The Ilvaite is a stone that helps you to have better patience and can help you in many ways. It can enhance your creativity and help to ground you and center you. This stone can help you when things get hard and can stabilize your emotions.

This stone can heal you and be beneficial to you and works well with your crown chakra and the earth chakra.

Meaning of the Ilvaite

This stone was found on the Island of Elba in Italy and is located in the Mediterranean Sea. This stone comes from the name of the island and is known as the Yenite. It has silicate minerals and iron and calcium and is often a deep black, dark grey or dark brown color.

This stone works as an orthorhombic or monoclinic crystal and also as prismatic crystals. The black mineral was discovered in different areas but has been found in places such as Norway, Greece, Inner Mongolia, China, Russia, Finland, Aegean Islands and the USA.

This stone is combined with other minerals and is very pretty.

How to Use It

This stone works with the earth star chakra and has great grounding energies. It can help you if you are out of balance and if you are ungrounded or emotionally uncentered in your life.

You can use this stone when you meditate and hold it in your hand, and you will become grounded. It can help you make better decisions and will work with your crown chakra to help you feel better in your life. You can learn things and keep going when life gets hard.

This stone will stimulate your creativity and help you think innovatively and can help you to get information that will help you be more imaginative and benefit your life.

How Will it Help You?

This stone is easy to buy and can help to ground you and protect you from negative energies.  Even though it can draw more spiritual stones to it, this stone can work with the higher chakra and can be useful for you to have.

This is a great stone that helps you to stay grounded and get rid of health problems that have.

You need to cleanse this stone often so that it can keep working to protect you and ground you.

This stone can help with hepatitis and fevers including typhoid fever and help if you are hemorrhaging. It can also help with stomach issues and diarrhea. It can help you with your health and give you patience as well.

Using with Other Stones

When you want to increase your creativity and if you do things such as sing, art, painting, music, dance or other creative gifts, you can increase them with this stone. You can also find your creative side when you combine this stone with these other stones:

  • Orange Carnelian
  • Orange Creedite
  • Golden Yellow Labradorite
  • Libyan Desert Glass
  • Libyan Gold Tektite
  • Brazilianite
  • Yellow Apatite
  • Heliodor
  • Amber
  • Orange Carnelian

If you need to boost our imaginations, you can use stones such as:

  • Picasso Stone
  • Spessartine Garnet
  • Pietersite

When you need to increase your patience and you need to benefit yourself and others, you can use these stones in combination. These stones will stimulate patience such as:

  • Septarian Stone
  • Morganite
  • Chrysocolla
  • Colemanite
  • Labradorite
  • Seriphos Green Quartz

If times are tough and you need to keep going, use this stone to help you and combine it with stones such as:

  • Pollucite
  • Chabazite
  • Labradorite
  • Indigo Kyanite
  • Nuummite
  • Picasso Marble

When you need grounded, you can use these stones combined to have better grounding such as:

  • Tourmaline
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Magnetite
  • Tiger Iron
  • Healers Gold
  • Hematite