Rainforest Jasper

Rainforest Jasper

This stone helps to make you happy and bring you joy. The Rainforest Jasper can help you have a strong connection to plants and animals and to Mother Gaia.

This is a stone that is also called the Australian Rainforest Jasper and it has a soft energy and can make you easier to get along with.

The stone can help you to be passionate about the earth and can help you if you want to help the earth heal.

Where Does It Come From?

This stone is found in places such as Mexico, Australia, and the USA. The stone comes in different color such as green and yellow and some of the stones are small and look similar to this stone. It also comes in tan, brown and orangish colors and it depends on the quartz combination and the feldspar and nepholite that is common in the stone.


This stone is also known as the Green Rhyolite and is a stone that helps you to understand yourself and has energies that work with the heart chakra.

This stone can help you to do earth healing rituals and can help you have a strong connection with the forest and other plants and helps you to have more love for the earth.

The stone can help to aid you to contact the elemental beings and the nature spirits and the members of the Devic Kingdom.

The stone can help you to reach the gardens around you and help you to avoid using chemicals that are not good for the earth. It can help you to feel balanced in your emotions and brings you happiness and peace.

This stone will help you to share your energies with people that you are committed to and it makes you aware of what the earth needs. This stone can help you feel committed and can help you to help the earth and others.

Why Use It?

This stone can help you to recall things and help you to know your purpose in life. It can help you to feel more respect in your life for people and animals and can know what your pets are feeling.

This stone can help you to help others feel better and can be used for healing rituals. The stones have shamanistic energies.

How Can it Help?

There are different ways this stone can help such as:

  • Prevent you from procrastinating.
  • Keep you getting things done.
  • Stopping avoidance of things, you need to do.
  • Enhance creativity.
  • Give you happiness and joy.
  • Help with your chakras.
  • Bring happiness.
  • Give you confidence.

Who Should Use It?

This stone can help with different things such as your emotions and your diabetes problems. If you have hypoglycemia, this is a great stone for you, and it can help strengthen the blood vessels and help you lose weight.

This stone can cleanse your kidneys and heal rashes on your skin. It can get rid of toxins and help you connect with nature and animals on a deeper level.

If you love the earth, this stone can help you to help the earth be better.

Wearing This Stone

This stone can help to bring healing to your life and works with your heart chakra. It can help you meditate and give you peace and help you have more faith.

When you meditate with this stone you will have more self-worth and it is part of the Aquarius birthstone and is easy to find as jewelry.

Using with Other Stones

Struggling with addiction can be hard but you can get through it. When you are stuck in addictions such as drinking or drug use, or if you have eating disorders, you can use this stone and combine it with these others in order to get rid of your addictions and move on to a better life.

  • Datolite
  • Dravite
  • Brown Tourmaline
  • Hematite
  • Smithsonite

When you want to connect with the nature spirits and the elementals, you can use this in your environment, and it can call them to your area.

If you need to have the nature spirits to feel comfortable then you can use this in combination with these stones:

  • Staurolite
  • Moss Agate
  • Green Kyanite
  • Fuchsite
  • Green Apophyllite
  • Petrified Wood
  • Prasiolite
  • Merlinite

When you need to magnify your positive thinking, you can use these stones to help manifest energy and combine it also with the golden solar plexus chakra:

  • Yellow Citrine
  • Golden Yellow Labradorite
  • Yellow Scapolite
  • Golden Rutilated Quartz
  • Amber
  • Yellow Apatite
  • Titanite
  • Sphene

This stone can help to bring joy and happiness if it is combined with these stones:

  • Euclase
  • Peridot
  • Ocean Jasper
  • Adamite