Making Crystal Gifts

Making Crystal Gifts

Making crystals is an art and people can use flowers and plants to manifest energies. You can make your own crystals even if you don’t have these things. There are crystals that you can set intentions to before they are completely formed. You can even add to your collection.

Getting Started

Here is how you can get started making your own crystal gifts:

  • Using molds for crystals.
  • Getting resin.
  • Using hardener.
  • Gloves.
  • Droppers.
  • Chains for jewelry.
  • Flowers.
  • Plants.

Once you get the ingredients that you need, there are things that you can make. You can make these things for yourself or you can make them for other people.

Some people will make jewelry while others will decide to make flower holders or other creations. Most of the time when people make jewelry, they can use this jewelry for things such as:

  • Healing.
  • Clearing negative energy.
  • Bringing peace to your area.
  • Getting rid of blockages.
  • Developing your spiritual gifts.
  • Spiritual healing.
  • To help you sleep better.
  • To open up vivid dreaming.
  • Decrease fear and negativity.
  • Increase positivity and peace.

Final Thoughts

Making your own crystals is fun and it can also be challenging. Anytime that you do some kind of art, you are being creative and you are opening yourself up to new and exciting things. Don’t let your thoughts or your intentions be negative but always make sure that you start out with positive intentions so that your crystal gifts can turn out great.


  1. This article provides a clear and concise guide on how to get started with making your own crystal creations. The emphasis on positive intentions is a valuable reminder for any spiritual practice.

  2. The concept of creating your own crystals and infusing them with specific energies is quite intriguing. It seems like a practical way to personalize one’s spiritual tools.

  3. The list of benefits associated with handmade crystal jewelry is quite extensive. I am particularly interested in the idea of using them to open up vivid dreaming and decrease fear.

  4. Making crystals using resin and other materials sounds like an interesting hobby. I wonder how the quality and energy of these DIY crystals compare to naturally occurring ones.

    • That’s a valid point. The energy might differ since natural crystals have been formed over millions of years. However, the intention behind the handmade crystals could add a unique touch.

    • Indeed, the personal effort and intention put into creating these crystals could potentially make them just as powerful, if not more so, for the individual creator.

  5. It’s fascinating to see how art and spirituality intersect in the process of making crystals. This could be a very fulfilling and creative outlet for many people.


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