Crystal Pendulum as a Tool

Crystal Pendulum

Do you want to increase your spirituality and use different tools? Using a crystal pendulum can give you answers and can be a tool that can help you in your readings. This kind of pendulum has a purpose, and it can help you to find energies that are blocked in your life.

Understanding the Pendulum

The pendulum is something that can give you yes or no answers that you need quickly. It can also be used to help you know if you have energies that are blocked.

Picking a Crystal Pendulum

If you are someone that has never used a pendulum before and one gets you excited, you need to buy it. You should only buy one in person, and you should never buy it online. Find one that you feel a draw to.

There are different kinds of crystals that might call to you depending on what you need such as sodalite, quartz, lapis lazuli or more. Each stone has its own properties and what it does such as healing or other things. Find one that is pulling towards your energies.

Cleansing Your Crystal Pendulum

After you purchase your pendulum, you will need to make sure that it is cleansed from any negative or stagnant energies. You can use saltwater, the moon or smudging with smoke to cleanse your crystal.

Using a Crystal Pendulum

Once you choose to use your pendulum. You need to hold it in your hand about an inch down the chain. Take time to meditate and then ask the crystal, “What is a no answer?” and let it show you and then ask, “What is a yes answer?” and let it show you that as well. Then you will know which way the crystal swings to give you the answers.

Crystal Pendulums for Healing

You can use the crystal pendulum for healing because it can pick up the vibrations and get rid of negativity in the chakras.

Hold the pendulum over the body and let the crystal work slowly to make your chakras strong again. If there is energy that is blocked in your chakra, this crystal can help.

Final Thoughts

When you choose a crystal pendulum, make sure that you know how you are going to use it. The pendulum will work the best when you don’t use it for the wrong reasons. Pendulums can get rid of pain in your body and your emotions, and they can give you clarity in your mind. Keep each of your crystal pendulums separate so that their energies don’t mix and then cleanse them before and after.