This is a high vibration stone, but the Heulandite is a great stone when you need to meditate and when you want to reach your journey to the ancient world such as Atlantis, Lemuria, or Egypt.

When you want to learn about past lives, you can have experience with it there and you can use this stone to help you with your karmic nature.

This stone can help you when you have situations that you need to take care of, and it is part of the zeolites group. This group can help you if you work in the environment and you need it to absorb the toxins around you.

Meaning of the Heulandite

This stone was named after the man who discovered it, John Henry Heuland. This is part of the zeolite family and has minerals in it such as clinoptilolite and is used in combination with the Stilbite.

The biggest part of this stone is found in India, but it is also found in Iceland and can be gray, peach, green, white, pink, brown and black but it is also sometimes called the white stone depending on where it is found.

When the stones are pink or peach, they are sometimes called white stones because of the coloring. The peach stones are from India and are pure in color and are both white and peach or even green.

Why Use This Stone?

This stone is a great stone and has many good properties such as:

  • Strong meditation stone.
  • Helps you to focus your thoughts.
  • Are called white stones because of their character and coloring.
  • Works with the third eye and crown chakra.
  • Stimulates the brain.
  • Helps you to access the divine guidance easier.
  • Can help you have psychic visions.
  • Helps you develop new giftings.
  • Helps you contact the spirit world.
  • Helps you have an elevated path to go on.

Using White Variety

This stone is a powerful stone, and it works with the third eye chakra. It can help you to reach past life information and can help you to be healed of many things. This stone is great for your karma and can help you to release pain in your life and blockages from past life events.

The stone can be combined with Leurian seed crystals and it can bring the Lemurian past lives to the awareness of your mind and it can help you to resolve karma that is attached to it. There are some ways that you can use the stones for your thoughts, and it can help you to aid back to the journey of the civilizations of the Ancient Egyptians and the Lemuria and Atlantis times.

The colors of this stone all have strong meanings and can change your life and help you to have amazing situations happen to you. You can use the vibrations of this stone to meld together you mind, heart and soul and create spiritual activation.

Using with Other Stones

This stone can be used with Lemurian seed crystals and with White Heulandite. This stone has great energies and can help you to remember the Leurian past life that you have and help you get rid of attached karma.

This stone has great inter-dimensional travel and can help you to go back to Atlantean times. You can use this stone with Rhodizite or Golden Herderite to increase your brain stimulation. You can use the white stone of this variation to move forward fast because it has strong energies.

Other great white stones to combine with this include:

  • Phenacite
  • Clear Apophyllite
  • Creedite
  • Merkabite Calcite
  • Stellerite
  • Stellar Beam Calcite
  • Satyaloka


  1. The emphasis on Heulandite’s impact on mental and spiritual faculties, such as enhancing divine guidance and psychic visions, underscores its potential as a powerful tool for personal development and self-discovery.

  2. The detailed explanation of Heulandite’s properties and uses, especially in meditation and karmic healing, is quite fascinating. The array of colors and their respective meanings add a rich layer to its mystical appeal.

  3. The potential applications of Heulandite in environmental contexts, due to its toxin-absorbing properties, present an interesting hybrid of spiritual and practical benefits. Such dual functionality merits further study.

  4. The combination of Heulandite with other stones, as suggested, seems to amplify its effects on psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. This inter-stone synergy could be an area worth exploring for those interested in crystal healing.

  5. The connection between Heulandite and historical civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria is intriguing. It offers a unique perspective on how ancient energies might be accessed through modern crystal practices.


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