Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite

The Blue Apatite is a stone that will help with clairvoyance and your psychic visions. This stone is a good stone for the throat and third eye chakra.

This stone can help you with lucid dreaming and astral projection and encourages you to do humanitarian work. This stone can help to aid in your psychic giftings and can help you accept who you are. It can give you confidence and help you have better self-esteem.

Meaning of the Blue Apatite

This stone is a great stone and comes from the Greek word “apatao,” which means “to deceive.” This was given the name because the crystals used to be confused with other crystals. This stone is found in many different locations, but it is mainly from Russia, Madagascar, India, and Brazil.

This stone has prismatic crystals and can come in a huge form. The blue color can be a clear blue or a green blue and can also even be a dark blue in color. This stone comes in a variety of colors, but the common ones are green, pink, yellow and blue and work for metaphysical purposes only.

This stone can come in colors of bright yellow, but the blue is the one that stimulates the psychic giftings.

Why Use It?

If you want to increase your psychic abilities such as your clairvoyant or clairaudient gifts, you can use this stone. When you do this though, you can get ungrounded and so you need to always make sure that you are grounded afterwards. Being ungrounded can cause you to be sick in your mind or your body.

This stone has great vibrations and can open up the throat chakra to help you be able to communicate better. This is part of the third eye chakra and crown chakra as well and can be calming and help to keep away tension and anger. This stone can help you if you are having emotional problems.

One of the best things about this stone is it can help you to find your spiritual guide and can help you to contact the angels. This stone can also help you to find out what giftings you have and can help you communicate with your angels and have other spiritual communication.

One way that you can use this stone is for channeling or mediumship and it is a good stone for the throat chakra and has intense psychic communication attributes. Doing psychic employment is important and so is using this stone so you can communicate clearly.

How Will It Help?

This stone will help if you have weight problems, and you want to lose weight. It can help to heal the glands in your body and the organs. This has good vibrations and can allow you to accept yourself and to see truth inside of you and see the real you.

If you need to get rid of any feelings of guilt, you can do that by stimulating this energy and having more confidence in yourself. This will help you to uplift your spirits and to work with your conscious mind.

The stone will help to aid in your healing if you have grief and will help cleanse the immune system and works well with the chakras.

Wearing Blue Apatite

This stone will help you and is a pretty blue stone to wear. It works best if you keep it close to your chakras and it will have good action to stimulate the third eye. Use this as a pendant or a necklace to help you.

If you can’t buy this as jewelry, buy a piece and keep it in your pocket. This can be used in a macramé crystal holder and can be worn around your neck or put in rooms that you often visit. This is a great crystal for tarot readers.

Developing Psychic Giftings

This stone is great for your telepathic giftings. This stone can help you to embrace your journey in life and help you to find the right path that you should be on. This can help you to find who you should be and reach your inner goal and be aware of things that you need to change.

These stones are very powerful, and they can also help to protect you from psychic attacks. When you need to get negativity out of your life, this stone is a perfect idea.

This stone works with the third eye and crown chakra and can help you to reach the extra-terrestrial areas with your vibrations. It also has electro-magnetic vibrations and can let energies pass through it that can energize each of your chakras and make sure that you are aligned.

The stone works with all of the different chakras in your body and even the earth star and the soul star chakras. This stone will connect and activate these chakras and align them so that energy can flow right through them. If you are telepathic and you want to increase this gifting, this is a great stone for that.

When you are able to hear into the spirit world and you want to give that gift of clairaudience a boost, you can use this stone and it can help to stimulate your gifting and help you to be able to receive spiritual messages from the spirit world. Use this stone when you meditate, and it can help to get rid of stress and enhance your life. This can help you learn to be psychic.

How to Use It

This stone can help you to heal and be more aware of your life. Apatite can help you reach your spirit guides and can help with your giftings and birthing new gifts.

When you release your karmic issues, it can help your life move forward. You can use this for meditation and to reach deep meditation. This stone can help with vertical vision and let you see multiple levels of consciousness.

You can use deeper wisdom with this stone, and it can help you open up Akashic records and attune to your spirit world. This can give you energy in your mind, body and soul and help with natural healing. This will help give you overall healing in your life.

Using with Other Stones

When you need grounded, you can use these stones combined to have better grounding such as:

  • Tourmaline
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Magnetite
  • Tiger Iron
  • Healers Gold
  • Hematite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Rhodonite

If you need to have strength from psychic attacks, you can combine this stone with throat chakra stones in order to make sure that you have guidance and increase in your wisdom. This can be combined with these stones:

  • Cavansite
  • Chiastolite
  • Afghanite
  • Goethite
  • White Heulandite
  • Prophecy Stone
  • Shaman Stone
  • Menalite
  • Aquamarine