If you want a natural stone that can help you and aids in your fairy cross with energies from the natural world, the Staurolite is the perfect stone for you.

It can help to calm you and helps you break habits such as smoking. This stone can help you to be grounded and to help you connect with the natural world.

Meaning of the Staurolite

This stone is found in places such as Brazil, Russia, Switzerland, Australia and the USA. It comes in colors such as brown, red and black.

The stone comes from the Greek word “stauros” which means “cross” and it is known as a fairy stone. This stone has prismatic shapes and intersecting angles that are within the stone.

The stone sometimes will have a cross inside of it, but it is not always a perfect cross. There are different tales that come with this stone and why it has a cross in it.

Why Use It?

This stone can help you to be centered and calm and can improve your mental and emotional health. It can help you with your spiritual life and help you connect with Mother Gaia. The stone can help you reach the Devic realm and to talk with spirit animals and plants.

The history of the stone is known to connect with nature spirits, and it can help you to deal with your past life and is used by those that practice white magic.

The stone can conflict with religion and there are many stories about the stone and the symbols on the stone. The stone works with the heart chakra and can help you if you love the earth.

Wearing Staurolite

This stone has a natural cross in it and has great vibrations to help you contact spiritual beings. It can help you contact nature spirits and work in your environment to give you strength and joy.

The stone can get rid of stress and is an uncommon stone that is sometimes made out of jewelry. It can be found in bead shops and crystal shops and you can learn to make it into jewelry yourself. The stone can ground you and keep you calm.

How Will it Help?

This stone works with the earth star chakra and can help you reach Mother Gaia. It can help you to deal with things such as EMF’s and can help you to be more grounded in life.

The stone can work to soothe you and make you less afraid of things. It can help you to be calm and relaxed and help you to get rid of stress.

The stone has a great energy and can help you let go of addictions and help you increase your lucid dreaming. The stone can help you find things that are lost.

Nature Spirits

This stone has the power to attract nature spirits and this can benefit your green areas around your house. If you want to contact these beings, uses this stone when you meditate, and you can feel the powers of them.

This stone is easy to program and if you do it you can connect with your nature spirits and utilize the energy of the earth better.

If you want to have elemental beings close to you to help with your home, you can put a crystal close to your outside and it can connect with Mother Gaia and encourage growth of the environment around you and plant growth.

You can use this when you meditate, and this can help give you earth energies and benefit you and everyone in your house.

If you want to have elemental creatures to live in your garden, you can use this stone when you meditate, and you can make contact with them. You can ask them to live in your garden and to come close to your home.

These are members of the Devic kingdom, and they can share things with you and are helpful when life is hard. They can help you such as children do and are your fairies.

When we become like a small child, we can be happier, and we can use this stone to bring the elemental beings to us. Not everyone is aware that they can do this and have these things in their home.

This stone will help those that are herbalists to have more information on having natural remedies and by making contact with the elemental being, you can make sure that your garden is well cared for.

If you are a gardener, this is a great stone to help you grow herbs and vegetables that are safe for your body and do not damage the earth.

How to Use It

This stone can help you with your earth-based energies and can help you connect with the spirit world. This works with the third eye chakra and can help you with astral journeying. It can help you increase your clairvoyance and your visions and can help you meditate better.

The stone can give you clarity in your life and can help you to love nature.

Using with Other Stones

If you want to reach the nature spirits you can combine this stone with Merlinite. This stone can help you if you are a conservationist.

This is a great stone to be used for fairy stones and can help to attract nature spirits. Combine it with Amegreen, Red Muscovite, Green Muscovite and Fuchsite.

Struggling with addiction can be hard but you can get through it. When you are stuck in addictions such as drinking or drug use, or if you have eating disorders, you can use this stone and combine it with these others in order to get rid of your addictions and move on to a better life.

  • Datolite
  • Dravite
  • Brown Tourmaline
  • Hematite
  • Smithsonite

This is a stone that can use the energies to help you be stronger and can be combined with stones such as the Moldavite, Kyanite, Herderite, Phenacite and Indigo Kyanite.

Many people struggle with fear and being afraid of things. This situation can cause you to not be able to do things that you desire in life and can hold you back. If you have fear, use this stone and combine it with these stones to let go of fear:

  • Darwin
  • Witches Finger
  • Menalite
  • Tigers Eye
  • Prehnite
  • Black Jade
  • Darwinite

This psychic gift of lucid dreaming is very important and is an exciting part of the psychic world. Lucid dreaming allows you to be able to control your dreams and to be able to even travel from place to place with astral travel.

Lucid dreaming can awaken you to what is happening in your life and in others life. When you are experiencing lucid dreaming, keep a dream journal and when you are meditating, you can use this stone and these stones to help you increase your chances of lucid dreaming:

• Blue Sapphire
• Dream Quartz
• Scolecite
• Staurolite
• Fairy Cross Stone
• Goshenite
• White Beryl
• Purple Sugalite
• Golden Danburite
• Ruby
• Picasso Marble
• Bastnasite
• Triplite
• Tunellite
• Bustamite