This is a great stone if you want to boost your psychic giftings such as your clairaudience or your clairvoyance. This is called a magical stone and can help you to be able to solve problems fast.

This stone can help you get answers to your questions and can help to manifest your intentions. It can help you to heal and is a great meditation stone to give you energies that will soothe you and help you to relax when you are tired.

Meaning of the Hypersthene

This stone is from the pyroxene family and was named after the Greek words, “hyper” and “stonos” which means power and over strength. This was found in 1804 and is sometimes confused with the Amphibole stone.

This stone has magnesium and other minerals such as silicon and this depends on the specimen of it. It is also known as the Enstatite and the Eulite but there is no iron in the Enstatite and no magnesium in the Ferrosilite.

This stone has been changed to Orthopyroxene, but some still call it Hypersthene. This is easy to purchase in crystal stores and has been found in the USA, Canada, Europe, Sweden, Greenland, Australia, and New Zealand.

This stone is found in a massive form and is a prismatic crystal. It has different optical properties depending on which way that you look at it will show you different colors. The colors can be deep brown, lighter brown, green, black, gray, and lighter gray.

The color depends on how you look at it. This stone is similar to the Labradorite because of its similarity in colors and it is sometimes found in the same places.

Why Use This Stone?

This stone has many useful properties and is great for meditation and for the third eye chakra. This stone should be close to your auric field and can keep you safe and help you get the answers you need in life. When you come into a situation that you need to relax in, this is a great stone to use.

Mystical and Magical Properties

This is a great stone if you want to meditate and have a crystal that is strong in your life. This can be used to give you strong magical gifts and to boosts your mystical and magical giftings and was used in the past time because people would use it to solve problems faster.

This stone can help you to hear voices and see visions and can help you to get messages from the spirits. This stone can give you a good connection and help you with your giftings such as clairvoyance and can help you to push and relax in life and get what you desire.

This stone helps with the crown chakra and will help your soul memory. This stone can help you to have spiritual learning and harmony in your life. This stone brings you bliss and can give you knowledge that you can use for life, and it can help to stimulate your other chakras and to give you enthusiasm in all that you do.

This stone can help you if you want to be psychic and you are just learning to communicate with your spirit guides. This works well with the heart chakra, the chest area and all of the chakras that are lower but also helps the heart and can help your thyroid and bring general healing to the body.

Healing Attributes

This stone can help you in many ways such as:

  • Helping you meditate.
  • Holding to help you relax.
  • Putting it in your pocket for calming effects.
  • Gets rid of stress.
  • Calms you.
  • Gets rid of depression and anxiety.
  • Helps with long term illnesses.
  • Gives you rest.
  • Works with magnesium and iron to help you heal.
  • Heals anemia and leukemia.
  • Works with the pituitary gland.
  • Heals the ovaries and prostate.
  • Helps with growths.
  • Heals Achilles tendons.
  • Best when you wear it.

How Can it Help You?

There are many reasons to wear this stone and to make jewelry out of it because it is great when you wear it close to your body. It can help to heal you and bring you better health in your life.

When you wear this stone, it can keep you in the know and help you to have solutions to your problems. It can give you answers into your mind and help to develop your psychic giftings.

If you want to increase your clairvoyance and clairaudience, you can wear these on your body. This stone is common and has strong healing properties and is part of the Libra birthstone, so it is part of the star sign and is easy to use.

Finding Answers

This stone can help you to find answers and to stop seeing faults in everyone else. This can help you to have a better future and to make good choices in your life.

This stone works with the solar plexus and can help you to manifest your intentions and to respect yourself and to make better decisions. This stone can help you have confidence to have answers, and these can benefit you. This stone will help you resolve issues that are important to you.

The energy of this stone will help you to stop being judgmental and will help you to be less critical and disapproving of people. It works well with the base chakra and can help you to build better relationships with your friends and your co-workers.

Using with Other Stones

Some stones have strong mystical powers and can help you to reach your spiritual guides and angels easier than others. If you want to do this, combine this stone with these and see the powers manifest:

  • Helidor
  • Chalcopyrite
  • Māori Greenstone
  • Merlinoite

When you want to increase and develop your psychic powers, use this stone in combination with these to see it increase:

  • Scolecite
  • Moldavite
  • Celestite
  • Brookite
  • Tanzanite
  • Datolite
  • Satyoloka
  • Phenacite
  • Natrolite

When you want to manifest your intentions, you can combine this with other energy stones that can help you. Use this with these stones such as:

  • White Topaz
  • Iron Pyrite
  • Golden Yellow Topaz
  • Yellow Sapphire
  • Moss Agate

If you need to increase your root chakra and balance and ground it, you can do that by using this root chakra stone and combining it with other root chakra stones:

  • Black Obsidian
  • Crussite
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Tibetan Black Quartz
  • Sphalerite
  • Black Tourmaline

When you want to hear and know things, you can increase your psychic gift of clairaudience by using this stone and combining it with these other stones to increase the vibrations and open up the third eye chakra so you can hear from your spirit guides better:

  • Que Sera Crystals
  • Herkimer Diamonds
  • Blue Celestite
  • Blue Larimar
  • Shiny Lolite Stone
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Celestite