The stone Brookite is a high vibrational stone and is great to contact your angels and spirit guides. It can make you aware on your journey and can show you the spiritual path you need to take.

This stone can help with energy and can help you connect with your beings and they can assist you. This stone is helpful for your spirit guides and can help you to have strong spiritual realms and reach the extra-terrestrial beings.

Meaning of Brookite

This stone is a quartz and has different colors of red, brown, white, dark grey, black, and brownish red.

This stone has titanium oxide and is found in Arkansas, England, Russia, France, Italy, and Switzerland and is related to the mineralogists named Henry James Brooke. This stone can have minerals of Rutile, Anatase and Albite in it.

This stone is not very common and is rare in some places and is sometimes hard to buy. This stone can be found in some special crystal shops and is common in a small size.

This stone has a strong smell and if you are offensive to smells might not be a crystal for you.

Why Would You Use This Stone?

This stone has great healing qualities and is valuable for many reasons such as:

  • Has strong energies.
  • Helps you live a better life.
  • Helps you discover why you were born.
  • Helps with the higher chakras.
  • Works to open the soul star chakra.
  • Stimulates the crown and third eye chakra.
  • Opens up your brain.
  • Stimulates awareness.
  • Helps you to see things you haven’t experienced before.
  • Stimulates your brain to new spiritual things.
  • Aids you to recognize you spirt of light.
  • Helps you contact your spirit guides.
  • Helps you to meet a new teacher.
  • Will take you to a new dimension with your spirit guides.
  • Helps your angels assist your progress and take away your fears.

How Can it Help You?

This stone is great if you need to develop your psychic giftings. It can help you to heal health issues and is great for spiritual growth.

This stone works with the chakras to give you energy and to take away your lethargic or apathetic feelings and can help you stay in the moment.

This stone will help you to boost your beliefs and to understand your situations.

This stone can help people with health issues and circulation problems and help to strengthen your organs and is good to have after surgery.

Knowing that this stone is great for your actions shows that it is good for the base and sacral chakras and can help with fertility issues, kidney and heart issues and protect you against EMR’s.

This stone has great minerals such as ones in food and can help you to reach your higher chakras.

How to Use It

This stone will help if you are meditating and you want to connect with your higher beings. This stone can help you to contact angels and works with the third eye chakra. It will stimulate your brain and you might even experience a tingling sensation and a deep pulsating rhythm in your third eye when you use it.

This can also give energy to your crown chakra and help you to be more aware of things and to make contact with the nature spirt. This can help you to have your journey work better and see progress.

There is no way to do your journey and no right or wrong and this stone can allow you to open up to the universe and connect with its energy so that you can make the right choices. It can also help you use visions and shapes that you have never seen before while it boosts your communication giftings.

Who Should Use This Stone?

This stone will work to increase your kundalini rise and will work down the spine and be a good spiritual experience for you.

If you want to have Kundalini awakening, you can use this stone to help to enlighten you and help you to have higher spiritual teachings. You can use this stone because of the high vibrations, and it can activate your chakras and help you reach Kundalini.

The energies will move from your root chakra and all the way to your crown chakra and will awaken the kundalini. You need a friend to help you and they can help you by putting the pieces of the stones on your spine and helping to awakening the serpent.

The best place to begin is at the feet because there is a lot of wasted energy there. Hold the crystals around a foot above the body and slowly move it up the body and see if you feel an energy surge.

You can experience different energies as you do this and do not let it distract you. This is a good time to have help and to be meditating while someone help you. Let them go until they reach about a foot above your head and let the body absorb the energies.

If you wonder what will happen and how it will affect you, the Kundalini experience is different for everyone and it can be quite lovely and can help you connect with your higher self.

When the energy moves up the chakras, you might feel a pulsing sensation and you might have different images and you will know you are connected.

Most people will have joy and will maybe even have their breath taken way. The energy pattern will be different for everyone, but it will help to ground you and reach Mother Gaia.

Using with Other Stones

This is a great crystal when you want to boost your energies and when you need to ground excess energies.

This is one of the groups of high energy crystals and some are considered ascension crystals.

Some stones have high vibrations and you can increase these vibrations by combining this stone with other stones. When you do this, you can raise the vibrational frequencies of these stones and you can use this to develop your giftings or for healing purposes.

  • Kyanite
  • Blue Kyanite
  • Moldavite
  • Phenacite

Opening your third eye chakra can help to develop your psychic giftings and open you up to a world of knowing. This is great if you want to increase your gifts such as clairvoyance or visions. If you want to open up and balance your third eye chakra, combine this third eye chakra stone with these others and you will see results:

  • Sodalite
  • Ametrine
  • Blue tourmaline
  • Jeremejevite
  • Vivianite
  • Lapis Lazuli

When you need a stone that can help stimulate the brain, this is a good stone and you can combine it with these to help boost this power:

  • White Heulandite
  • Phenacite
  • Natrolite
  • Herderite

When you need to get energy to improve and stimulate your nervous system, combine this with these stones:

  • Lithium Quartz
  • Amblygonite
  • Lilac Lepidolite

Communicating with your angels is important to give you peace, love and understanding. When you want to increase your gifts and find out what your psychic gifts are, you can communicate with your angels to find out. You can also talk to your angels and they can help you to solve problems and to be able to do things that you were unsure of, and they can give you mental clarity to make decisions. Combine this stone with these other stones to increase your angelic communication:

  • Aragonite Star Clusters
  • Pink Petalite
  • Blue Celestite
  • Lemurian Seed Crystals
  • Ajoite in Quartz
  • Selenite
  • Angelite
  • Green Prehnite Crystals
  • Aragonite Star Clusters
  • Pink Petalite

The Kundalini Awakening is part of your journey in the psychic world and can help you to reach enlightenment and your higher self. If you are wanting to reach Kundalini, you can have a friend help you to reach this by putting rocks from the root chakra all the way to the crown chakra, down a line on your spine. Use this stone and these others to help increase the chances of reaching Kundalini.

  • Snakeskin Agate
  • Tigers Eye
  • Anadalite
  • Dragon Stone
  • Moldavite
  • Serpentine

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