The Bronzite stone has good energies and can give you harmony and peace and can help you to have forgiveness and compassion. This can help you if you have stress and you need to be calm. This stone can help you when you have challenging situations that you have to face.

This stone has great healing properties and can help you if you need to meditate and be healed. This is great for a grid room and can have strong protective energies to clear negativity.

Meaning of Bronzite

The Bronzite is a bronze-colored stone, and it has a name from the mineral Enstatite and can be a blend of Augite and Enstatite.

The color of this stone is bronze and brown and is red and golden with patches in it. This stone has a lot of iron and can be found in Germany, Greenland, Norway, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Finland, and the United States of America.

The structure of this stone is massive and has lamellar and forms naturally.

Why Use Bronzite?

This is a great stone if you need to get rid of negative energies and it can be used to send them back to the sender. One of the problems with negative energies is when they don’t stop, and they keep bouncing back and for to you.

If you want to stop this, use this stone, and combine it with other stones. This stone can work well for protection and grounding and can break the connection of negativity. This stone is a protective stone and can help you with compassion and forgiveness and can create a positive spark for you and your meditation.

This stone gives you harmony and can create relationships for you. It can give you civility and you will respect people in your area. This stone works with the earth and sacral chakra.

Healing Properties

This stone can help you in many ways especially if you wear it. It can help you if you are tired and can help you not be exhausted because of the iron that is in it. You can buy this stone and wear it as jewelry and if you cannot keep it in your pocket and it can help you to bring back your acid state.

This helps with iron and magnesium and can help you if you are stressed or anxious. This stone can help you be better tempered and help you not to lose your temper when things come up.

Using Other Stones

There are many stones that are great to help to protect you and you need to have protection especially if you are doing psychic work. When you do psychic work, you need to make sure that you are not getting attacked psychically, called psychic attacks. These can hurt you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Combine this stone with these stones to help protect you:

  • Violet flame crystals
  • Tourmilated Quartz
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Zircon
  • Cookeite
  • Purple Amethyst
  • Sugalite
  • Charoite
  • Purpurite
  • Tantalite

This can help to put an energetic barrier around you to stop psychic attacks and it can send the negative energies back to the person that is sending them to you. When you need grounded, you can use these stones combined to have better grounding such as:

  • Tourmaline
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Magnetite
  • Tiger Iron
  • Healers Gold
  • Hematite

If you need to have stress relief, this is a great stone. Combine this with other stones such as:

  • Holmquisite
  • Lilac Lepidolite
  • Amblygonite
  • Lithium Quartz