The Crocoite is a strong vibration stone that works well to enhance your whole system. It allows you to feel passionate and can help you to keep your attention and stimulates passionate lovemaking. This stone is a great grounding stone and can work with your base chakra and give you zest in life.

This stone will help you create a strong spiritual vibration and can be held in your hand. This can stimulate your loving life and you can use it when you are doing spiritual work. This stone works with the higher heart and thymus chakra and works to help you communicate with your spiritual guides.

Why Would You Use It?

This stone is great if you need to keep your attention or to sleep better then you can keep this in your bedroom, and it can help you with this and with passionate love.

This can give you a strong vibrational life and can help to ground you and can help you not to be spaced out.

Happy Life

This stone works to connect and ground your life and can activate your base chakra and connect you with Mother Gaia. This stone can be a tonic and can help to give you energy back in your life and works to bring you love and compassion.

This works with your entire chakra system. This can give you energy that is for grounding and can help to illuminate your inner being and allows you to shine and be bright.

Who Should Use It?

This stone allows you to be open to vibrations and can open up a variety of ideas. The colors range from yellow to red and it comes from the meaning saffron. This works with the highest chakras and works with your spirituality.

If you want to have Kundalini awakening, you can use this stone to help to enlighten you and help you to have higher spiritual teachings. You can use this stone because of the high vibrations, and it can activate your chakras and help you reach Kundalini.

The energies will move from your root chakra and all the way to your crown chakra and will awaken the kundalini. You need a friend to help you and they can help you by putting the pieces of the stones on your spine and helping to awakening the serpent.

The best place to begin is at the feet because there is a lot of wasted energy there. Hold the crystals around a foot above the body and slowly move it up the body and see if you feel an energy surge.

You can experience different energies as you do this and do not let it distract you. This is a good time to have help and to be meditating while someone help you. Let them go until they reach about a foot above your head and let the body absorb the energies.

If you wonder what will happen and how it will affect you, the Kundalini experience is different for everyone, and it can be quite lovely and can help you connect with your higher self.

When the energy moves up the chakras, you might feel a pulsing sensation and you might have different images and you will know you are connected.

Most people will have joy and will maybe even have their breath taken way. The energy pattern will be different for everyone, but it will help to ground you and reach Mother Gaia.

This stone activates your root chakra and can lead to sexual energies.

Where Do They Come From?

This stone comes from Australia, the Ural Mountains in Russia, and California in the USA. This stone is a prismatic crystal and can be found in clusters and is made out of lead chromium.

How Can it Help You?

This stone can help you if you keep it in your bedroom and will stimulate your euphoric vibrations. It can help you in love making and increase your sexual energies.

This can heal the glandular system and work with reproductive issues. This can enhance your creativity and helps you be aware of your potential in life.

How to Use It

This stone can be used when you want to meditate, and you can keep it close to you while you do your daily meditation. This stone can help to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings and anxiety. With the strong vibrations and daily meditation, this is a powerful stone and can help you and protect your body.

This stone can work on the adrenal gland and get rid of exhaustion and relieve stress out of your body. When you meditate, you ground yourself and you can keep these in the bedroom you sleep in and close to your body so that you sleep well and feel energized.

This stone is part of the Aries birthstone, and the clusters are lead based and can help your body. You should not wear this stone around your body because it can be toxic, but you can keep it in an area close to you and the vibrations and energy will work just as well. This stone can be kept in a container in your bedroom to really help you.

Using with Other Stones

This stone is a great stone that can be combined with other stones. It can help to give you a loving vibration, especially if you combine it with these stones:

  • Pink Calcite
  • Pink Kunzite
  • Pink Tourmaline
  • Pink Danburite
  • Vivianite
  • Dioptase
  • Hiddenite
  • Variscite

When you need help with your sexual relationships, use this stone with these to help boost it:

  • Tiffany Stone
  • Orange Calcite
  • Hureaulite
  • Orange Carnelian
  • Orange Zincite
  • Pyrite
  • Bustamite
  • Melanite Garnet
  • Black Andradite Garnet

When you want to increase your creativity and if you do things such as sing, art, painting, music, dance, or other creative gifts, you can increase them with this stone. You can also find your creative side when you combine this stone with these other stones:

  • Orange Carnelian
  • Orange Creedite
  • Golden Yellow Labradorite
  • Libyan Desert Glass
  • Libyan Gold Tektite
  • Brazilianite
  • Yellow Apatite
  • Heliodor
  • Amber
  • Orange Carnelian
  • Orange Creedite

When you want to increase and develop your psychic giftings, use this stone in combination with these to see it increase:

  • Scolecite
  • Moldavite
  • Celestite
  • Brookite
  • Tanzanite
  • Datolite
  • Satyoloka

Communicating with your angels is important to give you peace, love and understanding. When you want to increase your gifts and find out what your psychic gifts are, you can communicate with your angels to find out.

You can also talk to your angels, and they can help you to solve problems and to be able to do things that you were unsure of, and they can give you mental clarity to make decisions. Combine this stone with these other stones to increase your angelic communication:

  • Aragonite Star Clusters
  • Pink Petalite
  • Blue Celestite
  • Lemurian Seed Crystals
  • Ajoite in Quartz
  • Selenite
  • Angelite
  • Green Prehnite Crystals
  • Aragonite Star Clusters

You can also use the Nuummite to combine with this if you need to have emotional healing. This is a heart-based stone and works well with the Pink Petalite and the Pink Tugtupite.