Looking for Love? Use Crystals!


You should learn to love not only others but yourself. Loving yourself and being divine are almost the same thing. If you have a life and you have no love, it can make you have no feelings or feeling just pain and anger. You cannot always wait for someone else to love you, but you can always love yourself.

When you don’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you? How can you take things from others, especially love if you don’t even love who you are? You have to learn to fill yourself before you can get filled in by other people.

Loving Yourself is Good

Even though you are often told that loving yourself is selfish, but this isn’t true. Some people feel that this is selfish, but the truth is that you have to love yourself and you have to love others. There is enough love that you can love other people but still love yourself. Loving yourself means that you take care of yourself and that you focus on yourself and what you need.

The world around you would be a better place if you learned to love yourself more. The love that you would give to yourself would rush off to others and they would feel the real love. It would be passed down from you to others and then to others into the universe.

Loving Yourself with Crystals

There are ways that you can learn to love yourself more and this comes with practice. You can start your day by meditating or reading something inspirational. You can do something that you enjoy each week such as going out in nature or hanging out with family or friends.

When you get done working, find something to do that you enjoy and learn to love yourself and live your best life.

Crystals are one way that you can learn to love yourself and focus more on what you need. These crystals have special energies that will help you when you meditate or when you are trying to boost your own personality and feelings.

  • Keep a journal of all the things you are thankful for. Keep the crystals close while you write in it.
  • Put the crystals around your home, under your pillow or at your work to give you more energy and power.
  • Wear the crystals in some form of jewelry so that they can stay with you all day.
  • Keep your crystal in your lap while you are meditating so that your energy can flow through the stone and through you.

Crystals and Self-Love Routines

Crystals can come in different sizes and shapes. You can choose these kinds of crystals:

  • Polished.
  • Raw.
  • Small.
  • Large.
  • Heart shaped.
  • Slabs of crystal.
  • Monoliths (very big crystals).

Here are some of the best crystals that you can use for self-love:

Rose Quart

This is a stone that helps you to have more love. It is one that can help you to love yourself and to love others. If you want to have unconditional love, this is the stone for you. It also can open up your heart chakra if it is blocked. This stone can help you if you don’t feel worthy of being loved.

Clear Quartz

When you need healing, this is a great stone. It is white and it works well with the crown chakra. It can help you to love yourself more and to have more loving energies. It is there to give you positive thoughts and to get rid of negativity out of your thoughts and life. It can also help you communicate with your spirit guides.


This purple stone is great when you want to open up the third eye and the crown chakra. It is a spiritual stone, and it can give your emotions strength. It can balance you when you meditate and help you to reach your gifts.


This is a light green or blue stone, and it works with the heart and throat chakra. It can help you to have more hope and to be brave. If you need to have boundaries, use this stone to help set them. You can get rid of stress and keep your emotions in check.


This is a stone that works to give you more compassion. It helps you to not be hard on yourself and to be kind to yourself and others. It can give you empathy and make you have joy.


The self-love stone can help you with your root and heart chakra. It can help you to trust yourself more and to balance your emotions.

Dragon Stone

This stone is a stone that can inspire you and can connect with the root chakra and the solar plexus chakra. It helps you to have more confidence and insight. It comes in gray, brown and yellow.


This stone is one that is great to help you to have more peace and joy. It gives you power and can help you to have light in your heart. It works with the sacral and the solar plexus chakra.

Rainbow Moonstone

This stone is great to balance the crown chakra and it brings you love and hope. It helps to show you what you are worth and helps you when you have to start new.


This is a stone that can keep your heart form breaking and it can help you to heal. It can help you to understand your emotions and your worth and give you power.


This stone is purple, and it works with the crown and the third eye chakra. It can help you to get rid of pain and to have peace. It heals your mind and your emotions and gives you inner peace.

Red Jasper

This stone is red and connects with the sacral chakra. It works with your emotions, grounds you and brings you calm. If you need more self-esteem, this is the perfect stone, and it can give you a confidence boost.


  1. The emphasis on self-love in this article is commendable, as it underscores a critical aspect of mental and emotional health. The detailed descriptions of various crystals and their purported benefits are informative, though it’s important to approach such claims with an open yet sceptical mind.

  2. The concept of self-love as an essential component of overall well-being is well-articulated in this article. The suggested uses of crystals for meditation and energy alignment are worth exploring, though a critical perspective on their efficacy is necessary.

  3. This article offers a comprehensive guide on how to cultivate self-love using various crystals. While the metaphysical properties attributed to these stones are interesting, it would be valuable to see more scientific evidence supporting these claims.

  4. The discussion on the importance of self-love is quite enlightening. It suggests that the energy we emit through self-love can indeed influence others positively. The mention of crystals as tools for enhancing self-love is intriguing, though further empirical research on their effectiveness would be beneficial.

  5. I appreciate the practical tips provided for integrating self-love routines into daily life. The idea that loving oneself is a precursor to receiving love from others is a fundamental psychological tenet. The role of crystals in this process, while not universally accepted, adds an intriguing dimension to the discussion.


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