Chiastolite Cross Stone

Chiastolite Cross Stone

This is a very unique stone that is brown in color and has a natural cross formation on its structure. This stone was meant to be a sign from the gods and has been known as a highly protective stone.

The ancient people believed that this stone was a psychic protection stone and that it has strong powers that can increase meditation and can help to connect with the Akashic records to discover past life information and to help change negative energies into positive energies.

Meaning of the Chiastolite Cross Stone

This stone comes from the Greek word that means, “chiastos,” and that means, “crosswise.” This stone is also often referred to as the Cross Stone. This stone has some of the same features as the Andalusite, but that stone does not have the cross that is seen in it.

This stone has a black cross in the center and is found in different places such as Canada, Russia, Australia, Spain, Sri Lanka, China, France, Brazil, and the United States of America.

This stone is fairly common but the black stone with the green cross found in Australia is not very common and is hard to find. This stone is referred to as the Green Chiastolite.

Why Would You Use It?

This stone is a very protective stone, and it helps to get rid of curses and can stop the evil eye curses of people and was used in ancient times. This stone can bring balance and can stop disagreements between people. This allows there to be harmony and agreement.

This is a great stone to use with other high vibration stones and can help you along your journey to your spiritual realm and can help you to find Akashic records while still being grounded. This stone helps you to understand mortality and can help you to know what journey you are supposed to take in life, what you will experience and life after death and rebirth.

This will help to boost your creativity and help you to be able to solve problems and bolster abilities. This stone can help you if you have grave illness which will help you to have an easy time dying and returning to the spirit world.

The energy of this stone will help you accept changes and adapt to changes in life. If you are afraid, depressed or stressed, this stone can help you.

How Can it Help You?

This is a strong spiritual grounding stone and is great for good energy and healing energy to the whole body. This will repair damages to your auric field.

When you use this energy, you will be connected to the earth chakra, and you can use this energy if you need help changing or if you have an unexpected illness that comes into your body. This can be a challenge with your spiritual relationship, but it is a friendly vibration stone that can bring you comfort.

This stone can help you as you get older, and you find you can no longer do what you used to be able to do. This helps to give you strong bones and teeth and helps to blood flow be balanced and repairs chromosome damage.

This can help you to be positive and can give you psychic protection which can bring you peace and allows you to be secure and free from fear and danger.

Wearing Chiastolite

This stone is an easy to buy stone and can be found with the natural cross formation. It is a loved stone because it is seen as highly spiritual. You can wear this as a necklace, pendant, or even keep it in your pocket to benefit from the energies.

This stone will keep you grounded and will give you harmony in your body and life. This is part of the Libra birthstone list and is great to wear if you are in that birthstone month. If you do spiritual work, you can wear this to stay grounded.

How to Use

This is a variety of the Andalusite and will stimulate the base and crown chakra. This stone helps with the base and earth chakra and has strong grounding attributes that can help you connect with the earth and your body.

This is a grounding crystal and can help you connect with Mother Gaia. This stone has high vibrations but can help ground you if you feel that you are worn out from using stones for certain things. The vibrations of this stone come from the sacral chakra.

The energies of this stone will help you to manifest your dreams into reality. They are very strong and can help you to let go of fear and help you to make changes, even major ones in your life.

These stones can make changes come that you have been waiting and they can help you take the next step. These stones help you make good plans that make sense, and they allow your imagination to work well.

Use this stone if you need protection from anything and it is a great meditation stone. It was used in ancient times to help protect the people.

Akashic Records

The Chiastolite is a great stone for meditation, and it can help you to learn more about your past. When you look at this crystal from the corner of your eye, you can look past it and you will lose the awareness of your surroundings and it can make you conscious of the spiritual realm and let you have images and let the spirits flow through you.

You can find out if you are traveling pasts white light and it is calming and relaxing and you can use the stone in way that your intuition tells you to use it. Using crystals can help you to find happiness and you can experience deep feelings and move past the actions in your life.

You might need to contact your spiritual guides so you can have guidance and so you can make the most out of your situation. You can have psychic visions with this crystal, and you can increase your psychic abilities.

If you have been having psychic visions or if you are clairvoyant, then this crystal can increase those giftings and can stimulate your gifts and help you to have more communication with the spirit world. If you have telepathic abilities, you can use the crystals to help you make a connection.

You can use this stone to access Akashic records and to work past things out of your past life. Other great things about this stone is that it can help you have messages in your divine mind, and you can go on your spiritual journey. Keep a journal so that you can know your progress.

Using with Other Stones

You can use this with the Lemurian Quartz crystal if you need to have ancient memories come to you. This is a good stone to help keep you grounded. You can use this stone to boost the energies of the other grounding stones and to give you added psychic protection.

Some good stones to pair with for psychic protection are:

  • Tourmilated Quartz
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Zircon
  • Cookeite

If you need to get access to Akashic records, pair this stone with these stones to help you:

  • Calligraphy Stone
  • Shaman Stones
  • Cavansite
  • Axinite
  • Goethite
  • Creedite
  • Merlinite
  • Petrified Wood
  • Black Andradite Garnet
  • Libyan Gold Tektite
  • Blue Apatite
  • Libyan Desert Glass
  • Heulandite