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  1. Great reading, excellent connection. I will call you again MysticTopaz

  2. Thank you so much Aldwyn, she is very very good , highly recommended

  3. Thanks you Cristalrose for your advice I’m sure will take in consideration all you told me which appreciat very much. Wait the end of year so see what he told me will come through. You sd he love me not wanted to make me go. But no make desicion get. You see it. Recommend me talk to him. To see what he will say. Because he not wanted let you go. Thanks going to see what happens at the e e d. Let you knows. Thanks I love this man.

  4. Thanks PsyhicGem for the positive vote.

  5. Thank you for reminding me to keep an open mind.

  6. “Thulla has a wonderful vibration/presence and a voice that inspires confidence in her readings. That confidence is well-founded; Thulla is a very accurate reader, and she often articulates things that are known to me but could not be inferred from the conversation.

    I would also say that she’s got more emotional and spiritual maturity than a lot of readers; it doesn’t actually take much of either of those qualities to channel stuff from behind the scrim, but Thulla has them and they add greatly to the value of her readings.

    She’s quick, but when she needs a few seconds to tune in, what she offers is very rich and very useful. I’m deeply grateful for her.”

  7. Aldwyn thank you for your positive reinforcement.

  8. Harmony1111, Very honest and caring… really tuned into my situation….. will come again!

  9. Thank you, Lucas, for always being there for me.

  10. “Harper, thank you for my reading I’m praying for some kind of light
    at the end of this dark tunnel….. you have been accurate so

  11. “Fast and v sweet. Said M not going to change, way he is, is it! 🙁 Does not
    see it as over, but up to me”GiftedMary.

  12. “Amazing, as always.
    Thank you, Hasper.”

  13. Wonderful and sweet and do understanding,Very professional.

  14. “I’ve been calling her for almost a decade and she’s guided and
    advised thru the good and bad. I just love her to bits.”

  15. OMG! i am still amazed on the accuracy of her reading.Thank you PsychicJen.

  16. Thanks Topaz! You are always the rock I look to when I need to be protected and informed! I love your humor as well and thank you for always being there for me!

  17. “Tarotbae, I think I met him’!!! And a few weeks early! Typically with guys in the past there’s always been something that hasn’t been quite right, or some feeling of insecurity/distrust… but he’s unlike anyone I have ever dated, and the feeling with him is SO secure and genuine and easy…. immediately!!!! He’s like the best things of all the filler guys I’ve dated in the past, all rolled into one man!

    You predicted Feb….. but he strolled in Jan. 10th…. just a few days after you told me he was coming!! :)”

  18. I just wanted to let you know that C and I are chatting a little bit, but I was the one to start it (very detached and friendly). Thank you for all your help Catalina.

  19. MissTula feels your energy and reads extremely directly and quite accurateShe feels your energy and reads extremely directly and quite accurate

  20. Again…I kept saying this is not possible no way…Nicola said yes way…got a call today nailed it again..Love you xo

  21. Thank you, Katey….I honestly don’t know what I would do without you!!! You’ve been a blessing and it’;s just amazing how you’ve known so much without me telling you and I trust in all that you say to keep pushing forward on my journey 🙂 I can’t thank you enough!

  22. Catalina is always great to talk to and always brings me some sense of calm and understanding.

  23. Thank you, Mandy, for once again bringing me back to reality. Truly appreciate the guidance.

  24. AdvisorFaith seemed to know a lot about my feelings or my state of mind.

  25. Thank you so much for today. LadyLight’s one of my favorites here. always know whats happening in my life and the person im asking about. i always feel connected. felt relieved that my path would be finally clearer after all that ive been through. thanks kim.

  26. I told Sophia that I wanted a reading on my love life and she just jumped right in without me giving any details. She did pick up on how I was feeling.

  27. MissTula, what can I say but Thank you! This situation has been so difficult and trying for me for months and your insight and guidance have been nothing short of amazing. Oh thought you would like to know, Tahoe contacted and we just spent time together!

  28. Extremely supportive and patient Vincent, especially through the eclipse, Mercury’s retrograde and new moon in Virgo, whoa. Thanks for helping me through the intensity.


  30. That should be 5 stars, if not 6 out of 5! Or 10 out of 10. Catalina’s spot on, and it’s up to me to follow her instructions. I believe she’s right, I just have to let it happen now.

  31. I really liked Dorothy will be calling back only talked for 5 min she was completely on target loved the reading .

  32. MissTula i love you!! we got cut off but i want to say you are amazing how do you know everything omg you are truly gifted I feel so blessed to have you as my advisor you make things so clear for me!! I will continue to know that there is a greater plan, and i am wearing the bracelet to remind me of that…to remind me that i just need to remember that i already know the answers!! thank you mamma!! xoxo

  33. Has been right so far about the timing of events. She gave me one more timeline and I am sure it will happen. Reading from 6/14.

  34. Dorothy is a reader who picks up things quickly and accurately. In addition, she’s a kind and gentle spirit who doesn’t judge, and I enjoy my readings with her. Thank you, Dorothy!

  35. Catalina is a reader who picks up things quickly and accurately. In addition, she’s a kind and gentle spirit who doesn’t judge, and I enjoy my readings with her. Thank you, Catalina!

  36. Dorothy is amazing definitely will be talking to her more often. She put me at ease with a lot of things, very accurate. Thank you soooo much!

  37. Beautiful Earth Angel and such a great insight. Pure connection with Valentino.

  38. TrueWisdom is brilliant and humble and fun at same time. Very very healing always. A joy always.

  39. Awesome medium. Thank you, Lucas. I think I will call instead of chat next time.

  40. Lovely in all ways. Helpful beyond helpful in all ways. Thanks Queen.

  41. I feel u have always been correct in the readings. I think sometimes the time frame are little off but it still happens. So please accept my apology if there was misunderstanding.Thank you for all your help.

  42. Awesome! Thank you so much MissTula, we will be in touch…but you knew that already…ttyl love!

  43. You read for me a year ago and your prediction came true!! All the recent readings make sense GiftedGeorge! thank you very much. I will always chat with you from now on!

  44. Oh my gosh!!! Pamela totally connected w me and he texted!!!! during our chat!!! I’m so excited!! I cant thank you enough and I will b chatting w u later!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoox

  45. I been reading with Dom for as long as I can remember. I don’t write reviews but Dom is one of two advisors I have come to trust. In the past his readings have panned out for me. In his reading he tells you overall picture (usually present and immediate future). In my case, he always tells me that my profession and my relationship are linked together. I will not argue with him on this. Time will tell. I am not ready for a relationship and I do not want a relationship either. I believe he tells what he sees/ feels as a psychic advisor. He always reads and gives the entire picture. Dom thanks a lot for answering my questions

  46. Wonderful person and advisor!! Thank you Deanna!

  47. Hunter is always so thorough with her reading and accurate!

  48. MamaSita said she saw a general change in someone and for my work. A couple days later my hours changed. I don’t know about their change. She still feels positive about my end outcome. This specific reading was more therapeutic than psychic although she was right about the change at work. Something else she said I can’t confirm yet.

  49. Joanna always comes through for me when I really need to hear proper guidance. Her loving caring nature bursts through the screen, and I always know that she is providing excellent support. Highly recommended!!

  50. What a wonderful advisor! Talk to Annmarie once and you’ll absolutely know that her sharing of her gift is a mission of love and caring for her. You’ll also know that you’ll want to keep returning to her for more!

  51. Robin has always been spot on when I’ve asked her questions and concerns regarding my future. She is very good at time lines and keeping everything in perspective when asking her direct questions or concerns.

  52. Thank you Hunter for another great uplifting reading. You always speak the truth and are amazing helping me through my journey! Honest, insightful, caring and beautiful spirit! Love ya to bits darling!

  53. I immediately felt connected to her. Love her energy and spirit. Thank you Sunshine!

  54. Destinee Florentino

    Julia was great and she’s awesome. I loved how she answered all my questions, I accidentally got out of the website and couldnt read what I chat with her but I loved her.

  55. Leticia Goodman

    Really really really good! can see things and Subrina give details that others cannot I have noticed. A great fresh perspective and in tune, accurate.

  56. Robin is super sweet and caring and she gets people! I love that she’s super accurate as well. Robin’s worth the money. She’s def a people person 🙂

  57. Vanessa Jenkins

    Beth offers a good amount of detail and if she’s not sure about something she will share that – so you feel like you’re getting as clear a picture as possible without fluff. I am grateful to have found her.

  58. Audrina Mustafa

    She provides a confidence boost, and loves to be updated on predictions playing out. Shelby is wondered to talk to.

  59. Emmalynn Howarth

    Your truly amazing Solutions! Thank you for being patient and understanding.

  60. Oaklynn Singleton

    1st time reading with her not too long ago. I’ve read with several on this site but hers was like a breath of fresh air. I felt so connected and in tune with Jenny, as if we’ve known each other forever. Jenny was kind, wonderful and very accurate.

  61. The absolute, most wonderful, most gifted, most loving and caring advisor, seer, and truest friend–that is my Subrina! My morning today did not start as I had wanted but the clouds have lifted soon as I heard Robin’s voice and with her loving wise words singing in my head I know the day can only get brighter. Thank you dearest, dearesy friend!

  62. Got your message dear, i’ll follow your direction. Thank you Hunter. I hope you have a wonderful life as well…

  63. Sita has a grasp of the total picture and the specifics then will unfold, thoughts and motivations of those around you) and reveals them to you with effortless grace, wit, intelligence, cultural sophistication but most of all with such genuine loving kindness and heartfelt caring you feel her warmth through the phone. In five years Sita has read for me, she still time after time awes me with her brilliance and her knowing.

  64. Charlie Burgess

    I still cant get over the fact that you knew the name of the person. I was most interested without ever telling you their name!!! I cherish everything you told me and everything you taught me. I respect and admire you so much! Still struggling……Thank you so, so much!

  65. Tanya Christophe

    Thank you soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! I feel some relief knowing that there is light at the end of tunnel and a special gift coming my way. 🙂

  66. I was satisfied with all the information. You were right about our personalities and you’re right about all that happened. I trust you Vero.

  67. She always picks things up quickly with very little information. Some things have manifest and other things I am still waiting to see. Sometimes you have to wait longer to talk to Robin but she’s worth the wait.

  68. Solutions was absolutely Amazing…the only thing I told her was my name and DOB She read everything like she was there going thru it all with me. She knew things that I never told her She is amazing. I will be back to update when all unfolds and happens 3 months seems like forever to me right now but It will come soon enough…Lots will happen the end of this month so I will be back to update everyone.

  69. Thank you Sita for your advice regarding the new situation that has presented itself. It was a blessing and privilege to speak to you today. God Bless.

  70. Wonderful! She is on point! I finally found the answers, thanks Joan.

  71. You are such a sweet and caring person… Thank you that you aren’t just reading what I wanted…sometimes the truth is like a punch in the stomach you just need to take for the team to give you the dose of reality that no one else seems to want to give you! lol

  72. Liam does not leave you astray. You can be sure he will give you an honest reading. He has been so “on it” about picking up on my situation and he is so compassionate. He explains clearly to help me understand about my situation and his gifts reassures me what I can expect in near future.

  73. I would give Renee a million stars if I could… She is Unbelievable. Accurate. Professional. Kind. Compassionate. Non-judgmental. Renee is just plain excellent.

  74. Thanks for always being there for me!! You are like a friend already Ginnie. I always like to speak with you.

  75. Reading with Eduardo is always a pleasure. I always pick up something new from him!!

  76. Martha, thanks for the beautiful reading. You are very insightful and an expert in astrology. I hope to see him in soon like you predicted. Seeing that we are both scorpios, happy bday if I don’t get a chance to speak with you before then. Thanks again.”

  77. Ulysses Blackwell

    Awesome as always Naomi. You are phenomenal and I would always listen to you.

  78. This is my first call. She told me things without any info. I will def call back when her predictions come to pass. Thanks Beth!!!

  79. I really enjoy my readings with Serenity! She always provides insight and I really like how she combines astrology with other information she receives. Let’s see if the universe can give someone a kick in the pants :).

  80. My Liam is exquisite as always. Thank you so much for your guidance and understanding, and taking the time to explain it to me. I love Liam and feel so peaceful when I talk to him.

  81. Thanks for your wisdom. You are a very good psychic Alex.

  82. Very quick and fast! Freyalana did state about that there is a big time crush and things from his past are popping up now and he has been keeping things from me and will soon within the next 2-3 weeks will contact me or when we see each other again he will let me know about it. I very much look forward to her predictions coming to pass!!!!! AND I WILL BE SURE TO POST AGAIN WHEN IT COMES TO PASS!!!

  83. I have so much to tell you! I truly got to a point where i never thought it would happen but it did!!! ! Thank you so much.

  84. I could talk to him forever and got a lot of information as well. He is absolutely correct. I loved all him readings with me.

  85. Melissa blew my mind away. With little information, she picks up a lot in my current situation. Will await her predictions to come to pass. Thanks.

  86. She was very clear and gave me direct answers. Brandy’s awesome and very very good.

  87. Mia! I hope you get to read comments. So sorry I ran out of funds! I always love talking to you, especially on the call! I will talk to you soon Mia!

  88. Wow! I had a fantastic reading with you today Dorothy. You are amazing and on point with everything. You give me hope. Kc

  89. Diana is absolutely amazing. She is nonjudgmental caring and will tell you what’s going on in any situation. She will only tell you what she truly sees. I have been talking to her often. No matter how many times I call her about the same situation and asked the same questions, she remains friendly. If you have not tried her don’t hesitate. You will not regret it! She helps me to stay calm and see things in a different view. I am truly thankful to have found her.

  90. Very helpful, If anyone is looking for an honest, compassionate, gifted, and very in tuned then psychic Martha is it! Everything Martha has said has come to pass. She will always tell you how it is….

  91. Oh my goodness!! As usual, you’re awesome. Mia, you’re one of my favorite people to talk to. Thank you for your help, your kindness, and being such a blessing.

  92. Robin’s very kind, wise and dedicated. A very good, thorough reading.

  93. Christopher’s spot on. There’s another man, the first one, he is just gone. He posted things indicating that he is done, and trying to hurt me, but I am honestly so numb to his things now that it just looks to me like tantrums and no emotions about it at all. I’ll keep you updated. Thank you so much!!!

  94. Thank you Luke for today. It was such a real conversation that it hit me afterward how closely in tune you are with everything. I could have talked another good hour LOL! I will keep you posted.

  95. I absolutely love how amazingly nurturing you are with your words and knowledge. Always see my situation so clearly like you are in my home and going about my day right next to me lol… Thanks and will be in touch with you Kim.

  96. Always great! Robin I will keep you posted and hopefully I will be back with good news soon 🙂

  97. I got a second reading because I got cut off the first time and she remembered everything from the first reading. Her prediction on the first reading came to pass . Martha is awesome!

  98. Kate is the best and gave me a lot of thinking by describing her visions. She is using astrology which is a huge help as well. She gave me answer and reassured me.

  99. I have talked with many advisors including top advisors and Emma was the only one that picked up on so much that no one else was able to!!!!!

  100. I am looking forward to your 3rd predictions of his sincere return next week. Tula, I really appreciated your advise n insights as always. Talk to you soon!!

  101. If you couldn’t tell by her long line, Ginnie is the real deal! She picked up on my situation quickly without much information given. She gave me her vision, advice and an estimated time frame (with the disclosure that time is relative and based on free will). I’m waiting on her predictions to unfold but highly satisfied!

  102. Thanks Ginnie for your great honesty and caring. Trying to get strength from what you told me. Thank you.

  103. Natalie is one of a kind. This woman is the sweetest person! She remembers me and remembers details of our conversations and doesnt waste my time. There is a reason she is one of the best!!

  104. I’m giving you 5 stars because you seem so sure and when speaking with you. It’s like you are able to see the future.

  105. Stephanie Hemers

    I have been blessed to be able to speak to you again Angelica. My situation is very difficult and has been for five years now. Will update when predictions come to pass.

  106. Violet is very sweet and I enjoyed my reading with her. She was able to pick up on the emotions and personality of the person-in-question so accurately, and that was amazing!

  107. It is always a pleasure to speak with her. She knew what was going on before I even spoke!! Cindy was spot on as usual, she is just so nice and caring!! Love you Cindy, take care!!

  108. Jamieson Teruel

    I have been speaking with Martha for several years now and I just cant believe Martha remembers the last reading we had. When I say “Hi Martha” she immediately remembers my name and the other person name A.

  109. Helen Fogleman

    Wow. I never ever talked to someone like Ruby before, she knows everything all I have to say yes she sees everything about my guy J. Thank you Ruby. I’m so lucky to find you.

  110. Corine Bennett

    Ginnie is a gentle soul and always puts me at rest after our readings.

  111. It’s always a comfort to speak with Brandy. She has such a gentle way about her and her readings are always excellent.

  112. Samantha is always consistent with her reading and encouragement. She doesn’t lie to make you feel better. The truth all the way.

  113. Gayle Allanson

    A true rock star advisor for sure. Ricardo is such a star.

  114. Zylisaa is absolutely amazing. I always have a great connection with Zylisaa. She knows exactly what is going on. Thank you and will keep in touch. Can’t wait for the main projection to happen but I know only the almighty knows. Absolutely honest and accurate.

  115. Thank you so much. You are amazing! I needed your honesty and you gave it to me Sena.

  116. Krishna Narmaada

    All I have to say to you is – Wow! Same day again, after I wrote out another prayer… remind me and I will tell you about them, it is wild crazy. Thank you so much Alex.

  117. Rita, we were on a roll. Your readings are the best here. You’ll be a top psychic.

  118. Janice Czarnecki

    I just love this woman. Kristine is so gifted and her accuracy is unbelievable. Will be talking to you again and God bless you and your family.

  119. You are awesome! Finally, some good news! Thanks for a great reading Heidy.

  120. Jenn is completely correct! She is my second favorite after Robin!

  121. Ari, you are so beautiful and right!!! Thank you for all the positive energy.

  122. Thank you Dee for the beautiful reading! You were so right about travel in March. I will call you to let you know what happens. Warm hugs from my heart to yours!

  123. I was excited to get through to Dee since she was referred by someone and I cant be more thankful for speaking with her, she the best.

  124. Thanks for talking to me yesterday Brandy… I could not believe I got through on the first try…That never happens, so I believe it was meant to be that I spoke to you. Thanks for helping me calm down. You are still firm in your predictions for me just wish my anxiety wouldn’t get the best of me. I am just so ready for my beloved and me to be together ans it is hard to be patient but I know you are right you have been right on so many things, to the point it has freaked me out.

  125. Great as always! Alex was very personable to speak with. He gave detail with little prompting and was accurate on current details. I felt very comfortable speaking with him.

  126. Donovan, you are warm, sweet and kind. You are able to see all the pieces to the puzzle. Thank you for everything.

  127. Marie, you were wonderful and so inspirational! I will keep you posted on the happenings of your predictions. Thank you so much for everything!

  128. OMG!! Tammy, you are great! I hope everything comes thru. I will call u soon. God bless you.

  129. Donovan, you’re always there for me… I cannot thank you enough.. I ‘am so blessed. Thank you for everything. You are my rock.. You always set my mind at ease and tell me the truth..

  130. Thankyou for listening to me tonight. I trust you so much, Belinda.

  131. So many good things I could write about Zylisaa. She is thorough, well-informed, accurate and so warm. But the thing I appreciate the most about her is that she is only concerned with my highest, purest good. She has a very loving, gentle way of directing me to the issues that prevent me from being my best self.

  132. Outstanding on all levels!! Christopher, I would like to thank you for my reading. You were spot on with my POI.

  133. Very good. I couldn’t help but smile throughout the entire reading, Debra was so good.

  134. Great at what he does. Donovan knows his stuff and he’s a real psychic.

  135. I haven’t spoken to Dee for 2 months. I’m so glad I was able to get her today. Fabulous advice. I will make sure I check the moon status daily before I do anything.

  136. Thank you for the highly accurate answers, Dee. Your guidance is making me feel better too!

  137. Sara is truly one of the best on here! I waited so long to talk to her, but she is so worth it! She blew my mind, she was able to say things that a person said to me word for word!

  138. Zoe, I am taking your advice and will hang in there especially since the weather is very hot now. I will let you know what happens. You are one of my favorite advisors.

  139. Wow, an amazing reading. Came up with things not asked about were such important issues for me. Serena saw things that I am praying for to come true My actual questions were answered but she came up with so much more that was in me but I didn’t ask about. She just knew!

  140. Thank you again, Amber! You were right about his business partner being sketchy.

  141. My reading was absolutely the greatest. Tula is fantastic, I got all the answers I was looking for. She gave me a calm and peaceful feeling which I also needed.

  142. Serena was very nice and informative. She picked up on the negative energy regarding the issues I was dealing with and even gave me a timeline for when they would be resolved.

  143. Always there when you need Heather and can pick up every detail however small.

  144. Thank you Ashley, always have my best interest at heart.

  145. Absolutely correct on everything. Right down to my ex smoking meats and not even grilling. Thank you Aldwyn!

  146. Love love love her!! Ashley is one of the best for sure. I am so thankful to her.

  147. Joy is wonderful. I found a lot of value and confirmation from speaking with her, I will be calling her again if I need more advice.

  148. Eva picked up on an element that no one else did and was correct as it played out regarding it. She made some predictions today that I will have to wait and see if they pan out.

  149. Penelope is great. Confirms and provides insight with what’s going on. Also, helps reassure where you need to be and what path suits you right.

  150. Iris was great. My mother came through and I was able to feel her presence. She’ll always be my psychic.

  151. Excellent reading. She knew things i never told anybody without me saying it! My next call will be with Jessica.

  152. Excellent reader.

  153. Dee, you’ve been extremely helpful. You honed right in with accuracy.

  154. Debra is honest, precise reader. I trust her reading. Sometimes I’m overthinking. She would always end with – don’t worry, don’t look too much into it – it just calmed me.

  155. Serenity gave me exact answers to all my concerns. She picked up clearly my situation and what is going on in my life. Serenity is professional and I will definitely comeback to her again if I need some clarity!

  156. Molly was absolutely amazing. I used my pendulum to help me choose her, and I couldn’t be happier. My boyfriend passed away in 2010. She knew things immediately, she did not fish for responses. Honestly, her ability to speak to him and reiterate that he’s happy, is most amazing gift I have ever received.

  157. Ginnie, you are an amazing gift. You have given me great insights to many challenges and concerns that have really been dragging my energy down. I consider you a special friend of the Divine Nature and thank you, always!

  158. Excellent reading as always! Eva makes me feel more relaxed. I call her whenever I need help.

  159. Penelope tuned in really well, visualizing the “other” woman. She nailed it on the head with her ethnicity. wow.

  160. Ginnie was great. Picked up on exactly what was going on with me and my POI. She was very confident in her predictions and that everything would be fine and we’d be fine going forward. She helped calm me and give clarity.

  161. Dana Brausewetter

    I had a reading with Amber regarding my relationship. My boyfriend and I were completely distant and not talking. I had called her and asked her if she saw contact and she mentioned maybe something little but nothing until the later week. I got a “thank you” text from my bf for sending over some stuff but there was no conversation, just as Amber predicted. I called Amber again, frustrated with my boyfriend wanting to know what was going on. She mentioned to me that he was waiting for me to call him. I thought this was so wrong but she mentioned if I don’t call him he’ll reach out to me within a day or two. What do I know, he reached out to me and then noted that he had been waiting for me to reach out and he was over waiting to hear from me. EXACT WORDS THAT Amber SAID!! I was in awe of Amber’s amazing accuracy.

  162. Georgia Williams

    Gayle’s a wonderful psychic. She’s very kind and has a sweet voice. She tuned accurately into my situation and gave a great advice. Will talk again soon.

  163. You’re awesome! Debra, thank you for always being patient with me.

  164. Kristoff Coronel

    5 stars. Shanti is great really gifted.. I called her twice and she was on point.

  165. Carol channels the info she receives from her guides and will tell you what is in your POI ‘s head and heart. She’s honest and accurate!!! Her deliverance is given with kindness and respect.

  166. Kristee Mulhall

    Maya is quick, accurate and honest! Gets into the POI head and relays emotions, thoughts and behaviors. You will have the insight to make sound decisions based on her info. She is kind and non judgmental and always on your side!

  167. Thanks to your advise and visions got the job done at hand, got the guy back and yes we’re working it out…love is there absolute miracles!! Thank you Tori.

  168. Debbie Bennette

    Second time reading with Maria. Maria is excellent. She is really quick and really gets into the mind of what the person you are asking about is thinking. Though prediction of time when something was to occur is off.

  169. Bettina is good in what she does. I have been reading her reviews lately and she’s not as busy as usual. I hope this a phase she is going through. I would hate to believe she doesn’t give inaccurate readings. She has always been my go to I would be very disappointed in her if this were the case.

  170. Once again, Jasmine was on the nose. I got the apartment, but there would be a delay moving in. She was correct! Thank you, Jasmine!

  171. Very direct and honest. Will picked up the connection right away.

  172. Sena is a 5 star psychic. I don’t think I’ll use anyone else but her as I really feel she’s the real deal.

  173. Kelly Henriksen

    Shelly did answer questions directly. She’s really good.

  174. Thank you, Gina. Never have I spoken to anyone who was able to connect with my situation more than you were able to. You are a true inspiration. Thank you so much!

  175. Shelly is amazing. She told me my ex had kids before I found out and she gave me great insight on the situation. She has a real gift.

  176. Carol Quattelbaum

    I loved Katherine. Very accurate describing another person and reading their energies. I’m sure her prediction is on its way. Katherine won’t waste your money and time. I will be back again when I need more assistance.

  177. Thank you Dee – You are always on point, direct answers to direct questions. Very refreshing!

  178. Thanks for keeping it real, Camille. I really appreciate all the readings with.

  179. Kathryn is my favorite! Hears what the other side or person is saying.

  180. Shirley Hornbuckle

    Wow! One of the best. Ginnie gave me the truth and that’s what I need.

  181. Ginnie was so accurate that the person I inquired about said the exact same thing. She told me the day after my reading she’s amazing and now my favorite.

  182. Great as always, Mellie! You are an expert with your gift.

  183. Lorie is very good at this. She was very insightful to my situation. I will be using her again. I also like that she was able to speak to the spirit of those you wanted answers to.

  184. Thank you! Didn’t change prediction even when I was confused about something that turned out to be nothing. Maya is really good.

  185. Gloria is always accurate. She does not waste your time and very kind with the delivery.

  186. Ginnie gave me a profound message of love from his spirit. She described his personality, and there is no way she could know some of the intricate details of his life.

  187. Thank you, Luke. Talking to you was the best thing that happened to me for a few months. You gave me light and hope.

  188. Very descriptive and enjoyed reading would like to talk with Aurora again.

  189. Very fast, picks up a lot of information. Sena knows everything.

  190. I had several readings with Shana. She is very friendly and patient and seems confident in what she is saying. She did pick up on some accurate facts.

  191. Maya is very accurate and is very nice and compassionate. I will call her again.

  192. I spoke with Dominique a while back and she said she did feel my ex contacting me – this occurred and he has been contacting in a way that shows he misses me. I wanted to come back to let her know her sense was correct and prediction did occur. He hasn’t come forward yet but she feels like he will.

  193. Thank you for your honesty, Leon. Needed to hear it.

  194. I read with Alice frequently and she is great. She is honest and accurate. Solid reader, thanks Alice!

  195. AnneMarie told me a lady would rent my place for a long time. Her reading came true, this place was rented yesterday to a single woman. Always had good time talking to her like a friend.

  196. Carol is a great advisor. She’s fast, detailed and accurate.

  197. Carol’s simply the best partner you could have during hard times. Thank you for all your love and support as I climbed the spiritual mountain.

  198. Samara was amazing. One of the best I’ve experienced.

  199. Not what I wanted to hear but appreciate the honesty and telling me what I needed to hear. Thank you, Carol.

  200. Zuri was so kind and understanding of my situation. She picked up on things with my POI pretty quickly with limited information. You just get the sense that she really cares about you.

  201. Thank you Robin for the great reading, you have such a gift. I will for sure call again, God bless.

  202. Quick follow-up to thank Denise for all her support and guidance.

  203. My first reading with Robin and she was fantastic! Immediately got to the heart of the situation and knew so many things without me even having to say them! She is very honest as well as kind. She gave me some advice that I believe really helped the situation!

  204. Amy is the real deal. She can see and is honest about what she sees.

  205. I loved every minute, it was like talking to my best friend. Carol validated what I need to be validated. She told me things about my passed loved one, that only I knew. Carol is the real deal and I will be seeking guidance from her again.

  206. Thank you for such an awesome reading. I will call you back, Carol.

  207. Mimi picked up on the strain in my relationship before I even began explaining what was going on. Her insight was spot on and her advice so helpful.

  208. Ramona, sometimes when we talk I have mixed feelings but you know some of the most private things about me and my situation and you never judge you understand. You know my situation is very complex and a lot of times you have to give me news that I really don’t want to hear because my POI is very good at compartmentalizing every situation and overthinking. You always seem to understand.

  209. Simply wonderful! Liz gave me a detailed information that was totally spot on.

  210. Eva was so on point yesterday! I wish I could’ve kept the reading going. I definitely recommend her to anyone seeking answers.

  211. I love Tammy! She picked up on so many things before I mentioned a word. She gave me all the answers I needed.

  212. I love Annabelle. She’s intelligent, warm, kind and most importantly honest. The most honest and sincerely reader I’ve found on here.

  213. Heather was amazing. She picked on several critical things I’ve never shared with her and she gave me such valuable guidance and feedback She really assisted me with uncertainties and the associated anxieties. Thank you so much Heather.

  214. Very accurate! Sweet and on point. I love how Blanca’s is open minded, non-judgmental and tells you what you need to hear.

  215. I love Katherine. She is really passionate and loving. She knew my deepest thought and it freaked me out a lil. Thank you again.

  216. I’m so happy she will be getting the recognition she deserves but a little sad that it will make her even harder to reach! Amber is a sensitive, gentle, off-the-scale, superb psychic. Let her prove it to you and you’ll become a loyal customer too!

  217. Blanca, thanks a million for the amazing reading. You helped me tremendously.

  218. Victoria is a truly gifted psychic. She’s very kind and spiritual. I will definitely call back.

  219. I have been waiting a long time for my love story to unfold and as of last week, it looks like it just might be in the cards like April said! How awesome! I had few readings with April and all came good.

  220. Aloha Gabrielle! You always help me so much and I only wish I had more money and could talk longer… You are always such a great person talk to. You’re so insightful at a time where I am so lost. You are my psychic mom.

  221. AnneMarie does not lead you astray. You can be sure she will give you an honest reading. She has been so “on it” about picking up on my situation and she is so compassionate. She explains clearly to help me understand about my situation, and her gifts reassures me what I can expect in near future. I leave the reading with renewed enthusiasm and hope!

  222. Russell Caldwell

    The evening ended with another replenishing reading with Ronnie. She lifts my spirits because her readings are always genuine, compassionate, intelligent listening– Ronnie gets what one means rather than what one says. Ronnie brings truth and beauty to my world!

  223. A million thanks to Jade. She really does remember her clients and it is truly amazing to me.

  224. Barbara Sprinkle

    Perhaps the universe was telling me that the amount of time and information that you had given me was enough. Since you told me not to give up, I will continue on. How would I give up anyway? There have been times when I thought about doing that, but it doesn’t happen. Talk to you soon. Thank you Tracy.

  225. Heather Westmoreland

    Eve, you have the best voice on earth. You connect with me on the deepest level and you see things I thought no one could.

  226. Stephen Kitching

    Ella is nonjudgmental. She has a gift and I am thankful that I found her here and was guided to her for a reading.

  227. Tracy Albright

    Christy is such a beautiful soul. Thank you for lifting my spirits when I am so down.

  228. Cassandra McLean

    Incredible reading! The best I’ve ever had. Totally connected with information just pouring out! I would definitely call Mimi again.

  229. Luke is as good as all the glowing reviews are stating. He is worth the wait.

  230. Thanks for your wisdom, Serenity. I like your straightforward approach.

  231. Andre is always terrific. I always call him whenever I need true advice and clarity.

  232. Julie Averhofff

    Sandra, you are so right on target. Thank you for looking out for my best interested. You’re worth waiting for, it’s understandable why you have so many clients. Take care!

  233. Amber, you gave me what I had hoped was true to my intuition. A person should trust their thoughts as they are true to their mind!

  234. Ginnie, I want to say thank you so much for your guidance! It means so much! I am so excited about the future and will follow your advice.

  235. The reading with Lauren was absolutely amazing. Give Lauren a call, you wont regret it.

  236. Natalie Campbell

    Italia, just want to let you know that you are absolutely amazing. Your projections are starting to happen with A. It’s going back to normal just like what you said. Hopefully everything will work out for me and A.

  237. Doreen Baldwin

    You’re so incredible, Ramona. The call was excellent. I’m sorry that I ran out of funds.

  238. Hoping it all comes to pass as she says it will. Astra has been spot on from the beginning up to now.

  239. Two words: Simply amazing. Ginnie is simply amazing. It’s amazing how she can easily connect with the spirit guide and can be totally spot on with the readings.

  240. Zylisaa is amazing and sometimes downright spooky in what she comes up with in a reading. I am very, very thankful for you!

  241. Michael Edmondson

    Peter has the wisdom and the spirit to help us. I will always ended up having a smile on my face after a reading with you.

  242. Dee, you gave me outstanding advice… I left for my trip to California and didn’t tell Darwin I was gone. You said he would sense my distance and contact me. He did! I was shocked! He called me while I was in California. You are so spot on including on what he said and and what he wants.

  243. Camille, you have always proven to be so in tune and correct. You’re right again, he’s completely moved on with her. He even had the audacity to tell me that she’s “me” squared! Twice as much as me to him in terms of personality and everything else!

  244. You are excellent. I look forward to the latest predictions you gave me, Aurora. Thank you for being there!

  245. Camille said she could hear a vibration or buzzing sound. Well a month ago, I was at work and I put my phone on vibrate and walked away for a moment. Came back to my desk and my phone was vibrating, so I missed the call. I could not believe it, it was my ex. Wow! I hadn’t heard from him in 8 months. Camille and I laughed so hard. She said she loves it when the angels gives her confirmation on something so strange like that. She also said we would get back together. Hard for me to believe, but we will see what happens. Thanks Camille, you are the real deal.

  246. Elaine is a joy to speak with and very in tune with my situation. I will call back.

  247. Charm is the exemplifying psychic. Her and Stephanie predicted the same reading. I believed her. Both psychics are my favorites on the list and spending accounts.

  248. Chloe, you were right! He called me last night and all is well. Thank you for calming me down your words were a comfort to me at a time when I thought all was lost. I am anticipating your predictions for my future with my loved one. God bless you, Chloe!

  249. You are such an angel, Kristen. All your predictions came to fruition and I am absolutely amazed with your gifts.

  250. I enjoyed the reading very much. Tula is very gifted!

  251. You are just like my sister, Angelina. I asked you before about my ex moving on and you said no! You were right!

  252. I’m sorry as I ran out of time, Jade. How you knew about something in 2008 blows me away! God bless you!

  253. I always love speaking with Natalia. Thank you so much for your time, I will keep you updated.

  254. Wow! Ginnie is great and her timelines are crazy accurate.

  255. Your reading resolved some confusion I was having. Thanks for always giving the truth, Ella!

  256. Just amazing!! Thank you for that wonderful reading. You were honest and accurate. Camille, don’t forget about me I will call back to give you updates. May things unfold as you have predicted.

  257. Michelle McIntosh

    Thank you for caring and hope, Zylisaa. Her past prediction came to fruition and hoping that the new prediction will happen soon.

  258. Bettina, thank you for being a great advisor and friend. Your warmth and kindness and will always be appreciated. After the tears and disappointment subside, I will become strong again and continue on life’s journey.

  259. Fatima is not just a wonderful psychic but a wonderful friend too. She’s been totally spot on from the very beginning and I will always call her for advice.

  260. Violet is the best for me. She has been telling me for a long time whenever something was going to happen and she’s always spot on!

  261. Excellent. Thank you for the insights, Ginnie! You’re right on.

  262. Madison is very accurate right down to a conversation that I had about a week before. Give her a try.

  263. Always amazing. Robin’s very sweet.

  264. Oriana has been saying the same thing for a long time and I see them coming together. Timing can be hard to predict so if the time has passed from what she said, just be patient because it’s just a matter of time. Her voice is also so soothing. Thank you, Oriana.

  265. Rey answered my questions before I even asked them! Things still seem to be on track.

  266. Daisy knew exactly what my situation was. She was so insightful. Waiting to see if her predictions manifest.

  267. Arjun’s detail and accuracy is amazing! She said something that was later confirmed by my POI in a text! She is truly gifted! Thank you, Arjun!

  268. Sylvia always tunes in very accurately to my POI’s feelings and intentions and some are actually things that I know are true. Love the clarity and guidance that comes in her readings. Thank you so much, Sylvia!

  269. Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind, Steven. I pray that your predictions come to pass, it’s sad but I’m holding on to that. I will let you know when things start to unfold. Thanks again.

  270. Everything Brooke told me has come true. She’s my life line. Thank you for allowing us to experience great guidance through your abilities.

  271. Brooke has been a tremendous support and right on many things as far as feelings. I wish you the best, Brooke. You have a gift no wonder your lines are so long. Thank you for all you do.

  272. Arjun is really quick and very detailed. Gives you a snapshot of someone’s mind really quickly.

  273. Sydney is always so amazing. I am so grateful I found her. It’s a beautiful gift she has and she’s able to tell you everything without wasting time and she’s very clear and honest. I am hopeful and optimistic about all the beautiful blessings she sees for me. Thank you for helping me on this journey of life.

  274. Gianna is the real deal. No matter how many times I bug her bout the same thing over and over and over again. She’s always there to help me every time no matter how annoying I can get. She’s the best reader I have ever dealt with and will continue to use her.

  275. Kate has a way of saying things that just make it clear and positive. Thank you for your insight.

  276. Ginnie is always a pleasure to speak with and she’s well worth the wait.

  277. Getting a reading with Audrey feels like strength and freshness like as if I woke up fresh after long sleep. Thank you so much, Audrey. You have no idea how badly stressed I was after speaking with a few psychics here.

  278. Karina has been very nice to me. She gave me hope and woke up me up at the same time.

  279. You are amazing and so accurate, Sylvia. It is such a blessing to have a person who I can trust to guide me in right direction. She’s so patient, so kind, and simply the best. Thank you again and again!

  280. It’s been quite some time since I have talked to Daisy. She was on point with everything and that was important to me.

  281. Janelle is very honest, she says it like it is. She’s very accurate just like all the previous reviews have said it.

  282. Emmalyn Thompson

    Always on target and in sync with what’s going on. Karina’s predictions always come true.

  283. Excellent reading! Marley is my favorite advisor.

  284. Janet is by far the best of the best! I love her!

  285. She’s very good and she’s always right on. I will definitely talk to her again. I love Jade’s honesty.

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