The Kinoite works with the throat and third eye chakra and the heart chakra to bring compassion. It is a great stone to use when you meditate and can help you recall things you have forgotten.

It has great healing properties and can improve your sleep and take away stress and other health issues. This stone can improve your spiritual energy and help you to grow. It can help you to be more honest and clearer in what you are saying.

Meaning of the Kinoite

This stone is named for Eusebio Francisco Kino who was an explorer and missionary in California. This stone is easy to find and is known to be mined in Arizona in the USA.

This stone is uncommon if it has a monoclinic crystal system, and it has a light coating and is a deep blue and has cracks. This is a copper silicate mineral and can be found in Bornite, Peacock Ore, Calcite and Dioptase.

Why Use It?

There are many reasons to use this stone such as:

  • Helps you be compassionate.
  • Works with the higher chakras.
  • Works to give love and compassion to the higher heart.
  • Brings truth.
  • Helps with forgiveness.
  • Helps you relate to the spirit world.
  • Gives you peace to speak from the heart.
  • Helps you to love yourself and others.
  • Lifts up your spiritual being.
  • Allows you release shortcomings.
  • Gains awareness.
  • Helps you be practical.
  • Assists others.
  • Helps you do humanitarian projects.

How Can it Help You?

This stone can be held when you are meditating if you want to have a powerful and meaningful experience with it.

When you meditate, this stone can get rid of stress and can help you to have slower brain waves. This stone can help your brain to slow down during the day and change from beta to alpha waves.

There are two parts to the brain, and it is the Amygdala and the Anterior Cingulate Cortez, and this helps to develop your psychic abilities. When you go into a deep meditative state, you can amplify the senses of this meditation and you can bring things you desire.

You can use Isochronic tones to help you and these are rhythms that your body is using to help your brain waves to slow down. This can be used in combination with high energy stones to really help you.

Healing Properties

This stone can help you to sleep better and to remove blockages. It can heal you internally and help you see more clearly and give you better mental health.

This stone can help if you have tonsil, adenoid, larynx, or other throat issues and can heal you of sinus problems that you have.

Using with Other Stones

When you need to get rid of stress and you feel a lot of tension and anxiety, you can use this stone and combine it with other stones to help you lift your spirits such as:

  • Lepidolite
  • Aquamarine
  • Mangano Calcite
  • Polychrome Jasper
  • Lilac Lepidolite

When you have insomnia or other sleeplessness, you will have some stones that can be put under your pillow to help you sleep. This is a great stone, and you can combine it with these for more peace at night:

  • Chrysocolla
  • Howlite
  • Stillbite
  • Cookeite

If you have trouble understanding truth and knowing what it means, combine this with these stones to help you:

  • Preseli Bluestone
  • Sunstone
  • Amazonite
  • Euclase

Communicating with your angels is important to give you peace, love and understanding. When you want to increase your gifts and find out what your psychic gifts are, you can communicate with your angels to find out.

You can also talk to your angels, and they can help you to solve problems and to be able to do things that you were unsure of, and they can give you mental clarity to make decisions. Combine this stone with these other stones to increase your angelic communication:

  • Aragonite Star Clusters
  • Pink Petalite
  • Blue Celestite
  • Lemurian Seed Crystals
  • Ajoite in Quartz
  • Selenite
  • Angelite

If you need to have strength from psychic attacks, you can combine this stone with throat chakra stones in order to make sure that you have guidance and increase in your wisdom. This can be combined with these stones:

  • Cavansite
  • Chiastolite
  • Afghanite
  • Goethite
  • White Heulandite
  • Prophecy Stone
  • Shaman Stone

Copper based stones have strong vibrations and if you want to increase the vibrations of your stone even more and let it to help heal you and give you better gift developments, you can combine this stone with these other stones for good results:

  • Chrysocolla
  • Gem Silica
  • Eilate Stone
  • Brochantite
  • Turquoise Stones
  • Malachite
  • Dioptase