Chlorite Quartz

Chlorite Quartz

This stone is a strong heart-based energy stone and is great for developing your spiritual giftings and to work with the higher chakras. This stone can help you to make connection with Mother Gaia and is an elemental earth stone and helps to connect with the nature of the spirits.

This stone is great if you want to develop your psychic giftings and if you want to connect with your angels. These stones are helpful with the energy of the earth and can help to grant Schumann resonance, the electromagnetic field of the earth.

This is a stone that can help with electrical hypersensitivity or EHS and helps make it easier to contact with things that emit EMFs such as phones and computers. This stone can help healers that are having bad emotions and need help with spiritual healing.

Meaning of Chlorite

This stone is formed with normal quartz crystals and has inclusions of chlorite inside of it. This can be on top of the surface but is often found deep in the crystal. Not all of them are green but many of them are.

This stone can be green and red and have pieces of greed and red chlorite in it. It has minerals such as Green Phantom Quartz and can have inclusions of clinochlore and chlorite in it.

Clinochlore is a white, green, red, purple, or even yellow coloring depending on the phantom crystals. This can have Rutile and Hematite in it and will benefit you in many ways.

The Shamanic Dream Quartz is another quartz that has large things of chlorite in it and many of these have red and green as well. You can see this being sold as Shaman Quartz or Chlorite Shaman Quartz because they are used often by Shamans.

Where is it Found?

This stone can be found in the Himalayan mountains and can be found as the Himalayan Green Phantom and comes from Nepal and the Himalayas areas. This is also found in Brazil and Madagascar.

This stone contains chlorite but can have other regional crystals in it and it gives it a different type of vibration depending on where it is found.

The properties of this stone make it different, and it can be different if it is discovered in the mountains and the vibrations are not the same. The stone also has different properties in addition to the minerals and is a good healing stone.

How Was it Formed?

This stone has phantoms of chlorite in it and can come as a coating on the surface. In some ways, this stone can have both. The stone was made by chlorite covering the quartz while it was growing and then it was covered in the green chlorite already in it.

The structure of this stone can be in different quartz configurations and can have chlorite minerals in it. Most of the formations of the Chlorite Phantom Quartz will start off as clear and then will get colors as it grows.

This is a natural growing stone and can continue to have normal growth and then be embodied with green and red chlorite. The formation is often called “green ghost “because it has powerful powers and is known as phantoms, and they are inside of the crystals. Some of the crystals will have coatings of chlorite in them and will cover them.

How Can it Help You?

This is an impressive rock and has many powers that are powerful inside of it. It is a mineral and can help with spiritual development and give you strong inspiration.

This stone has many qualities and can be used with electronic devices because it can use its vibrations to keep people safe.

Why Use Chlorite?

If you want to reach deep meditation, this stone is for you. It can increase your visions and help you to travel and have spiritual domain. This stone will help you to reach your higher spiritual realm.

This will help you communicate and is a good stone for spiritual teachers and guides. This stone is sometimes called the Shaman Quartz and it is used in Shamanic practices because of its strong vibrations when meditating.

This is a very pretty stone and has good vibrations for the higher chakras such as the third eye and the heart chakra.

This stone can be used with regular meditation and can increase your clairvoyant abilities and your psychic hearing. If you are working on these gifts, put this crystal to your third eye and it can help. The energy can help you to contact the spirit guides.

Wearing the Chlorite

This stone is a quartz and has chlorite and other minerals and you need to program this quartz crystal. Programming it can boost its powers and you can wear it as jewelry and use it to aid in manifestations that you need such as money or relationships.

Programming this quartz can help you if you need a good outcome in life. The Chlorite Quartz can help heal you and will work well with your emotions and your spiritual being.

Healing Attributes

The Chlorite quartz can help to heal your physical body and the vibrations of the stones make healing easy. This can get rid of stress and emotional issues. You can use this if you need healed inside of your body and have health problems. This stone will help do psychic surgery on you and can heal tumors and growths.

One of the properties is to protect you from EMF’s and can assist in EHS if you are sensitive to low frequency radiation from wi-fi. You do not have to take care of these stones for the EMF’s only use them away from devices that have EMF’s.

This stone is a powerful healing of EHs and can be used in the vicinity of things that use EMF’s but can amplify the emanations of the device.

Nature Spirits

This stone has the power to attract nature spirits, and this can benefit your green areas around your house. If you want to contact these beings, uses this stone when you meditate, and you can feel the powers of them.

This stone is easy to program and if you do it you can connect with your nature spirits and utilize the energy of the earth better.

If you want to have elemental beings close to you to help with your home, you can put a crystal close to your outside and it can connect with Mother Gaia and encourage growth of the environment around you and plant growth. You can use this when you meditate, and this can help give you earth energies and benefit you and everyone in your house.

Using with Other Stones

This stone can help to develop your clairvoyant abilities. Having clear knowing or clairvoyance is a very powerful gift and if you want to develop this gift and make it stronger, you can use this stone and combine it with these others in order to be able to develop your giftings better:

  • Blue Sapphire
  • Dream Quartz
  • Scolecite
  • Staurolite
  • Fairy Cross Stone
  • Goshenite
  • White Beryl
  • Purple Sugalite
  • Golden Danburite
  • Ruby
  • Picasso Marble

If you need inspiration, use this stone with other stones such as:

  • Tinaksite
  • Chinese Writing Block
  • Lamprophyllite
  • Black Spinel
  • Eudialyte
  • Sugalite
  • Carnelian

Communicating with your angels is important to give you peace, love and understanding. When you want to increase your gifts and find out what your psychic gifts are, you can communicate with your angels to find out.

You can also talk to your angels, and they can help you to solve problems and to be able to do things that you were unsure of, and they can give you mental clarity to make decisions. Combine this stone with these other stones to increase your angelic communication:

  • Aragonite Star Clusters
  • Pink Petalite
  • Blue Celestite
  • Lemurian Seed Crystals
  • Ajoite in Quartz
  • Selenite
  • Angelite
  • Green Prehnite Crystals
  • Aragonite Star Clusters
  • Pink Petalite
  • Blue Celestite
  • Lemurian Seed Crystals
  • Ajoite in Quartz
  • Selenite

When you want to hear and know things, you can increase your psychic gift of clairaudience by using this stone and combining it with these other stones to increase the vibrations and open up the third eye chakra so you can hear from your spirit guides better:

  • Que Sera Crystals
  • Herkimer Diamonds
  • Blue Celestite
  • Hypersthene
  • Blue Larimar
  • Shiny Lolite Stone
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Celestite

When you want to connect with the nature spirits and the elementals, you can use this in your environment, and it can call them to your area.

If you need to have the nature spirits to feel comfortable then you can use this in combination with these stones:

  • Staurolite
  • Moss Agate
  • Green Kyanite
  • Fuchsite
  • Green Apophyllite
  • Petrified Wood
  • Prasiolite
  • Merlinite

Being sensitive to electromagnetic radiation can cause you to be sick and to feel bad in your life. You can combine this stone with these other stones to help protect you from EMF’s:

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Flint
  • Aegirine
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Fulgurite
  • Shungite