Black Andradite Garnet

Black Andradite Garnet

The Black Andradite is a strong stone and is great for grounding and psychic protection. This stone can help to increase your creative senses and can help you to be positive in your life.

If you want a stone that can bring about mysticism and magic, you will see this stone can help you. It can help to connect with your own powers and show that you can utilize all things in your life.

Meaning of the Andradite Garnet

This stone is found in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Greenland, Mexico, and the United States.

The meaning of this stone comes from d’Andrada e Silva, a Brazilian mineralogist who named it because it came from Brazil. This stone is black and is known as the Melanite Garnet and comes from the Greek word meaning, “black.”

The Garnet comes in different colors such as:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Honey Yellow

These stones are glossy and black and have a cubic shape and are often dodecahedron shaped and go in drusy clusters.

Why Use the Black Andradite Garnet?

This stone has great healing properties and can help you to make a connection to the earth., This helps you to have more energy and feel alive. Once you can receive access to the higher energy you can have greater flow and have a spark that gives you good life such as qi in acupuncture.

This stone works with the earth star chakra and works below your feet and gets rid of negative energies in your being. This is an action stone that can help you with magic and can be used by calling on the earth for help and to give you deep powers.

This is a great grounding stone and can help you raise your vibrations if you are ungrounded or if you have been living in a spaced-out manner in life. The black crystal clan help you to have a deeper earth connection and to ground you to the earthly plane.

If you are a plant and you are putting roots down in the earth, you will feel the vibrations and this is what the stone does., Using the Black Andradite Garnet can allow you to feel the nature of the force. This can help you to manifest things that you want in your life, and you can see them come to you.

How Can it Help?

This stone is great for the sacral chakra and great to enhance your creativity. This stone can enhance your creativity and give you a huge energy force that will flow through your body and allow your creativity to bloom.

This stone is great to let you focus on your goals and to help you to access things that you didn’t know that you could do. This stone helps with the base and earth chakra and has strong grounding attributes that can help you connect with the earth and your body.

This is a grounding crystal and can help you connect with Mother Gaia. This stone has high vibrations but can help ground you if you feel that you are worn out from using stones for certain things.

The vibrations of this stone come from the sacral chakra. The energies of this stone will help you to manifest your dreams into reality. They are very strong and can help you to let go of fear and help you to make changes, even major ones in your life.

These stones can make changes come that you have been waiting and they can help you take the next step. These stones help you make good plans that make sense, and they allow your imagination to work well. The vibrations of this stone are so strong that it can help you to awaken the Kundalini and stimulate these energies.

How to Use This Stone?

Use this stone each day when you are meditating so that you can have the powers that it offers you. These stones are great if you need to scry or gaze and if you want to start with deep meditation.

You can start with this crystal and put it off to the side and it can help you to gain information about things in the future. This stone can keep you aware and let you know what desires you have in the spiritual realm.

When you look at this crystal from the corner of your eye, you can look past it and you will lose the awareness of your surroundings and it can make you conscious of the spiritual realm and let you have images and let the spirits flow through you.

You can find out if you are traveling pasts white light and it is calming and relaxing and you can use the stone in way that your intuition tells you to use it. Using crystals can help you to find happiness and you can experience deep feelings and move past the actions in your life.

You might need to contact your spiritual guides so you can have guidance and so you can make the most out of your situation. You can have psychic visions with this crystal, and you can increase your psychic abilities.

If you have been having psychic visions or if you are clairvoyant, then this crystal can increase those giftings and can stimulate your gifts and help you to have more communication with the spirit world. If you have telepathic abilities, you can use the crystals to help you make a connection.

You can use this stone to access Akashic records and to work past things out of your past life. Other great things about this stone is that it can help you have messages in your divine mind, and you can go on your spiritual journey. Keep a journal so that you can know your progress.

If you are sick, put this stone in the rooms that you are in the most so that you can experience its healing powers. This stone can help you if your body is weak and if you have an immune disorder that makes your system weak.

Wearing the Garnet

This stone is the January birthstone and so if you have that birth month this stone will be extra beneficial to you. This is a black crystal that has a lot of power, and it also has strong psychic protection against negativity and attacks.

The vibrations can keep you safe on all levels and it can help you if you have ever thought of suicide and it can make you feel better in your life. This Garnet can be made into jewelry and is part of the Aquarius birthstone and you can find it beneficial to keep close to your body.

Who Should Use It?

This stone can help men and can boost their masculine qualities. This can give them strength and stamina in their day and help them to have courage. This stone can clear any blockages and helps to clear the throat chakra and balance it. This can help you to have better relationships and to have intimacy and to have family relationships that are good.

This stone will get rid of negative emotions and if you have things such as jealousy, suspicion, mistrust, or if you get angry too fast, this stone can help you. This stone can help men to have better prostate health and to help those that have sexual dysfunction.

This stone has good healing qualities and can help the sexual organs to be strong. If you have no enthusiasm in life, keep this stone close to you and it can help you and keep you active.

When you want to boost your bowl and liver function, this is a good stone, and it helps to cleanse the blood. If you are lacking in love and receiving love, this stone can help to empower you and make you feel that you are not disconnected from reality.

When you feel that you are addicted to something, this stone can clear you and help you to get over your addictions easier. When you are feeling like you are a victim, this can help you to keep going in your life.

Grounding Energy

This stone is a great grounding stone and can help you to feel more passionate in life. When you use this with meditation, it can open up the Akashic records and increase your subconscious mind. It can help to heal past issues and has the ability to increase your clairvoyant giftings.

This stone can help you if you are having health issue and suffer from things such as sexual dysfunction in men. This stone helps with the sacral chakra and can increase your sexual desires and can give you balance in your lower three chakras and make you feel more connected and alive.

This stone allows you to reach your higher chakras and have a better spark in life. This stone will help to protect you and ground you.

Using with Other Stones

When you want to work on your root chakra, you need to use the Black Andradite and you can use this with other stones that can help to give you creativity and boost your personal relationships.  Some of these stones include:

  • Black Obsidian
  • Crussite
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Tibetan Black Quartz
  • Sphalerite
  • Black Tourmaline

If you want to increase your sexual energies, use the Black Andradite with these stones:

  • Orange Calcite
  • Pyrite
  • Orange Carnelian
  • Bustamite
  • Zincite
  • Crocoite

When you want to get rid of addictive behaviors. Use this stone with these stones and you can see healing in yourself:

  • Datolite
  • Dravite
  • Brown Tourmaline
  • Hematite
  • Smithsonite
  • Staurolite
  • Unakite

Getting Akashic records are often important if you need to move on in your past. Combine the Black Andorite with these stones:

  • Merlinite
  • Goethite
  • Creedite
  • Shaman Stones
  • Blue Apatite
  • Chiastolite
  • Calligraphy Stone
  • Petrified Wood
  • Ethiopian Opal
  • Cavansite