The Goshenite is a great stone if you need to be more truthful and if you need to see the truth in others. This stone can help you to not be deceived and can increase your mental abilities and help you with math and analytical problems that you have.

This is a great stone if you want to be better at telling the truth or if you want to understand your dreams. You will be more loyal if you use this stone, and it can help you have better relationships with people and to be fun to approach and courteous when you see people.

Meaning of the Goshenite

This stone comes from the name Goshen that is located in the United States in Massachusetts. This stone is a Beryl stone and is pure and has no color.

This stone can also be found in Pakistan, Brazil, South Africa, Afghanistan, and the USA. This stone can be clear, pink, red, yellow, blue, or green. Any of the crystal in this group can be used with other clear crystals and can help make them stronger.

How Will it Help You?

This stone can help you to be more analytical and is great for students that need to focus and study. This stone can help you have mental clarity and can help you to be more logical.

This stone can help heal you of things such as problems with your brain, sinusitis, headaches, and other problems and can help you have better sleeping. This stone works to help you have lucid dreams and can help you solve your problems.

Why Use This Stone?

This stone can help you in many ways such as:

  • Stimulating truth.
  • Helping you to recognize truth of others.
  • Helps you to speak the truth if you work in a business.
  • Has a strong vibration.
  • Helps you to stop telling lies.
  • Can help you to pray and get what you need.
  • Helps you be more thankful.
  • Increases the heart chakra and crown chakra.
  • Helps to get rid of stress.
  • Gives you a strong spiritual connection.
  • Gets rid of worries and anxiety.
  • Brings about good relationships.
  • Helps you be more fun.
  • Enhances mental abilities
  • Inspires loyalty.
  • Helps you contact your spirit guides.
  • Inspires you to reach higher levels.
  • Enhances creativity.


This stone can help you to find your spirit guide and help you to be truthful. It can also activate your third eye chakra and can help you connect with your spirit world.

If you want to do crystal meditation, this is a great stone to help you reach your loved ones that have passed over. If you are doing written channeling, this stone can increase that.

Using with Other Stones

There are different families of Beryl such as:

  • Dark Pinkish red, this is a rare Bixbite
  • Lighter pink which is called Morganite or Pink Emerald
  • Aquamarine which are blue or blue green
  • Green emeralds
  • Heliodor which are yellow or green

These stones are great to combine with different families and you can use these with the heart-based chakras, and it can bring love and compassion to you. This is a great stone to help your solar plexus chakra and can work with the Aquamarine to help with that and give you clear energies.

Use this stone with Phenacite and it can help you with your higher chakras. You can also increase your spiritual light if you use Herderite or Axinite. When you want to have a past journey or get rid of negativity, you can use with Nuummite.

This is a great stone to help you and can be combined with Angel Phantom Quartz and Danburite. This stone can help you with lucid dreaming and you can combine it with Covellite, Sugalite, Staurolite and Fairy Cross.