The Calcite is a great stone if you want to get rid of negative energies and if you need to have good vibrations in your life. This stone is a stone that will work with every chakra and is beneficial to stimulate growth in your spiritual being. This stone has different colors to help with the different spiritual gifts.

This is a crystal that has strong healing powers and can amplify your energetic life and to give your whole-body energy. Using this when you meditate can really help our life. Whatever color of the stone that you choose can help you in your life and your business and wherever you are to keep your area safe and secure.

Where is Calcite from?

This stone is found on the planet and can be found in almost all of the continents of the earth. This can be found with other minerals and inclusions and there are large deposits of the Calcite in Mexico, and they are in bright colors.

There is a type of Calcite called the Himalayan Calcite and it is found at high altitudes in the Himalayan and there are also some found in the United States of America.

This stone is also found in Slovakia, Iceland, Belgium, Britain, and the Czech Republic. This is a large rock that has sedimentary rocks and is full of calcium carbonate. This forms in water and includes limestone and marble in its makeup.

This is a common crystal and is very shiny and has bands of mixed color in it. This is unusual when you feel it and it feels waxy or soapy and is different than other crystals. This stone has enhanced colors so it can even be more slippery than normal.

Calcite Crystal Meanings

This stone comes from the German word meaning Calcite and it came in the nineteenth century and was related to the Latin word “chalix,” which means “lime.” This stone is the structure of a well-known shape of the rhombohedron and has a six-sided prism that is like a parallelogram.

If you would happen to drop this stone, it would shatter, and it is very easy to break. This can come in massive forms and as stalactites and twelve sided faces known as scalenodhedrons.

The Elestial formation is found in Steller Beam or Dog Tooth configurations, and they occur naturally and have high vibrations, especially in their points. This stone has specialized actions and powers that can be very beneficial to the body.

Who Should Use This Stone?

This stone can help to get rid of blockages in your life and can help you to get rid of sluggish energies. This stone can help to improve your memories and can help you to let go of your past and work towards your future.

If you need emotional healing, you should use this stone and you can use it as a heart stone, and it can help your mental body and help you to think positively and to learn new things in life. Calcite can help you to adjust your thinking so that you can make better decisions and you can learn new concepts that will help your future.

These can also help to stimulate your energies and work with the cells to get rid of blockages to your creative being. This stone helps you not to be lazy and allows you to be energized and full of life.

Why Use This Crystal?

This stone is a very familiar stone and has great attributes. This can sit in your house and is a large stone that can clear any negative energies that are close to the stone. This stone can help to remove negativity from your aura and can help you to have a better life.

If there are problems in your physical or emotional that need to be removed because of built up negativity, this stone can help to do that. It can also remove negative attachments and allow you to get rid of karmic ties or cords and help your aura fight future problems.

You can get rid of negative attachments, and you can fix your aura and make it strong. Negative attachments can mess with your karmic ties and connect you with people that you have been with or people in your life. You can use this stone to get rid of those connections.

If you want to break attachments, you can do this while you are meditating with this rock, and you will see that you are getting healed. If you want to speak to your angel guides and ask them to help you cut the ties, this stone will help you to have better communication. This can be done with a sweeping motions and ties can be removed.

These stones are great if you need to scry or gaze and if you want to start with deep meditation. You can start with this crystal and put it off to the side and it can help you to gain information about things in the future. This stone can keep you aware and let you know what desires you have in the spiritual realm.

When you look at this crystal from the corner of your eye, you can look past it and you will lose the awareness of your surroundings and it can make you conscious of the spiritual realm and let you have images and let the spirits flow through you.

You can find out if you are traveling pasts white light and it is calming and relaxing and you can use the stone in way that your intuition tells you to use it. Using crystals can help you to find happiness and you can experience deep feelings and move past the actions in your life.

You might need to contact your spiritual guides so you can have guidance and so you can make the most out of your situation. You can have psychic visions with this crystal, and you can increase your psychic abilities.

If you have been having psychic visions or if you are clairvoyant, then this crystal can increase those giftings and can stimulate your gifts and help you to have more communication with the spirit world. If you have telepathic abilities, you can use the crystals to help you make a connection.

You can use this stone to access Akashic records and to work past things out of your past life. Other great things about this stone is that it can help you have messages in your divine mind, and you can go on your spiritual journey. Keep a journal so that you can know your progress.

Healing Properties

You can use this stone each day when you are meditating so that it can help you in your everyday life. Wear these stones as jewelry so that you can keep the healing properties close to your being.

Depending on the variety of Calcite, you can find that this stone makes beautiful jewelry, and it can also be made from the Pink Cobaltine Calcite, and this is a very pretty stone as well and a high healing of the chakra stones.

You can use these crystals by putting them on the body and they can give you healing energies and increase your energy field. This stone is a great stone for your body and can remove energy blockages and can get rid of negativity in your auric field. Depending on the color will depend on the healing properties that the stone has.

How to Use

This stone can be confusing because it has different colors and forms and depending on the minerals can change the attributes and the healing qualities that it has.

This stone comes in many colors and each one works with a different chakra. The stones and colors will work with more than one chakra but might resonate with only one.