Using Crystals to Protect Your Energies

Protect Your Energies

There are people that are going through their spiritual awakenings all over the world. In this time, you need to make sure that you are protected and that your energies are strong. Make sure that you are living your best self and that you are protecting yourself with stones and crystals.

Everyone and everything around you is full of energy. Crystals have strong energy, and they can help to increase your energy. If you have blockages, the crystals can help. The energy that the crystals carry can help to change your energy and protect you from negative energy that might come to you.


This is a stone that will get rid of negative energies. This stone is a protections tone and can help you if you are being bullied. This stone is gentle and loving.


The Pyrite is a stone that is called “Fool’s Gold.” This stone will reflect bad energy and get rid of blocks in your life. This will make your aura strong. This can be a stone that can help to keep you safe from negative people.

Smoky Quartz

This is a great stone if you need to concentrate on things more. It can protect you and works with the earth chakra go get rid of stress. When you need to destress, use this stone. It can also remove negative energies. It is considered a protective stone.

Tiger’s Eye

When you need to be grounded or to have blocks cleared out of your energy field, use this stone. It can help you if you have low self-esteem and if you are a critic to yourself.


This stone is a black stone, and it gets rid of negative energy. It can ground you and help you to be strong. This stone can help to get rid of karmic contracts and will prepare you to deal with hard things.

Final Thoughts

When you want to be protected and grounded, there are many crystals that you can use. The above are just a few example of the many crystals that have healing and protection qualities. To use these stones, you can carry them in your pocket or in your purse. You can even use these stones under your pillow when you are sleeping or in your area.

Use the stone each week and see how the stones have made you feel. Once you understand what the stones can do for you, you can understand their energy more. You will notice a difference when you use these stones.