If you want a stone that has loving vibrations, the Hiddenite is a great stone for this.  This stone can help you to have better relationships and can help you if you have emotional problems or stress and anxiety.

When you have a hard time loving yourself and appreciating your own importance, this stone can help you to understand and love yourself more.

Where is it from?

This is a green stone that is named after the American Mineralogist named William Hidden and is found in Hiddenite North Carolina and was named after William Hidden.

The mines in North Carolina produce this stone and other pretty stones such as emeralds. You can go to see these mines and you will be able to extract the crystals.

This is a pretty stone that is green, yellow and it is found in Madagascar and Burma and even Brazil. This stone is sometimes sold as the Yellow Kunzite and the Pink Kunzite.

Love and Joy

This stone can give you strong feelings of love and joy and can work to help you have forgiveness and thankfulness. When you are thankful, you can have more appreciation for the divine and you can use the crystals to help you to do that.

Who Should Use It?

If you want to have a healed and strong solar plexus, or if you want to manifest money to yourself, the Hiddenite is a great stone. Depending on what you are looking for, the color yellow of this stone can help to bring manifestations to your life.

Keep this stone on you each day in your pocket or as jewelry and you can use it to help you. This stone contains lithium and can help you live a peaceful life.

When you want to get rid of stress, this is a great stone to use. It can teach you to have more self-love and to be thankful for who you are. This will help to restore relationships and make you strong.

Why Use It?

This stone works with the heart chakra and has different sister stones such as the Spodumene and the Pink Kunzite that also have the similar structure and a prink in color. Here are some reasons to use Hiddenite:

  • Helps you have more compassion.
  • Works with the higher heart chakra.
  • Improves relationships.
  • Let’s you have a genuine life experience.
  • Brings manifestation and prosperity and abundance to your life.
  • Brings joy and happiness.

How to Use It?

This stone is part of the Scorpio birthstone and can be found as pieces of jewelry or cut stone. This stone can help you to have divine love and thankfulness in your life and it can work out in the world.

When you purchase this stone, the aura field will be stronger, and it can help to heal your heart and solar plexus if you have troubles with it. This is a pretty stone and can help you to feel more love and thankfulness in your life.

Using with Other Stones

Some stones have high vibrations, and you can increase these vibrations by combining this stone with other stones. When you do this, you can raise the vibrational frequencies of these stones and you can use this to develop your giftings or for healing purposes.

  • Kyanite
  • Blue Kyanite
  • Moldavite
  • Phenacite

Going into deeper meditation can help you to reach your higher self and to learn more about your psychic giftings. Use this stone and these combined to reach deeper meditation:

  • Phenacite
  • Herkimer Diamonds
  • Cryolite

If you need to have stress relief, this is a great stone. Combine this with other stones such as:

  • Holmquistite
  • Lilac Lepidolite
  • Amblygonite
  • Lithium Quartz

This stone is great to help treat emotional problems and you can use other lithium-based stones in combination such as Pink Tourmaline, Lithium Quartz, Lepidolite and Amblygonite.

Here are some other stones that you can pair with the Hiddenite such as:

  • Pink Kunzite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Gaspeite
  • Green Apophyllite
  • Green Tourmaline
  • Green Aventurine
  • Crocoite
  • Eudialyte