Larimar Stone

Larimar Stone

This stone works with the throat chakra and can help you to communicate better. It can get rid of barriers that have caused you to have emotional problems and can heal you of problems and stress.

The Larimar can help you to have open communication and can help with all of the chakras including the higher heart, crown and other chakras that give compassion and love.

If you need to get rid of negative emotions, you can use this stone to do that and it can get rid of emotions that are not benefiting you.

Where is it from?

This stone is also known as the Atlantis stone and the Stefilias stone. It is a blue stone and is found in the Dominican Republic which is in the Caribbean Sea.

This stone is located on the Island of Hispaniola and is a type of blue Pectolite. There are other varieties of this stone that have been found in different parts of the world such as the USA and Canada but the Blue Pectolite is the same as Larimar.

The stones have pretty patterns of blue, green, white and blue and other white veins through the stone. Some of them have inclusions of grey and black or red and brown Hematite in it.

The stone comes from the man named Miguel Mendez who found it in 1974 and it was named after his daughter Larissa.

He used the first three letters of her name and then the word for sea to make the name Larimar.

Healing Attributes

This stone can help to heal you and get rid of fevers, inflammation and infection. It can get rid of blockages through the chest, throat, neck and head areas and help to get rid of blood pressure problems.

The stone can help you to heal if you have sore spots and can help you to manage your anger issues and enhance your creativity.

The stone can help you to accomplish your goals and to have spiritual perception and thoughts.

How Will It Help?

This stone is easy to buy and can help you to have energy in your auric field. It can help you to get deeper meditation and can help you relax better.

The stone should be worn close to your body and works with your crown chakra and can help you be calm and get rid of stress. The stone can help you to contact angels and to be one with nature.

When you want to reach your higher good and you are in uncomfortable situations, this is a helpful stone to use and can help you communicate and hear better.

Wearing This Stone

This stone can heal with the throat chakra and it can help you to hear better. It can give you clear communication and can be worn as jewelry close to your body. It is part of the Leo birthstone, so it is easy to find and helpful.

Relive Stress

When you are stressed, this is a good stone to use. It can make you feel better and increase your Goddess and feminine power.

This works with the higher heart chakra and can get rid of barriers in your life. It can help your ego and is a beautiful blue stone that can get rid of stress.

You can understand what is going on in your life and work towards a better future with this stone and it will open up the third eye and crown chakra and help you take care of yourself.

You can let things go with this stone and understand your circumstances.

Using with Other Stones

Some stones have high vibrations and you can increase these vibrations by combining this stone with other stones. When you do this, you can raise the vibrational frequencies of these stones and you can use this to develop your giftings or for healing purposes.

  • Kyanite
  • Blue Kyanite
  • Moldavite
  • Phenacite

If you want to calm down our female emotions, you can combine this with these stones:

  • Green Diopside
  • Stellerite
  • Septaria
  • Sunstones
  • Ruby Stone
  • Lepidocrocite

Anger is a strong emotion and it can cause you to be stressed and even physically sick. If you have experienced anger and you are feeling angry and feel that you cannot make it through those emotions, you can use this stone and combine it with these in order to get rid of the anger and replace it with peace and understanding:

  • Black Jade
  • Black Obsidian
  • Aragonite Star Clusters
  • Black Spinel
  • Stellerite
  • Aquamarine
  • Plancheite
  • Ethiopian Opal
  • Hureaulite

You can also combine with other blue stones such as:

  • Blue Sodalite
  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Aragonite

This is a good stone to combine with other blue throat chakra stones such as:

  • Chrysocolla
  • Blue Turquoise
  • Aquamarine
  • Aqua Lemuria
  • Ajoite in quartz
  • Amazonite
  • Aqua Aura