Using Crystals to Find Love

Crystals to Find Love

Many people use stones or crystals to help better their love life. The sacral chakra is sometimes referred to as the sex chakra because it helps to control love and other things. If you have hurts from past love, you can use crystals to make your energies better.

Some crystals have properties that can ignite passion in your home and in your bed. The stones can be used when you have sex or when you use foreplay to stimulate your mind, spirit, and emotions. The energies that flow can help to bring about passionate love.

Here are some of the best crystals to enhance your love life:

  • Pink Tourmaline

This is a stone that helps to give you a sense of smell that can make passion in the bedroom. Pheromones are there to enhance your senses and this stone can do that and stimulate the libido. This stone is great if you want to have an aphrodisiac effect.

  • Red Jasper

When you need to increase your vibrations, Red Jasper can help. If you are someone that suffers with impotence, this stone can cleanse your energies and your sex organs and make it more fulfilling for you.

  • Orange Carnelian

This is a stone that can help to increase the vitality of the female sexual organs. Some use this with Zincite to help make sex better.

  • Smoky Quartz

This is a stone that can break through sexual situations that cause it to not be good for you or your partner. This can help to cleanse your sexual centers and can let the passion flow. This can also get rid of sadness or negative emotions.

  • Rose Quartz

When you want to have pleasure and sexual situations are hard for you, this stone can help to heal you. You can put this by your bed, and it can help to stop infertility and increase romance.

  • Red Garnet

Sexual passion should be powerful and if you feel tired, this stone can help to revitalize you and can help to stimulate you. This one is there to encourage love between partners and can make fertility increased.

  • Variscite

Having a partner that has no libido can cause the sexual energy to be low in the bedroom. You can use this stone and it can help to bring unconditional love to your life and can help to increase the libido.

Final Thoughts

If you need to increase your sex life and bring passion back into the bedroom, the stones above can help you with this. Use these stones close to your bed or under your pillow and see what can happen and how your sex life can improve!


  1. The article provides an interesting perspective on how crystals can be used to enhance one’s love life. I appreciate the detailed descriptions of each crystal’s properties. It would be beneficial to see some scientific evidence or studies that support these claims. Nevertheless, it’s an intriguing read.

  2. The article does a good job in listing the different crystals and their purported benefits. However, I would have liked to see more context on how these practices are viewed in different cultures. The historical and cultural significance of these stones could provide valuable insight.

  3. The concept of using crystals to improve sexual and emotional well-being is fascinating. The article explains the specific benefits of each type of crystal clearly. However, it would be helpful to include practical advice on how to integrate these practices into daily life.

  4. While the use of crystals for enhancing one’s love life is a unique approach, the article lacks information on potential placebo effects and the psychological aspects behind these practices. An exploration of these factors could add depth to the discussion.

  5. This article outlines the purported benefits of various crystals in enhancing one’s love life. While it is well-written and informative, it would be interesting to see a discussion on how these practices align with or differ from other holistic and alternative medicine approaches.


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