The Best Crystals to Encourage Love

Crystals to Encourage Love

Everyone wants love or at least the prospect of love. It hurts when relationships end. Sometimes, we all need a little extra boost to aim for love again after we’ve been hurt or if it’s been a while since we’ve had someone special in our lives.

Crystals can give you that boost for seeking love. They can heal the hurt and also help you deal with inner issues that might be preventing you from finding or keeping love. After all, you have to love yourself first before you can love anyone else.

Some crystals are better than others for this purpose but there are 10 that are exceptional in dealing with issues of the heart.

Here is a list of 10 of the best crystals for helping in your love life:

  • Amethyst

Amethyst with its purple hues is the right crystal if you are ready to find the one you want to marry and be with for life. The color purple is associated with self-love and self-worth, as well as royalty. It has a lot of spiritual power so it’s a good stone to use if you are working on improving yourself.

  • Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has long been associated with love because of its blush pink color. It’s got a lot of feminine energy and compassion. This is the right stone if you are trying to brush off your rough edges to be more understanding. This is a good stone for men too who have had a problem with patience or gentleness with women.

  • Rhodonite

Rhodonite has a focus on romantic love and all its drama with complications. It has supportive energy associated with it so it can help you when you are facing tough issues in your relationships. It has a pink surface mixed with black spots or streaks that is a constant reminder that nothing is perfect and you have to stick with it to get to the good stuff.

  • Lapis Lazuli

One of the prettiest stones is lapis lazuli. It is a great stone for communication. This blue rock is mixed with silver and grey threading, reminding you that things can interfere with communication. Use it when you want to express your intentions, open yourself up to another person, or learn to listen better. Carry it with you and see how it opens you to possibilities.

  • Carnelian

The deep amber of carnelian contains energy for zeal and passion. It’s the right stone when you want to get a new relationship going in the right direction or if you want to push a bit of excitement into an old relationship. This stone seems to have an inner glow that can drive your passions.

  • Rhodochrosite

This is the crystal you need when you know you need to work on yourself to find the love you need and want. This hot pink stone reflects your yearning for love but helps you unpack all your baggage and deal with it. Carry it when you want to prepare for greatness.

  • Moss Agate

This is a complicated stone that swirls with color. It seems to sympathize with all the complications of the heart and is perfect for healing your heart wounds. Moss agate helps open you up to possible everlasting love. Blue lace agate is lovely and can help guide your journey into personal growth.

  • Aventurine

This green stone is associated with your heart chakra and helps you move on from surviving a broken relationship to thriving in a new one or learning to be on your own. Wear it to remind yourself that love will come your way again.

  • Obsidian

Most people don’t associate black stones with love but Obsidian has protective energy that is beneficial when finding love or romance. Obsidian is the crystal to use when you want to clear away negative energies and overcome challenges. It clears the path to success.

  • Moonstone

This mostly white crystal of moonstone has a translucent quality that appears to glow from within. It has a balancing energy. It’s what you need when you want to reunite with a lover who has been apart because of circumstance and heartbreak.


Crystals can be beneficial in helping heal yourself and getting yourself ready for new love. They also help open your spirit up to the possibilities that you may be overlooking. Using them regularly will increase positive energy and will help you learn to love yourself.