The Septaria is a stone that can help you if you are in group activities and you are having a hard time tolerating other people. It can help you to have more privacy and to have better communication. These stones are never the same and always look different.

The qualities of this stone are different and each one has different mineral combinations and so the stones are always different. Each stone has a different mineral and so they can have different effects on your body. The stone can be stronger for you or weaker for you depending on what the spirit says you need.

Meaning of the Septaria

This stone goes by the names of Septeyre and Dragonstone as well, but they are from the Latin word “septum” that means “seven.” This name is given because of the seven sections of the stone that occurs in many of them.

This stone has been found in Canada, Spain, Madagascar, Australia, England and USA. Each of the pieces of the stone are different and they are very pretty and come in white, yellow, brown and even gray. The stones are from over 50 million years ago and were liquid filled mineral matter that was deposited into fissures and they became solid like concrete.

These stones have a mixture of minerals and can have things such as Aragonite, Baryte, Chalcedony, Limestone and more depending on the makeup of the stone.

Why Use It?

This stone can be helpful in many ways such as:

  • Help you to stay private.
  • Help to benefit the area that you put it in.
  • Has strong vibrations.
  • Helps to get rid of unhealthy regard from others.
  • Allows you to be anonymous.
  • Helps you have patience.
  • Gives you tolerance.
  • Helps you to understand other opinions.
  • Is great in a meditation group.
  • Helps you if you work with the public.
  • Works with the heart and throat chakra.
  • Works with the Third Eye Chakra.
  • Helps when you need to have spiritual zeal.
  • Grounds you.
  • Helps in all group situations.

Public Speaking

This stone can help you to align your spiritual powers and can help you to clear your way of thinking. This stone can help you to stay calm and help you to have normal emotions that are in control. The stone can help with your auric field and can give you energy.

This stone can help you if you have to do public speaking and if you are uncomfortable about telling the truth and you are passionate about certain things but are unable to speak about them.

If you use the energy from this stone, you will be able to speak the truth and say what is on your heart without struggle. If you have to go to the point where you have to speak about delicate matters, you can use this stone to help you communicate truthfully and let your feelings out. You can show what you are feeling and allow your words to work.

When you need to negotiate about things, wear this stone near your throat and it can help you to feel brave and not to be afraid of confrontations. If you have to deal with your past issues, this stone can help you to be confident.

People often times have a hard time telling or knowing the truth and this stone can help to clarify this in your life.

Wearing Septarian

This stone can help you and is part of the Taurus birthstone. It can be used as jewelry and can help you be protected psychically. The stone can take away doubts and enlighten your spirit. It can help you with your heart and is easy to find.

Healing Properties

This stone has many healing properties and can be used for healers to help their clients. It can give you deep insight and can take care of causes of diseases. This stone can help you get treatments and can heal broken bones.

It can strengthen the teeth and bones and your muscles and help you be more flexible. It is part of the crown chakra and can help you be more tolerant of others.

Group Activities

This stone can help you if you have to be a part of group activities and has the same properties as the Dragonstone. This can help you to do drumming and meditation circles and can create a tight knit group.

This stone can help you focus and help you to be calm and centered. It can help you in your overall life.

Using with Other Stones

The Septaria combines with all of the chakra stones to give you strong vibrations so you can use it with Blue Kyanite, Blue Aragonite and other stones.

If you want to communicate with your psychic abilities, you can use this stone and combine it with other stones such as:

  • Turquoise
  • Larimar
  • Ajoite
  • Amazonite
  • Aquamarine


  1. The notion that each Septaria stone is unique due to its mineral mixture is fascinating. It raises curiosity about the specific combinations and how they might affect individuals differently.

  2. The potential benefits of Septaria for public speaking and group activities could be valuable for individuals in various social and professional settings. Its grounding properties seem particularly useful.

  3. Combining Septaria with other chakra stones for enhanced effects presents interesting possibilities for those practicing spiritual or meditative disciplines. The versatility of its uses is appealing.

  4. The healing properties of Septaria, especially for bones and muscles, make it noteworthy for those interested in alternative therapies. The connection to multiple chakras is an added benefit.

  5. The diverse mineral composition of Septaria and its purported effects on chakras and emotional wellbeing are intriguing. The historical formation process adds an element of geological interest.


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