts.

This is a stone for those that daydream and love to have dreams and it can help you to express yourself and to find your talents that you might not know that you have.

  • Lapis Lazuli

This is a blue and violet stone. It is made up of pyrite, white calcite, and other minerals. It is a stone that is connected with art and has been used in different artist projects. If you are an artist and you need to have inspiration, you can use this stone.

Lapis Lazuli is associated with the third eye chakra, and it can help to bring you peace and help to open up your spiritual mind. It can help you to see your talents and to embrace them and increase your psychic gifts.

  • Tangerine Quartz

This is an orange-colored quartz that bonds with rust. You can use this when you need to open up your imagination. This stone works with the solar plexus and sacral chakra and can help you to see things from different points of view. It can also help to calm you and to solve problems.

  • Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a brown stone that is marbled with quartz and moganite. It can help to channel energy from both the earth and the sun, and it can help you to be more confident in yourself. This is associated with the solar plexus and helps you to understand yourself better. It is sometimes called the ambition stone because it opens up motivation and can get rid of negative thinking.

Using Creative Crystals

Crystals can bring balance into your life and using creativity crystals can help you to connect with the energies inside of you and the energies around you. These energies can open up your heart and your mind and they can help you to see past your stress and into your creative abilities.

You can use these stones for different things such as meditating, putting them under your pillow while you sleep, wearing them as jewelry, and more. They can help to open up your heart and your mind and can help with blockages in your chakras. When you need to get energy in your workspace and open up your creative juices, try some of these crystals.


  1. This article provides an interesting perspective on the role of crystals in boosting creativity. While some might be skeptical about the metaphysical properties, the described benefits could be worth exploring for those facing creative blocks.

  2. The idea of using crystals to enhance creativity is intriguing. I appreciate the detailed explanations of each crystal and its associated chakras. It’s a fascinating intersection of mineralogy and metaphysical practices.

  3. The diversity of crystals mentioned in the article is impressive. It’s helpful to see how each type can potentially aid in different aspects of creativity. This might be a useful guide for anyone looking to explore new methods of overcoming creative stress.

  4. I found the section on how to use the crystals particularly informative. The practical suggestions, such as meditating with them or placing them under pillows, provide useful guidance for anyone wanting to experiment with this form of enhancing creativity.

  5. The connection between different crystals and specific chakras is well-explained here. It’s particularly interesting how each stone is associated with various colors and minerals. This could offer a new approach for individuals looking to enhance their creative processes.


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