Black Diopside

Black Diopside

The Black Diopside is a good grounding stone and has strong vibrations that work for the base and earth chakra. This stone can balance your auric field land allow you to have more light in your etheric body.

This stone is good if you know someone that does dowsing, and it makes a good attachment to the earth. This stone can work with the Mother Gaia and the elements of the earth. This stone can help you feel how sacred the earth is and to love the earth even more.

Meaning of the Black Diopside

This stone is found in places such as Russia, China, Sweden, Germany, India, Canada, and the United States of America. This is from a Greek word meaning double and is showing how there are prisms of the stone and how it is formed. Many people see this as green, and it has good healing attributes as well.

The black Diopside is powerful and can be dark brown, grey, or greenish black but is still called Black Diopside. This is a common stone and can be found even as clear and that is known as the Black Star Diopside.

Why Use Black Diopside

The Black Diopside is a strong stone that has to do with the earth star chakra. This stone helps with the base and earth chakra and has strong grounding attributes that can help you connect with the earth and your body.

This is a grounding crystal and can help you connect with Mother Gaia. This stone has high vibrations but can help ground you if you feel that you are worn out from using stones for certain things. The vibrations of this stone come from the sacral chakra.

The energies of this stone will help you to manifest your dreams into reality. They are very strong and can help you to let go of fear and help you to make changes, even major ones in your life.

These stones can make changes come that you have been waiting and they can help you take the next step. These stones help you make good plans that make sense, and they allow your imagination to work well.

You can connect with people and animals and plants with this stone and as the earth changes, you will see the connection and make changes as well. This can balance your auric field to let you be more open to change.

Black Star Diopside

The Black Star Diopside is a stone that has little stars in it because when it was forming there were tiny spots of magnetite that were in the molten stone. These slivers will look like stars known as asterism and they are four rays instead of six rays that are found in the star sapphire.

This has strong grounding and helps to heal and works with earth healing. This stone is good if you have spine problems and can help you if you are disconnected and need something different in life. This stone is great to boost your creative juices and get rid of issues from childhood.

Using with Other Stones

The black crystal of Black Jade can be combined with other stones such as the Green Diopside. This can be bought in one stone or in different colored stones.

You can use the Jet pendants to make this stone into jewelry and it can help to bring an electric charge to the skin. You can combine this with other earth star chakras such as:

  • Livaite
  • Jet
  • Tibetan Tektite
  • Black Obsidian
  • Boji Stones
  • Apache Tears
  • Black Tourmaline

The color of the black stone can help you work towards having higher vibrations in your life. You want to have high energy stones so that you can have higher vibrations in your life. When you want to raise the vibrations of your energies and you want to be spiritually grounded, you can combine this stone with these other base chakra stones such as:

  • Rubies
  • Red Garnet
  • Zincite
  • Red jasper