This is a magical stone and the Helidor is known to have shiny pieces within the stone and can help you have a stronger connection and to have better willpower.

This stone can help you have better creativity and can help with your solar plexus and give you a bright ray that will bring you energy and help your life move forward. This stone can help you if you lack energy and if you have stress and anxiety.

Meaning of Helidor

This stone has a green variety of Beryl and is known with iron in it. It comes from the Greek word “Helion” and “doron” and means “gift from the sun” and is used to sell as Golden Beryl.

This stone is found in Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Madagascar, and other areas and is easy to find. This stone is hexagonal in shape and has pyramid shapes and has different qualities of gemstones.

Why Use It?

This stone is the crown chakra and the third eye and can help you have clear thinking. This has psychic communication boosting and can help people that are at a distance.

This stone helps you with telepathy and can help you have the divine will. This stone can help change your life.

This stone can help you to have balance of mind and will and is considered a stone of magic. This stone is great for scrying and can help with fortune telling and visions because of its shiny surface.

This stone is a powerful stone and can help you have good intentions. When you need to have good intentions, you will see that thing will happen and you can visualize things in your life.

The energy of this stone will take you to direction and show you awareness and help you have a desire in your life. This stone will help you to manifest things you want and will work with your solar plexus to help you get your dreams.

Wearing Helidor

This stone can get rid of stress and anxiety and you can wear it as jewelry or keep it in your pocket. This can help with your telepathic powers and can help to have energy from the third eye chakra.

This is part of the Leo birthstone and can help you with many things in your life.

How Can it Help You?

This stone will work with the golden ray of light and helps with the crown and solar plexus chakra. It can stimulate your power and help you have confidence and willpower in life.

This stone can help you to get rid of addictions and boost your creative thinking.

How to Use It?

This stone helps the sacral chakra and can help to heal the liver, spleen, jaundice, bilious attacks, menopause, and the pancreas.

This stone can help you to get rid of kidney, digestive, bladder, and other problems and can help with nausea and diarrhea. This stone can help you to get rid of stress.

Using with Other Crystals

Telepathy and clear seeing or clairvoyance are two gifts that are ever growing. People that want to increase their telepathy can often meditate to get these powers stronger. People that are using telepathy can use it with close friends to start with and then see their powers grow. Use this stone and combine with these so that you can increase your telepathic giftings:

  • Dream Quartz
  • Faden Quartz
  • Blue Chalcedony
  • Natrolite
  • Herkimer Diamond
  • Labradorite
  • Blue Calcite
  • Cats Eye
  • Chrysoberyl

When you need to increase your finances and you need to call money to yourself, you can do this by using this stone and combining these other stones:

  • Golden Rutilated Quartz
  • Vanadinite
  • Yellow Sapphire
  • Citrine
  • Ametrine
  • Yellow Apatite
  • Golden Yellow Labradorite

When you want to increase your creativity and if you do things such as sing, art, painting, music, dance, or other creative gifts, you can increase them with this stone. You can also find your creative side when you combine this stone with these other stones:

  • Orange Carnelian
  • Orange Creedite
  • Golden Yellow Labradorite
  • Libyan Desert Glass
  • Libyan Gold Tektite
  • Brazilianite
  • Yellow Apatite
  • Heliodor
  • Amber
  • Orange Carnelian
  • Orange Creedite
  • Golden Yellow Labradorite

The crystals that come with the Beryl family will combine together and be used with Green Emerald, blue Aquamarine and the pink Bixbite.