When you need calming and peaceful energies, you need a stone such as the Angelite or the Blue Anhydrite to add to your collection. Most people will pick this stone because it helps to reach angels and can help to birth psychic giftings and to work with your gifts such as mediumship and channeling.

This stone can benefit you in different ways and is also known to help with communication with the spirit guides and the blue color gives this away. These have high vibrations and can help you to reach the higher realms.

Meaning of Angelite

This stone is from the strong vibrations that help it reach the angelic realm. It was discovered when it was needed to build humanity and was only recently discovered and was found in places such as Germany, Poland, Peru, Mexico, Libya, and Egypt.

The color is a pale blue but can also be bluish white or white and might have bits of red Hematite in it. This looks like the Blue Calcite, but it is denser and opaquer. This is found to be a crystal, but it is usually seen in a huge form over small pieces.

Why Use Angelite?

This stone has great vibrations and can open up the throat chakra to help you be able to communicate better. This is part of the third eye chakra and crown chakra as well and can be calming and help to keep away tension and anger. This stone can help you if you are having emotional problems.

One of the best things about this stone is it can help you to find your spiritual guide and can help you to make contact with the angels. This stone can also help you to find out what giftings you have and can help you communicate with your angels and have other spiritual communication.

One way that you can use this stone is for channeling or mediumship and it is a good stone for the throat chakra and has intense psychic communication attributes. This stone can help you to be able to communicate with your loved ones that have passed on and can help you heal of grief and sadness.

This stone is great if you have psychic visions, and you have clairvoyance in your life. If you are a writer and you do automatic writing, this stone can help you to release that.

Healing of the Blue Anhydrite

This stone is beautiful and can help you in many ways including:

  • Getting over grief.
  • Increasing the throat chakra.
  • Helping with problems of inflammation in the throat.
  • Helping with the thyroid.
  • Helping with weight loss.
  • Balancing the body.
  • Calming the mind.
  • Helping you to not be confrontational.
  • Aiding in emotional healing.
  • Helps you let go of guilt.
  • Helps you to not be upset over people dying.
  • Takes away guilt of unspoken words of someone who died.
  • Gives inner peace.
  • Helps you with emotional stress.
  • Gets rid of anxiety.
  • Supports health problems.
  • Heals bones.
  • Clears joints.
  • Gives more motion to joints when applied to the feet.
  • Unblocks meridians.
  • Helps with osteoporosis and arthritis.

How Can This Stone Help You?

If you use this stone as a pendulum, you can ask your angel things and they can answer you. You can use this stone to help you communicate and speak to your spiritual guides. The speech that you have can be calmer and you can say what your heart is speaking and speak the truth.

Contacting Angels

This blue crystal is known as a communication stone and can sooth the throat chakra. If you have not worked with your spiritual guide yet, this stone can help you to contact them. This stone can help you to interpret dreams and to be aware while you are dreaming and help with lucid dreaming.

Put the Blue Angelite stone under your pillow or in a drawer close to where you sleep, and you will have better sleep and more peace. The energies of this stone are peaceful and can help you to have less stress in your life and to be calmer.

Wearing Angelite

Keeping the stone on you when you are having a difficult time is useful. You can use this as a divinely inspired stone and know that it can help you if you have problems. This stone is easy to buy and if you are feeling angry or dealing with bad emotions, keeping this on you can be helpful and can help bring you peace.

This stone can help you communicate and be able to be diplomatic when you need to be. Wearing this stone on your body can help you to be at peace and have calmness. This stone is part of the zodiac and is part of the Aquarians birthstone.

This stone will help you to have more compassion and to love other people, even if they are difficult. The energy of this stone can help you to have better relationships and if you are feeling upset with someone even if it is justified, it can help you release that.

How to Use It

You can use this stone when you meditate, and it can benefit you and help you reach your angels. You can do this through your spiritual guides, and they can help you communicate at a higher realm.

You can use this stone with the Crystal skulls, and it can benefit you by connecting you in meditation and to help you make connection with the spiritual world. This stone will have power to heal the higher chakras and each time you use it to meditate you will get into deeper meditation and you will find that you can contact your angels easier each time.

The action of this stone is to help you to get rid of blocks that are keeping you from growing spiritually. If you want to reach the spirit world and if you need more compassion and empathy, this stone is perfect for you. This is a good energy stone for anyone that needs healing of their emotions, and it can be great with the sacral chakra and can help with personal relationships.

Why Use This Stone?

It is a good idea to use this stone if you have anxiety or stress. Wearing this stone can be both beautiful and helpful to your body and your mind. If you have problems dealing with things happening in your life, accepting this situation will be easier with this stone and can help you to move on in life.

If you have guilt in anything in life, you can wear this stone and it will help you to say the right things and to know what limits not to cross.

Combining with Other Stones

This stone is beautiful and a pretty blue color and can help to boost your energies and connect with the angels. This can be combined with other stones and there are many that you can use to help you connect to the higher order.

There are many stones that can help you to better communicate with your spirit guides and can be combined with this crystal to see that happen. Here are some of the stones:

  • Aragonite Star Clusters
  • Pink Petalite
  • Blue Celestite
  • Lemurian Seed Crystals
  • Ajoite in Quartz
  • Selenite
  • Angelite
  • Green Prehnite Crystals

You can use this stone with the sacral chakra stones in order to give you a better healing over stress and anxiety. Some of these stones include:

  • Lilac Lepidolite
  • Scolecite
  • Amblygonite
  • Petalite
  • Lithium Quartz

If you want to boost your gifts such as telepathy, you should combine these stones:

  • Dream Quartz
  • Faden Quartz
  • Blue Chalcedony
  • Natrolite
  • Herkimer Diamond
  • Labradorite
  • Blue Calcite
  • Cats Eye
  • Chrysoberyl

You can use this stone and it can attract angels or demons and so you need to combine it with a protection stone such as Black Tourmaline to make sure that only good things are attracted to it.


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