This stone is a great stone if you want to open up your mystical and magical abilities. This stone is a very powerful stone and can help to protect you from negativity. It can only be used for good and not for ill will.

The attributes of this stone are visible to the user and it works fast. The stone can boost your spiritual gifts and help to heal your body.

It works for the chakras such as the throat, crown, third eye and soul star chakras. This is a powerful healing stone and can help you to have action in your giftings.

This is a great stone for the throat chakra because it helps you communicate better and can help to enhance your third eye.

When you wear this stone, you can see change and go places you have not gone before.

Meaning of the Labradorite

This stone comes from Labrador, Canada and is admired because it is so beautiful. It has feldspar in it and has layers that reflect light and is called larborescence. This stone sparkles and that is why it is popular.

It comes in different colors such as purple, green, brown, golden yellow, gray, black, greenish gray, and bluesish gray.

The stone looks like the Rainbow Moonstone and is sometimes called the sister stone of this. The stone is found in places such as Italy, Mexico, Greenland, Scandinavia, Russia and the USA.

It is also Finnish and is called Spectro lite. It sometimes has different coloring. The yellow is the most known color and it is called Gold Flash or Fire Labradorite and is unusual.

The most common colors are Lavendar, blue, yellowish, green, pink and purple.

This stone can have different colors and can be so beautiful.

Why Use it?

This stone is very pretty and has many great properties such as protecting your aura. The stone can help you learn to be psychic and can help with telepathy. It is a good stone if you want to manifest your giftings and connect with your spirit.

This is a spiritual stone and can help you go to the higher realm and go between here and there.

The stone will help you get rid of energy leaks and help you recharge and if you are working on spiritual growth, it can help you.


This stone works with the third eye chakra and helps you to know your destiny. It can bring changes in your life and help you with different planes. It can help you mentally, emotionally and in your psychic and mystical being as well.

The path of change is uncomfortable, and this stone can help you to figure out how to change. It can give you strength and help you discover who you are and transform you. You can preserver with this stone.

Serendipity and Synchronicity

This is a magic stone and can help you by increasing your occurrences of synchronicity. It can help you to see amazing things come in your life and that is why you will see it as a magical stone. The stone can help you to enhance things in your life and to reach your highest gifting.

This stone is part of the Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius birthstone and is easy to find.

Wearing the Stone

This stone can help you by wearing it and if you are a Reiki practitioner, it can bring healing to your hands. You can use it to work on your psychic hearing and to develop your clairaudience and other giftings. Use this as earrings close to your ears so that you can develop this gift and your telepathy.

The stone is easy to find and works very fast. It can help you with your aura if you keep it close to your body.

Who Should Use It?

This stone can work well with your crown chakra and can help you reach your divine mind. It can help you to reach the spirit world and help you on your path. The crystal will also:

  • Give you serendipity and coincidence in your life.
  • Help you take action to do things.
  • Foster your patience.
  • Give you good timing on things.
  • Work with your intuition.
  • Help you get clear messages.
  • Help you contact your spirit beings.
  • Give you automatic writing abilities.
  • Help you take action.
  • Works with psychic knowing.

Enhancing Gifts

This stone can help you to enhance your gifts by increasing your aura, helping with your visions, giving you energy to your crown chakra, boosting your psychic gifting during meditation and can help awaken your energies.

Keep this stone in your pocket or close to your body to protect you and keep you safe.

This stone can help you contact your spirit guides and is easy to buy as jewelry. This stone can help to protect you.

Healing Properties

The stone can help to get rid of gout, relieve you of pain, help to stimulate your mind, works with digestion and metabolism and other health problems.

You can use this stone to treat PMT and to balance your hormones. You can also use it if you need to be relieved of stress and if you have cold, respiratory problems or bronchitis.

Using with Other Stones

You can use this stone and combine it with these stones to increase your psychic visions such as:

  • Rainbow Moonstone
  • Sphene
  • Labradorite
  • Dream Quartz
  • Sugalite

Going through change is hard and if you find that you have changes that you need to make but you are having a hard time making the changes, you need to do something to help make it through. By combining this stone and these other stones, you can have the strength to make decisions and reach towards your changes without stress and frustration:

  • Labradorite
  • Bastnasite
  • Malachite
  • Herderite
  • Actinolite
  • Green Selenite

If you want to preserve your life, you can combine this with other indigo crystals such as:

  • Pollucite
  • Chabazite
  • Ilvaite
  • Gold Sheen Obsidian

When you need harmony in your life, these stones are great to bring you peace and harmony. Use these in combination with other harmony stones:

  • Pink Lazurine
  • Eudialyte
  • Green Prehnite
  • Morganite

When you want to increase and develop your psychic powers, use this stone in combination with these to see it increase:

  • Scolecite
  • Moldavite
  • Celestite
  • Brookite
  • Tanzanite
  • Datolite
  • Satyoloka
  • Phenacite

If you practice Reiki, then you will need to keep your strength up and you can do this by using other stones that stimulate the reiki energy such as:

  • Fenster Quartz
  • Ascension Stone
  • Pollucite
  • Lepidocrocite
  • Tunellite

Telepathy and clear seeing or clairvoyance are two gifts that are ever growing. People that want to increase their telepathy can often meditate to get these powers stronger. People that are using telepathy can use it with close friends to start with and then see their powers grow. Use this stone and combine with these so that you can increase your telepathic giftings:

  • Dream Quartz
  • Faden Quartz
  • Blue Chalcedony
  • Natrolite
  • Herkimer Diamond

When you need to develop your giftings and your psychic intuition, you can do this by meditating and using stones to help raise these vibrations. Intuition is a gut feeling and allows you to know things. You can increase this intuition by using this stone and combining with these other stones such as:

  • Blue Celestite
  • Lepidocrocite
  • Apatite
  • Aventurine

When you need to have higher vibrations, use this stone to combine with the crown chakra in order to have more energies:

  • Libyan Gold Tektite
  • Moldavite
  • Yttrium Fluorite