Aurora Quartz

Aurora Quartz

The Aurora Quartz is a great stone if you need to raise your vibrational energies and it is also known as the Iris Quartz or the Anadalite and is a type of Rainbow Quartz stone.

This stone has strong energies and can help you to have amazing energy if you use this stone close to your body and for meditation.

Where is Aurora From?

This stone is a natural stone that was discovered in India and has rainbow colors. This stone is sometimes under the name of Anadalite because it means “Divine Bliss,” and it contains a bliss molecule and if sound in things such as raw cacao which is why people love chocolate.

This stone is known as the Iris Quartz and is called Anadalite because of Judy Hall and the spelling mistakes that were made. This has different colors and can contain the Amethyst and can be purchased in crystal stores.

The color of these stones can be clear and can have grey, lavender, brown, yellow, or even white patches. You can get some of these stones that have color on the surface and these stones have high energies and vibrations.

This is a naturally made stone and has rainbows and the external parts of the crystals and not inside of it. Even though this is part of the Rainbow Quartz, the rainbow is not inside of the crystal. Internal rainbows happen when there are fractures inside of the formation of the stone.

The Rainbow Quartz is different because the Aurora has colors or luminescence outside of it and you can see these on the surface and when you hold this at certain angles in the light. The colors of this stone are pretty and look similar to the Angel Aura crystals and the Aqua Aura crystals. This is created when they bond materials to the quartz.

Why Use This Stone?

This stone has high vibrations, and you might want to use it for many reasons such as:

  • If you are working with sensitive energies.
  • If you need more vibrations.
  • If your higher heart chakra is unbalanced.
  • If you need healing.

When you use this stone, you might feel a charge from them, and you might feel energy enter into your heart. You will have joy form this stone and it will make you to fall in love with it. There are some stones that are safe for stimulating the Kundalini awakening and this is one of the stones that can do that.

How Can it Help?

This stone can help to boost your heart chakra and can bring energies and power to your higher chakras. Everyone has different experiences and wants to have their psychic gifts open, and this stone can help to increase your gifts such as your clairvoyance and your visions.

You can get rid of negative or stagnant energies by using this stone and it can cleanse your auric field. You can enjoy this stone for all areas of your life and if you are doing spiritual work and need to connect with your spirit guide, it can help you naturally to do that. This stone can help you to make contact and can be a lovely stone to use.


You can use this stone when you meditate, and it can benefit you and help you reach your angels. You can do this through your spiritual guides, and they can help you communicate at a higher realm.

You can use this stone with the Crystal skulls, and it can benefit you by connecting you in meditation and to help you make connection with the spiritual world. This stone will have power to heal the higher chakras and each time you use it to meditate you will get into deeper meditation and you will find that you can contact your angels easier each time.

The action of this stone is to help you to get rid of blocks that are keeping you from growing spiritually. If you want to reach the spirit world and if you need more compassion and empathy, this stone is perfect for you.

This is a good energy stone for anyone that needs healing of their emotions, and it can be great with the sacral chakra and can help with personal relationships. This can also open up your third eye chakra and can bring you loving energy and a blissful awakening.

Using with Kundalini Awakening

If you want to have Kundalini awakening, you can use this stone to help to enlighten you and help you to have higher spiritual teachings. You can use this stone because of the high vibrations, and it can activate your chakras and help you reach Kundalini.

The energies will move from your root chakra and all the way to your crown chakra and will awaken the kundalini. You need a friend to help you and they can help you by putting the pieces of the stones on your spine and helping to awakening the serpent.

The best place to begin is at the feet because there is a lot of wasted energy there. Hold the crystals around a foot above the body and slowly move it up the body and see if you feel an energy surge.

You can experience different energies as you do this and do not let it distract you. This is a good time to have help and to be meditating while someone help you. Let them go until they reach about a foot above your head and let the body absorb the energies.

If you wonder what will happen and how it will affect you, the Kundalini experience is different for everyone, and it can be quite lovely and can help you connect with your higher self. When the energy moves up the chakras, you might feel a pulsing sensation and you might have different images and you will know you are connected.

Most people will have joy and will maybe even have their breath taken way. The energy pattern will be different for everyone, but it will help to ground you and reach Mother Gaia.

Spiritual Growth

This stone can help you to have spiritual growth and to help you have better sleep. When you are journeying through life, it can be hard, so you need to be able to sleep in order to develop your giftings.

You can enjoy this crystal because it can help you sleep and reach spiritual growth. This is a blissful feeling stone, and you can drown yourself in the energies and experience inner growth and knowledge.

Using with Other Stones

This stone can be used with other stones to help boost the vibrations. You can use this to increase your spiritual growth and you can use stones such as:

  • Elestial Quartz
  • Libyan Gold Tektite
  • Moldavite
  • Libyan Desert Glass
  • Tibetan Tektite
  • Brookite
  • Herderite
  • Natrolite

There are other benefits with this tone including the change that it can aid with ascension, and it can be combined with these stones for that purpose:

  • Astrophyllite
  • Ascension Stone
  • Yttrium Fluorite
  • Shamanite
  • Black Calcite
  • Blue Larimar
  • Blue Hemimorphite