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Crystals and spiritual communications

Crystals and spiritual communications

Stones and crystals can enhance and deepen our intuition sensing, because they were found on earth, that’s why the structure of crystals and human body is very similar. This similarity allows us to build a spiritual bond by tuning into the frequency of crystals’ vibration, helping us to heal mentally, physically and guide us in times of hardship.

Crystals are different in size, texture, color and vibration. Crystals are also unique in terms of  usage for specific purposes. Each crystal offers its own unique places of mastery and wisdom. Follow your intuition on what crystal to use and go with the one that you are the most attracted to. While Labradorite is known to be an soother of stress, Dumortierite opens your third eye and enhance your mental, emotional and spiritual vision.

How to Use Crystals?

Receiving messages

After purchasing your Crystal you should cleanse to get rid of any energies attached to it. Next, find a quiet place to sit and meditate with your crystal. Try to choose a time when you’ll have minimum distraction. Let the crystal dry, then, hold your crystal and ask your question. It can be something simple like hanging out with friends on a specific day to something more complex like a career change? Stare at your stone, pay attention and listen carefully. You may hear the messages or even see images taking shapes of the crystal.

Crystals and spiritual communicationsMeditation

Crystals can help you connect with your chakra, unseen realms and provides you with a greater clarity on your path. Using crystals for meditation raises your awareness, deepening your intuition and bringing insight.

You will need 10-15 minutes each day to practice quiet meditation with your crystals. Hold your crystals, gaze at them, close your eyes and empty your mind.

When you reach a meditative state, turn your face up toward the heavens and invite the white energy to come. It will take a number of tries but,  keep doing this will make it happen. When you see the white light in your mind’s eye and feel the energy come down into you through your crown chakra, stay quiet, and be grateful for the response.

Upon receiving the white energy, focus your thoughts on what you want to receive spiritual guidance for. Think the issue in mind, as you are sending a mental e-mail. Let the mental message be as a request for help and guidance. Don’t panic if you receive a message quickly. Stay quiet and keep your mind calm. Also, don’t get disappointed if you don’t receive any response. Just pay attention to the signs as you go during your day. Sometimes the messages pop up here and there, something you might not have paid any attention to what could be a spiritual connection. Sometimes you dream of the messages and signs. All you need is to pay attention.

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