Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds

The Herkimer Diamond is a strong stone that allows you to boost your psychic giftings. This stone can help you to have a stronger spiritual vibration and can help you to reach your highest level.

This stone has strong power with it and can amplify your astral travel and can help you to connect with your astral plane.

Where is it from?

This stone is found in New York and was first found there in Herkimer, New York. This is not really a diamond and is a double terminated quartz stone that has high energy crystals.

This stone is clear and has black inclusions of anthraxolite. Some of them are filled with inclusions of water and can help to heal your emotional problems. This stone is a double terminated quartz and has been found in other areas. It is sometimes called Arkimer Diamonds, but this is not the same thing. They are a clear quartz but do not have the same healings and vibrations of the Herkimer diamond does.

The stones that are labelled to look like this are double terminated but come from the Himalayan Mountains in China and so you have to be careful what you purchase.

Why Use Herkimer Diamonds?

This stone is a harmonious energy stone and can help to heal you and it is useful when it is used with other small stones. This is a great stone that has pure vibrations and can help to boost your clairvoyant abilities and can boost smaller stones.

When you use this stone, you will see that when it is combined with other Herkimer’s that it is more valuable and it can have softer energies such as the Pink Kunzite and can make the energy easier to feel.

This stone is a good stone if you need to increase your clairaudient giftings and can help to boost your telepathy.

How Can it Help You?

This stone can help to increase your telepathy and can help you communicate with the spirit guides better. It can help you if you need to have health issues healed and if you need to help others to heal.

This is a great stone to have if you are doing psychic work and if you need to let go of fears that creep up in your unconscious mind. It can help you to expand who you are and to attune to your energies.


This stone can help you if you want to be more aware of your dreams while you are sleeping. Put it under your pillow and it will help you and can stimulate lucid dreaming. It can give you insight in your creative life and help you have visions.

This can activate the third eye chakra and boost your perceptions and your visions.

Who Should Use It?

This is a quartz formation stone and can bring energy to your heart. It can help you connect with your angelic beings and help to retain information and help you if you want to have affirmations and be creative.

You can use Mindmaster to help you have positive affirmations and you can use the computer to help your subconscious thoughts and to give you positivity.

How to Use It

This stone is part of the Sagittarius birthstone and so it is easy to find as jewelry. The stone can heal you and keep your being connected to the divine realm.

The stone can help your body and help you to have a strong auric field.


This stone can be held when you are meditating if you want to have a powerful and meaningful experience with it.

When you meditate, this stone can get rid of stress and can help you to have slower brain waves.

This stone can help your brain to slow down during the day and change from beta to alpha waves.

There are two parts to the brain, and it is the Amygdala and the Anterior Cingulate Cortez, and this helps to develop your psychic abilities.

When you go into a deep meditative state, you can amplify the senses of this meditation and you can bring things you desire.

You can use Isochronic tones to help you and these are rhythms that your body is using to help your brain waves to slow down. This can be used in combination with high energy stones to really help you.

You can program this crystal to give you what you need in your life.

Using with Other Stones

If you want to raise your energies, you can combine this stone with these others in order to see your energy take off:

  • Danburite
  • Satyaloka Quartz
  • Petalite
  • Herkimer Diamonds
  • Phenacite
  • Cacoxenite
  • Amethyst
  • Natrolite
  • Aragonite

Each stone has its own natural vibration and can be combined with other stones so that you can use the Herkimer’s strong vibration that is very pure and will take you to a different level.

Communicating with your angels is important to give you peace, love and understanding. When you want to increase your gifts and find out what your psychic gifts are, you can communicate with your angels to find out. You can also talk to your angels and they can help you to solve problems and to be able to do things that you were unsure of, and they can give you mental clarity to make decisions. Combine this stone with these other stones to increase your angelic communication:

  • Aragonite Star Clusters
  • Pink Petalite
  • Blue Celestite
  • Lemurian Seed Crystals
  • Ajoite in Quartz
  • Selenite
  • Angelite
  • Green Prehnite Crystals

Going into deeper meditation can help you to reach your higher self and to learn more about your psychic giftings. Use this stone and these combined to reach deeper meditation:

  • Phenacite
  • Zircon Crystals
  • Cryolite