Crystals to Connect with the Universe

Crystals to Connect with the Universe

Crystals are able to help you connect with the universe. Since the universe was made billions of years ago, it has a vibration of its own. Everything else in the world has its own vibration and the crystals are able to raise that vibration. You can wear crystals, put them in your home, hold them, carry them in your purse and put them under your pillow to increase your energies in your mind, body, and soul.

People have loved crystals for years and years. Even people in charge would use them to protect themselves and for healing and other things. Science even uses them in microchips and for other things.

Being drawn to a crystal is normal and you can find that crystals have energy that can bring harmony. They can make your life better and they can help you to find things that you might not have been able to find before.

Healing Crystals

There are crystals such as the Kyanite that have healing powers. These can guide you and they can help to build your intuition. You can create energy that can heal your emotions and your thoughts if you need this kind of healing. Crystals can help you if you are on the path of destruction if you are negative or if you need emotional healing.

Kyanite can help you to have better discernment and works to open up the throat and the mind. This is a good crystal when you need to be a leader or when you want to be a singer.

Using Kyanite

In order to use Kyanite for healing, you need to put it under your pillow for dreaming, wear it when you have to speak in a public place, meditate with it for balance and if you need to get rid of negative energy, put it in your collection.

Bad Habit Crystals

Amethyst is a great crystal if you need to get rid of bad habits such as addiction. It can help you to have more self-control and help you to get rid of bad habits. It works by finding out what leads to the sickness and the addiction and being able to let these things go.

When you use Amethyst, you will see that you can have energy that flows through you and from the universe. Amethyst is one that will protect you and encourage you to find out who you are. It can help you if you are fearful or if you need to be wiser. It can help you to grow, better your immune system and balance your nervous system.

Using Amethyst

You can use this to help fight against addictive behavior by wearing it, put it in your home if you need to be stable, meditate with it to control behaviors and put it under your pillow if you have trouble sleeping.

Balancing Crystals

Clear Quartz is a great stone if you need to balance your energy. When you need to have a clear mind, this crystal is a simplifier crystal, and this means that it can take any energy and connect you with it. This stone is great when you use it with other tools, and it can help your nervous system and stimulate growth in your fingernails. It is a healing crystal and can heal sicknesses and can help you feel better if you have headaches, injuries or burns.

Using Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz can be put in your office on your desk if you need to focus better. It can purify your energy and it can be put into an area that needs to have balance. When you meditate with this crystal, you can reach a higher spiritual place and it will help you to find guidance and get rid of negative energy.

Staying Attuned

Blue Lace Agate is a communicating crystal, and it can help you to communicate with the spiritual world. It can help you to have spiritual understanding and growth. It balances the energy, and it can calm your mind. You can use this for children that have trouble telling the truth or if they have a hard time sleeping.

This stone has a slow vibration, but it is very powerful, and it can increase your energy and bring peace to your mind. If you have a parent that is busy, this stone can bring harmony. You can use this stone to help heal the body, the throat and to fix speech problems.

Using Blue Lace Agate

This is a crystal that has a slow vibration, and you can put it in places in the home that need to have calmness. Use this under your pillow when you sleep so that you can rest your mind. You can meditate with this stone so that you can grow and express yourself and you can use it close to the throat when you have throat problems.

Vitality Crystal

Carnelian is a stone that is a passionate stone. It can increase vitality and bring healing. It can bring sexual energy to your life, and it can get your mind and your energy moving. You can use this to heal yourself and to reach your goals.

This stone is great if you need to increase the metabolism, absorb vitamins, have thyroid issues or if you need to detox from drugs or alcohol use.

This stone has energy that can make your life stronger and can help you to have love. It can make passion and romance come alive. Use this with the fire energy to increase your pleasure and your sexual energy, to help you to not be lazy, to fight depression and bring pleasure and courage to your life.

Using Carnelian

This is a stone that was used during Ancient Greek times. It was worn to protect people from sins. Put it near the door if you want to have abundance and keep it close to you if you feel sick. If you need to have more passion in the bed, keep it near the bed when you are having sex but remove it before you go to sleep because it is so powerful that it can make it hard for you to sleep. You can meditate with this stone to stop limiting your thought patterns.

Inner Awakening

Shiva Lingam is one that can open up your inner being and can bring about Kundalini awakenings. It is one that can increase your mentality and your sexuality. It is an ancient stone that can increase your consciousness and is often used in rituals that are used as worship.

This stone has bene used as a worship tool and a fertility aid, to help against menopause, sexual imbalances and impotence and is a sacred stone to those that are Hindu.

Using Shiva Lingam

You can use this stone by your bed at night when you are meditating, and you need to increase your meditation.


  1. The therapeutic use of crystals like Amethyst and Kyanite is intriguing, particularly in the context of emotional and mental well-being. Nonetheless, integrating these practices with conventional medical advice is crucial for a holistic approach to health.

  2. Crystals certainly have historical significance and are used in various technological applications today. While the metaphysical benefits are still debated, the therapeutic and psychological effects of using them cannot be entirely dismissed.

  3. The article provides an interesting perspective on the metaphysical properties attributed to various crystals. However, it would be beneficial to include more scientific studies or evidence supporting these claims, as the current content seems largely anecdotal.

  4. It’s fascinating how different cultures and spiritual practices have incorporated crystals into their healing regimens. The use of specific crystals for specific purposes adds a layer of personalization that might appeal to many individuals seeking alternative wellness strategies.

  5. While the traditional and spiritual uses of crystals are well-documented, it would be helpful to include more on how modern science views these practices. Are there parallels between ancient beliefs and current scientific understandings of energy and vibrations?


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