This stone works differently for everyone that uses it. This can be strong energy to you, or it can be a slower vibration. If you benefit from the influx of traits that this stone has, it can bring you awareness.

The Epidote is also known as Pesticide and it can be very helpful to make you prosperous and you can be more generous and have good things that come into your life. This can help you to have improved relationships.

Meaning of Epidote

This stone is a great stone and is from a large number of areas such as Mexico, Mozambique, South Africa, Pakistan, Austria, France, Norway, and the United States of America.

This stone is generally green, yellow, yellow green or black. These come in massive forms and can be fibrous or prismatic.

The stone comes from the Greek word that means “to increase” and it has inclusions of Unakite Jasper. This stone can be combined with quartz to help with its properties and to increase the energy that you have.

This stone is also known as the Dream Quartz and it has Actinolite in it even though it is very small and has fine needles in the stone.

This stone is a variety of the Dream Quartz and is a milky green or opaque color and is found around other minerals including the Vesuvianite which is known as Idocrase, Diopside, Prehnite, Albite, Garnet and Calcite.

Why Would You Use It?

This stone is a stone that can help you have spiritual growth and help you to tune into the spirit world better.

This stone will make you more aware of yourself and it can help you reach the highest good in your life. Epidote has energy that will let you hold things back and help you to have dreams in your life and to meet them.

When you become bold, the Epidote will allow you to have better knowledge and to know your spiritual purpose.

This stone will help you to manifest your dreams into reality and will allow you to take actions in your thoughts.

What You Are Attracting

If you are very negative, you are attracting negative traits to your life. This can be uncomfortable, but the stone can help you and can raise your vibrations and help you to let go of negative things in your life.

When you need to make changes in your life, you can become more positive and the stone can bring out positive traits. You will have both negative and positive traits, but you will have more positive ones if you use the stone.

Be aware of your feelings and the Epidote can accentuate the traits that will give you the abilities to change and help you get rid of things such as anger, jealousy and other things that are negative.

Healing Attributes

This stone can help you to feel lighter and to be free and to get rid of past feelings. This stone can help you with weight loss and can work with the heart chakra to give you love.

This stone will work with the immune system and the nervous system and will fix the gall bladder, thyroid, brain, adrenal glands, and the liver.

This stone will build you up emotionally and help you get rid of negative feelings.

How to Use It

This stone is a good stone and you can keep a piece on your body and use it as jewelry or in your pocket. When you choose to keep it on your body, it can cause you to have different feelings but you have to understand that it is going deep to heal the emotional problems and so you have to expect that kind of energy.

This stone can be used in meditation and can help you to have positive things in your life. Program this stone to help you with manifestation and to be happier.

Personal Relationships

This stone can help you to have positive relationships and can raise your vibrations to give you better outcomes in life. You can use this stone for prosperity and to manifest more generosity in your life.

It can be used to attract good relationships.

How Can it Help?

This stone can be cleansed under running water. When you are ready to meditate with it, program it and ask for white light. Remember the negativity from the stone.

Hold it in your hand and think positive thoughts to program it and you can continue this for a few minutes. Programing it can help you to get rid of your concerns and to give you a higher level of abundance and prosperity.

Using with Other Stones

Negative feelings can cause you to be sad, depressed and to experience stress and anxiety. You need to get rid of negativity in your life and you can do this by boosting your auric field. When you need to boost your auric field and get rid of negative energies, use this stone, and combine it with these for more strength:

  • Green Tourmaline
  • Rubies
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Amber
  • Tinkasite

If you need to heal the body use Epidote with Seraphinite. You can also use high vibration crystals such as Herkimer Diamonds and Stellar Beam Calcite to help with visions.

When you need to lose weight, this is a great stone to help you with that. You can combine this with these stones to increase your progress:

  • Yellow Apatite
  • Diaspore
  • Picasso Stone
  • Picasso Marble
  • Green Tourmaline


  1. I find the potential health benefits of Epidote, particularly in relation to the immune and nervous systems, quite intriguing. The association with weight loss and emotional well-being is also worth exploring.

  2. The emphasis on programming and cleansing the stone highlights the importance of intention and ritual in using Epidote. The detail about its historical and mineralogical background adds depth to the article.

  3. The combination of Epidote with other stones to boost its effectiveness and target specific issues like negativity and weight loss is a notable point. It would be interesting to see more scientific research on these claims.

  4. The variety of ways Epidote can be used, from personal adornment to meditation, is impressive. Its ability to enhance spiritual growth and manifest one’s dreams is particularly fascinating.

  5. The article provides a comprehensive overview of Epidote’s properties and potential benefits. It’s interesting to learn about its various forms and the broad geographical distribution of this stone.

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