The Charoite is a strong stone that is amazing for healers and for those that want to spiritual work for others and to help others. The energy that it has can bring you gifts to the world so that everyone that comes in contact with you can benefit from it.

This stone has high vibrations and can protect you from psychic attacks.

Meaning of the Charoite

The Charoite is a stone that was found in Russia near the Chara River. This is a stone that can come in many colors but is mostly purple with black and brown throughout it. This has swirls of colors through it and inclusions of other minerals such as Calcite.

This will be different depending on the stone. It is a very pretty stone and great to use.

Why Use It?

If you need to have high frequency energies and get information from the divine source, then you should use this stone. It will help to adjust the frequencies in your body and will be great for psychic employment.

This is a very trustworthy crystal and can help you if you are service to others. This is a powerful stone and has the power of the purple ray that can bring transformation. This stone helps with the heart chakra and the crown chakra to bring unconditional love.

You can have synchronicities more frequently if you use this stone because it has a lot of integration energy. The energy will move from the transpersonal chakras and give a soul connection and take you on a spiritual journey in life.

Why Use This Stone?

Many lightworkers will use this stone because of the strong energies that it has and how well it can connect you to the divine source. This source can be the gods or the goddesses or whatever power you trust in.

This supreme being rock will allow you to walk through your journey with strength and energy and will help you to get energies to your chakras even up to the twelfth chakra. When you work with your chakras you will see that you have giftings that you didn’t know you had.

This stone is a protective stone and has good vibrations and vibrations of being in service of others. This stone can assist you and give you power in your etheric chakras and let you be a strong being.

This stone will give you divine light and will reach your soul star chakra. It has natural powers for the pineal gland and can help with the third eye chakra.

Being a Healer

This stone is full of energy, and you can learn service with this stone. It will help you to be a better healer and you will be happy for this.

This stone has high energy vibrations and can be hard to use and can bring some discomfort, but it will help you to reach a higher frequency and will calm you and get rid of excess energy that is bring you down. This is a great stone to have around, and it can help to get rid of any stress and restlessness.

Who Should Use the Charoite?

This stone should be used if you want to increase your energies to your heart chakra. It will help you to ground with Mother Gaia and is valuable to healers.

This stone will give you energy to your earth star chakra and all the way down to the base chakra. You can buy this piece tumbled or in jewelry stores and you can wear it or keep it in your pocket to help you.

You can do whatever your body needs with the vibrations and if you keep it close to you it will benefit your aura and your body and can help to heal things such as liver damage from alcohol use and help with obsessive behaviors.

This stone can help you to stop having obsessive behaviors because it is pyranic energy and flows to the heart. This is a stone for the lower and higher chakras and can help with the pancreas, spleen, digestive tract, and kidneys.

Wearing the Stone

This stone can be made from jewelry and is a pretty stone to wear and very effective to keep your auric field strong. This stone can be made into beads or a pendant and is part of the Sagittarius and Scorpio birthstone.

Adding this as a pendant can help to keep your energies and can have positive flow of energy to your body. This can bring about synchronicities and coincidences if you wear it and you keep it part of your jewelry. You can find this in crystal shops or jewelry stores.

How to Use It

This is a great stone for your higher chakras and can lead you on a spiritual path. The world is always changing and so is your spirit world and so this can help heal you and help you to forgive others. If you have pain from the past, it can take that away and relieve you from stress and worry.

This stone is good if you are a psychic worker and if you want to develop your intuition. If you need to clear a negative past or negative DNA, you can use this stone and work with your spirit guides.

This stone is for other planets as well and it can influence your life and be effective in meditating to give you strength.

Combining with Other Stones

This stone is great and helps the chakras and can help with all of your energies. It works well with different crystals such as:

  • Blue Apatite
  • Pink Kunzite
  • Tinaksite
  • Aqua Aura Quartz
  • Seraphinite

This is a high energy stone and can be combined with the following for stronger effects:

  • Kyanite
  • Blue Kyanite
  • Moldavite
  • Phenacite
  • Beryllonite
  • Stellar Beam Calcite
  • Star Hollandite

If you are a healer and you need to use this for service, you can use it with these stones:

  • Que Sera
  • Ocean Jasper

If you are sick in your physical body, your emotions or in your mind, you want to use crystals that have strong healing powers. Use this stone with these other stones to increase the healing powers that the stones have.

  • Blue Cavansite
  • Shungite
  • Ruby in Green Zoisite
  • Tanzanite
  • Purpurite

This stone is a very protective stone and is good to boost the energies of others stones to help you be more creative and have more energies such as:

  • Violet flame crystals
  • Tourmilated Quartz
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Zircon
  • Cookeite
  • Purple Amethyst
  • Sugalite
  • Charoite
  • Purpurite


  1. The Charoite seems fascinating, especially its potential to connect with the divine source and aid in spiritual journeys. I appreciate the detailed explanation of its various uses and benefits.

  2. The multifaceted applications of Charoite, from aiding in spiritual work to supporting physical healing, make it a versatile stone. The idea of using it for clearing negative past experiences is particularly compelling.

  3. The historical and geographical context provided about Charoite’s origin in Russia adds depth to understanding its significance. The potential health benefits, particularly for liver damage and obsessive behaviors, are noteworthy.

  4. The combination of Charoite with other stones like Blue Apatite and Moldavite for enhanced effects is quite intriguing. It’s useful to know how different stones can complement each other.

  5. It’s impressive how this stone interacts with different chakras and its reported ability to aid healers. I’d be interested in trying it out to see if it helps with stress and restlessness as mentioned.

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