When you are looking for a strong healing stone that can strengthen your aura and help you to rid yourself of negative energies, the Ametrine is the perfect stone.

Not only does it heal well, it also can help you get rid of addictions and lose weight if you are struggling with it. This can help your mental and spiritual clarity and can help to unify the feminine and masculine energies.

This is a quartz that has both Citrine and Amethyst and different quartz crystals. This can help to amplify the vibrations and can be used for healing because it has such a strong vibrational frequency. This stone is beneficial to bring you harmony and to help you to stay focused.

If you want to give energy to the crown chakra, the Ametrine is perfect for this.

Meaning of Ametrine

The name of the stone Ametrine is from the stones Citrine and Amethyst, and it helps to hold the vibrations of both of these stones. This is a clear stone, but it sometimes has the colors of yellow, gold, purple or other colors and they can be blended together.

Natural Ametrine has different stones and different colors, and some might have more gold than purple or vice versa. This is a stone that is easy to find and since Amethyst and Citrine are both so popular, this stone is easy to find.

Most believe that this stone comes from Bolivia, Brazil, South America, and Uruguay.

Masculine and Feminine Energies

The Ametrine can help to amplify energies and to increase the vibrations based on the Citrine which is part of the solar plexus chakra. When you combine these energies, it allows the chakra to be more knowing and to have more energetic vibrations.

When you put the energy of these crystals together, they help connect the crown chakra and the solar plexus chakra and this allows you to reach the spiritual realm and to have mental and spiritual clarity.

You can use this to unite the feminine and masculine energies, and this makes the stone great for anyone, especially those that are in healing professions. The benefits of this crystal for healers is that it can help you to make decisions on healing situations and to reach the divine will.

Why Use This Crystal?

There are many reasons why you might use Ametrine such as:

  • It is a good healing stone.
  • If you want to lose weight this is a good stone.
  • It can help you get rid of addictions.
  • It can allow you to stop being so compulsive.
  • Removes Stress
  • Removes tension.
  • Enhances will power.
  • Gets rid of depression.
  • Stops anxiety.
  • Boosts creativity.
  • Connects with the crown chakra.
  • Helps psychic artists with their work.

Wearing the Stones

One way to use the stones is with meditation and you can do this by wearing them as jewelry or by having them close to your body. You will want to connect to the energy of this crystal and so keeping it on your body all day will help you to be able to do that.

Using this stone to help make a spiritual connection can help to bring power to the solar plexus and the crown chakra and this means that you can have more mental clarity and perspective towards your divine will.

This is a stone that is beautiful to wear and one that you should keep close to your body as often as you can. This is an attractive stone of gold and purple and makes beautiful jewelry.

This stone is part of the zodiac birthstones and is the Pisces and Libra birthstone.

Who Should Use This Stone?

Since this is part of the Pisces birthstone, it is also part of the Libra. This can be helpful if you are either of those zodiac signs and not only is it pretty, it also has strong qualities and is a great meditation rock. If you want to reach your higher power and have energies on the earth, using this stone can help with that.

This stone can help you to raise the vibrations of your solar plexus and help you to make changes in your life. This is a stone to keep close to you and you can get one tumbled and keep in your pocket or in a small pouch or even under your pillow.

Many women will keep stones in their bras when they are wanting to build up their chakra powers and be balanced. This can help you connect with your higher self and the divine sources.

Combining with Other Stones

The Ametrine is a good crystal that is part of the quartz crystal and is a blend of Amethyst and Citrine. This has many energies. Combining it with the Rose Quartz can help to open up the heart chakra and connect the heart to things you desire.

Not only can it blend to make the heart chakra open up, but it can also combine to help open up the solar plexus chakra and there are other stones that are related to it such as:

  • Blizzard Stone
  • Gabbro
  • Purple Stichtite
  • Tourmilated Quartz
  • Shamanite Black Calcite
  • Aqua Aura Quartz
  • Rainbow Moonstone
  • Golden Healer
  • Papagoite
  • Mook Jasper
  • Diaspore
  • White Topaz
  • Prophecy Stone Jasper
  • Ascension Stones
  • Green Amethyst
  • Chevron Amethyst

When you want to increase the vibrations, combine Ametrine with these stones:

  • Kyanite
  • Blue Kyanite
  • Moldavite
  • Phenacite

Using this with the Moldavite can intensify the energies and can help to increase the power of the solar plexus. You can also use stones such as the golden stone colors to help extend the energies. Some of these stones include:

  • Citrine
  • Golden Rutilated Quartz
  • Golden Chrysoberyl
  • Yellow Scapolite
  • Helidor
  • Golden Appetite
  • Golden Labradorite