Using Crystals to Empower Your Work

Black Tourmaline

Many people have jobs where they work from home, but other people go to an actual workplace. In this kind of workplace most people don’t have a lot of control of the decorations or sometimes even who works beside of you. How can you make the workplace a place that helps you to have better health and better clear thinking?

One thing people believe in is minimalism and Zen. These two things can help you to get rid of distractions in your life and help you to be stronger and more productive.

Minimalism is when you get rid of clutter and things in your workplace that stop you from having the flow that you need. These things could be as small as a file or even a notebook. You might even have things around your office that people have given you that you don’t want to get rid of because you don’t want to upset the person that gave them to you.

The idea behind minimalism is that you can get rid of things when you are decluttering your area and you can do this without having any guilt or attachment to those items.

Minimalist Myths

People that have the minimalism view do not lack things they just have what they need and not too much. They aren’t people that sit around with empty areas and white walls. They use their places to store their stuff and they use things like Feng Shui to bring balance to their spaces.

Using Crystals for Empowering

One of the best things that you can do to get your area in order is to have crystals. There are so many crystals in the world and each of them have their own vibrations. This means that they are full of energy. It can be hard to know which ones to use to bring peace and energy to your workplace.

You have seven chakras in your body, and these are energy points that are located at the base of the spine to the top of the head. Energy is part of your chakras, and they work to make your organs and other parts of your body work right. They also can help to keep your emotions in check. The stones that you use work with different parts of your mind, body and soul and they each have different vibrations. You can use these crystals when you meditate by imagining what you need and focusing on the energies around you.

Crystals and Balanced Chakras

Here are some of the best crystals to balance your chakras:

Black Tourmaline

This is a black stone that can help to get rid of electromagnetic waves. It can keep you safe from these around your environment or even from your phone or computer. This can give you a clear mind.

The root chakra will be activated which is located at the bottom of the spine. This stone can ground you and will balance your energies.


Citrine is a success stone and can help you if you are lacking a purpose in your life. This works with the sacral chakra and will help you to be more creative and to make your dreams come true. This stone can help you to have happiness and success.

Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s Eye will help you to get rid of your brain fog. It will make you confident and help you to make better decisions. This works with the solar plexus to build self-esteem and to help you to be more confident.

This stone can help you to get prizes and can bring you more profits if you open a business.

Green Aventurine

This stone works with the heart chakra in order to bring luck and prosperity in your life. This can help there to be no stress and can keep you calm and help you to be more successful.


This stone is the color blue green and can help to get rid of electromagnetic waves in your life. It can help to bring positivity to your life. This works with the throat chakra and helps you to be able to communicate better with people in your work.

When you need to balance your male and female energies you can use this stone. It can help you to be more opinionated if you need to be.


The amethyst is part of the third eye chakra, and it allows people to be more subjective without getting their emotions involved. It works to help you communicate and to work better in teams. You can use this on your table when you are having a conference so that you can give good ideas.


This is a stone that works to guide you and to get rid of negative energies. It can help you to have less stress at your job and to listen better to your intuition. If you work at a high stress job, then you will not get as negative as you normally would.

Look at All of the Crystals

There are many different crystals such as Moss Agate, Garnet and Ruby. These stones can help you to have a clear mind. You can use these stones to have strong chakras and to bring balance to your workplace. The stones can influence more than your chakras so use them to keep your energies strong.


  1. This article highlights some unconventional methods for improving workplace efficiency and mental clarity. Minimalism is a well-supported strategy, while the use of crystals, though less scientifically proven, could provide psychological benefits through the placebo effect or personal belief systems.

  2. The discussion about minimalism and its benefits in a workplace setting is very relevant. Decluttering can indeed foster a more productive environment. The idea of using crystals is less conventional, but it could be a personal preference for some, especially those who believe in energy and chakra balancing.

  3. The concept of using minimalism and crystals to enhance workplace productivity is intriguing. Minimalism, in particular, seems like a practical approach to reducing distractions. While the benefits of crystals are more subjective, the idea of balancing chakras aligns well with holistic health practices.

  4. The article provides a thoughtful exploration of minimalism and the use of crystals in achieving a balanced work environment. Incorporating Zen principles and energy stones could indeed contribute to a more focused and harmonious workspace. However, it would be beneficial to see some empirical evidence supporting these practices for skeptical readers.

  5. The integration of Feng Shui and energy crystals into the workplace is an interesting proposition. While minimalism is a well-recognized method for decluttering and increasing productivity, the use of crystals adds a more esoteric element that might appeal to those interested in alternative wellness techniques.


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