Using Crystals: A Guide


There are different tools around you that can help to calm stress and some of the therapies that are used use crystals. Crystals are known to be a therapeutic healing and they have become super popular.

Over the past few years, social media has shown people that they can have confidence in different things, and this can help them to be able to make a connection of the soul, mind, and heart. The more you look deeper inside of yourself, the more you will see that you need to increase your vibrations.

Crystals can help you to change your energies and can help you to connect with things in a way that can increase the energy around you. Here are some things that you need to know about crystals.

Understanding Crystal Healing

Crystals have different minerals, and they can be used to balance things in your life and to purify your energies. Crystals have a way of using the energy without changing it and connecting you with an energy field. They help to bring harmony and peace to the body.

Crystals can heal you and can bring balance to your life and your mind.

Why Use Crystals?

There are different benefits that crystals have and so when you use them, you will see that they can bring overall goodness to your life. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Positivity.
  • Focus.
  • Better immune system.
  • Pain relief.
  • Increased peace.
  • Mental wellbeing.
  • Alignment in life.

Crystal Excitement

People have fallen in love with crystals and even those that are famous seem to have crystals of their own. This has brought a popularity to having crystals and stones and using them for self-care. Different stars like Adele have been open to crystal healing and have believed that crystals calm their nerves and give them energies. Here are some other stars that love owning crystals:

  • Naomi Campbell: Uses rose quartz and black tourmaline to keep her protected and to help her have love.
  • Miranda Kerr: Keeps crystals close to her heart by wearing them in her bra or keeping them in her purse.

Popular Crystals

One of the most popular crystals is Jade. Jade is known to keep the body healthy and to heal. It is used to purify the body and can be used when you meditate to get rid of toxins.

  • Citrine

This stone is great for those that own their own business, and it can help to motivate, bring self-esteem, and boost creativity.

  • Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz can bring unconditional love into your life. It is good for getting rid of negativity and bringing trust and forgiveness to yourself and others. It can even boost fertility.

  • Turquoise

This stone is good if you need to boost your immune system, or you need to be protected against things in the environment such as pollutants. It can help to detoxify the body and is a natural anti-inflammatory. It works to boost your mood and will keep the chakras balanced and can help to get rid of fear and tiredness.

  • Clear Quartz

The clear quartz is a great stone if you need to be balanced. It can help to bring the unconscious and conscious mind together and can get rid of negative energies and give you internal strength and healing.

  • Amethyst

The Amethyst is a stone that can heal. It can get rid of negativity and help you to not be sad. It brings support and helps you to focus, get rid of headaches and makes meditation more beneficial.

Picking Crystals

Crystals are something that everyone should own but you need to choose the crystals by listening to your intuition. The intuition inside of you will show you which stones will work best for you. As you hold or feel a stone, see which stones resonate with your energies.

Color makes a difference, and you should focus on stones that are dark if you need protection, brown if you need cleansing, green if you want calmness, white if you need purity, pink for love and yellow if you need help with your wealth.

You can find crystals of different shapes and if they are round, they can equal out the energies around you while those with a point can get rid of negative energy out of your body and bring inner peace.

Using Crystals

There are different ways that you can use crystals. Some people will put crystals along their chakra system so that they can balance their internal energies. The chakra are energy wheels and if they get blocked then it can cause problems in the mind, body, and soul. Using crystals can help to keep these chakras open.

Laying a crystal in the middle of the forehead, for example, can help to open up your third eye chakra and help you to get rid of negativity and to have better intuition. You can do this even as a beginner. Find the crystals that you want to use and set an intention. If you want to open up the chakras, set that as your intention.

There are other things that you might want to do with crystals such as get rid of self-doubt or to help you find your soul purpose. You can use the crystals any way that you want and there is no wrong way to use them. Some people will keep them on them by wearing them as jewelry, keeping them in their pocket or will put them under their pillow while they sleep.

It is important to explore the crystals and what they do for you so that you can use the crystals as a way of helping yourself and not just having them around. Crystals are a great manifestation tool, and you can use this when you meditate and when you talk to the universe so that you can get the energy to come in the right direction.

Crystals can give you a clear connection with the universe and help the energy flow right when you are manifesting things. You can work with crystals to get a direct flow of energy throughout your body. It can take any energy that is blocked or untrusting and it can turn it around to be something positive.

Keeping Your Crystals Strong

Store your crystals in any way that you feel is right. Make sure that you know that you can wear crystals to keep them close to your body or you can use them in your beauty routine. Some people will get a face roller made of a stone such as jade or amethyst. Other people will find stones that they can meditate with. Some will use crystal salt while they bathe or crystal essential oils to breathe.

It is important to cleanse and charge your crystals here and there so that they can be strong. This also helps to get rid of any negative energy that might be connected with the stone. You can put them in the light of the sun or moon, smudge them, put them in water or even put them in salt or sand. Doing this will help to keep the energy moving correctly.