Wednesday , January 17 2018
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Psychics Quality9.4
Customer Satisfaction9.4
Customer Support8.9
Website Experience9
Reader Rating5 Votes9.2
Introductory deals for new clients
Read real time ratings and reviews
No hidden fees 4. Affordable rates
Talented and screened psychic readers
Anonymous and private
Psychics may have longer wait times due to their busy schedule
High demand for fewer psychics
Your reading may be different than you expect
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  1. 9.8

    Great reading, excellent connection. I will call you again MysticTopaz

    Psychics Quality9.9
    Customer Satisfaction9.6
    Customer Support9.9
    Website Experience9.9
  2. 9.8
    SHe will not sugar coat anything and will give you the truth

    Thank you so much Aldwyn, she is very very good , highly recommended

    Psychics Quality9.7
    Customer Satisfaction9.8
    Customer Support9.8
    Website Experience10
  3. 9.7
    Amazing reading.

    Thanks you Cristalrose for your advice I’m sure will take in consideration all you told me which appreciat very much. Wait the end of year so see what he told me will come through. You sd he love me not wanted to make me go. But no make desicion get. You see it. Recommend me talk to him. To see what he will say. Because he not wanted let you go. Thanks going to see what happens at the e e d. Let you knows. Thanks I love this man.

    Psychics Quality9.6
    Customer Satisfaction9.7
    Customer Support9.9
    Website Experience9.7
  4. 9.9
    Thanks a lot! 100x better that anyone

    Thanks PsyhicGem for the positive vote.

    Psychics Quality9.8
    Customer Satisfaction9.9
    Customer Support9.9
    Website Experience9.9
  5. 9.8
    It was good.

    Thank you for reminding me to keep an open mind.

    Psychics Quality9.5
    Customer Satisfaction9.8
    Customer Support9.8
    Website Experience9.8
  6. 9.6
    This is my second reading with her and I think she is wonderful.

    “Thulla has a wonderful vibration/presence and a voice that inspires confidence in her readings. That confidence is well-founded; Thulla is a very accurate reader, and she often articulates things that are known to me but could not be inferred from the conversation.

    I would also say that she’s got more emotional and spiritual maturity than a lot of readers; it doesn’t actually take much of either of those qualities to channel stuff from behind the scrim, but Thulla has them and they add greatly to the value of her readings.

    She’s quick, but when she needs a few seconds to tune in, what she offers is very rich and very useful. I’m deeply grateful for her.”

    Psychics Quality9.6
    Customer Satisfaction8.9
    Customer Support9.3
    Website Experience9.7

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Customer Support
Website Experience
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