The Chrysocolla stone is a supportive stone of the goddess energy and will help you to have verbal expression. This can help men and women to communicate in a loving way.

This will open up your chakras and allow you to speak to heal others and to aid in communication. This stone can help you to communicate better and was used by the Native Americans to bring calmness and strength in their life.

This stone will teach you to communicate and give you the right words to speak and will motivate you to speak out in life. This will be important to you and can help you to heal.

Meaning of the Chrysocolla

The meaning of this stone dates back to when it was used to smolder gold. This stone comes from the Greek word, “Chrysos,” and “Kolla” which means “Gold Glue.”

Some of the Chrysocolla will come in big forms instead of crystals and the colors are from green, blue, turquoise, green and blue green.

This stone has been found in Spain, Australia, Peru, Israel, Zaire, Zimbabwe, Congo, and the United State of America. This stone is very pretty and is a copper-based stone that has copper oxides.

Copper Mines

The Chrysocolla is commonly found in copper mines and is a gem silica and a form of the quartz. It is often found with Azurite, Cuprite, Shattuckite and Malachite and is a Quantum Quattro and Eilat stone. The spelling of this stone is sometimes different, but it is the same stone.

Do not buy Howlite that is dyed in exchange for the Chrysocolla because it has different healing attributes. Depending on the mineral mix, this stone is a very powerful stone to use. The benefits of this stone have minerals that allow you to enjoy life and to enjoy the minerals.

Why Would You Use It?

This tone has strong actions for the chakras and can help to align your spirit. This is part of the heart chakra and can help you to have powerful communication. It can also help with feminine energies and can help you get to your feminine side of life.

Depending on the colors in the stone will depend on how deep your communication can be and how deep your healing can occur. This stone is great if you have stress and you need to relieve it and get rid of it. This will help you not to say angry words and will help you to use your heart to speak.

This stone will bring calmness and quiet to you and will help your thymus gland and the base chakra. It can also help if you have throat issues.

How Can This Help You?

The Chrysocolla is a great stone to help increase your auric field and to help you communicate better. This is a strong spiritual grounding stone and is great for good energy and healing energy to the whole body. This will repair damages to your auric field.

When you use this energy, you will be connected to the earth chakra, and you can use this energy if you need help changing or if you have an unexpected illness that comes into your body. This can be a challenge with your spiritual relationship, but it is a friendly vibration stone that can bring you comfort.

This stone can help you as you get older, and you find you can no longer do what you used to be able to do. This helps to give you strong bones and teeth and helps to blood flow be balanced and repairs chromosome damage.

This can help you to be positive and can give you psychic protection which can bring you peace and allows you to be secure and free from fear and danger.

This stone has strong power and helps you if you have to speak truth or speak openly. This will help you to build your relationships and can help to build your emotions and keep you calm and peaceful in your life.

The higher vibrations of these blue crystals are great for the throat chakra that helps you to communicate with others and has heartfelt truth. This can help you to get rid of your limitations and be able to speak without fear.

You can use this stone if you are doing public speaking or teaching a class and it can help you to have loving guidance to give away to people. It gives truth and power.

How to Use It

This stone works with the solar plexus and can help you to get rid of negative emotions. This also works with the earth connection and the base chakra and can help you have more empathy.

This stone can help you heal and works with the earth to let you tune in to Mother Gaia. This is a grounding stone with great energies. This tone can heal adrenal fatigue and help you with creativity and can help you to have inner knowing and strength.

This can help you be calm when life changes and can help you if you have a struggle in your relationships. The energy of this stone will work truth from the heart and will help you to understand the perspectives of others.

It will help you to be calm and to make life easier for yourself and others. Use this crystal when you meditate each day so that you can get rid of fear and anxiety. This stone is great for psychic visions and for clairvoyant activities. It can help to develop your giftings.

Wearing Chrysocolla

You can use this stone as jewelry or keep it close to your body. This stone is easily made into rings and necklaces and can help you make life changes.

Wearing this stone can help you to have supportive energies and to do activities that will give you soundness of mind. This stone is part of the Virgo and Gemini birthstone and can benefit you if you fit those zodiacs. This stone can help you to increase your auric field and to be strong.


This stone is a blue green in color and can help you to communicate in your life. This stone can help you to align your spiritual powers and can help you to clear your way of thinking.

This stone can help you to stay calm and help you to have normal emotions that are in control. It can help with your auric field and can give you energy. If you need help to do public speaking and if you are uncomfortable about telling the truth and you are passionate about certain things but are unable to speak about them.

If you use the energy from this stone, you will be able to speak the truth and say what is on your heart without struggle. If you have to go to the point where you have to speak about delicate matters, you can use this stone to help you communicate truthfully and let your feelings out. You can show what you are feeling and allow your words to work.

When you need to negotiate about things, wear this stone near your throat and it can help you to feel brave and not to be afraid of confrontations. If you have to deal with your past issues, this stone can help you to be confident.

People often times have a hard time telling or knowing the truth and this stone can help to clarify this in your life.

Why Use This Stone?

This stone can help you to share loving feelings with others and can help with compassion and emotional problems that you have. If you have a hard time being silent, use this stone to help you so you can speak at the right times.

If you have problems staying calm, this can quiet you and keep you calm and give you care in your life.

Using with Other Stones

This stone is great for the throat chakra and can help you to communicate truthfully and openly. You can use this stone in combination with these to have better communication:

  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Amazonite
  • Aragonite
  • Aqua Aura Quartz

Copper based stones have strong vibrations and if you want to increase the vibrations of your stone even more and let it to help heal you and give you better gift developments, you can combine this stone with these other stones for good results:

  • Gem Silica
  • Eilate Stone
  • Brochantite
  • Turquoise Stones
  • Malachite
  • Dioptase
  • Kinoite
  • Shattuckite
  • Covellite

If you are experiencing sadness or any emotional distress or depression, using these stones combined can help to lift up your mood and give you positive energies.

  • Pink Tourmaline
  • Lithium Quartz
  • Lilac Lepidolite
  • Holmquisite
  • Amblygonite
  • Kunzite

When you need to develop your giftings and your psychic intuition, you can do this by meditating and using stones to help raise these vibrations. Intuition is a gut feeling and allows you to know things. You can increase this intuition by using this stone and combining with these other stones such as:

  • Blue Celestite
  • Lepidocrocite
  • Apatite
  • Aventurine
  • Labradorite
  • Lavender Purple Lolite
  • Blue Aventurine
  • Dumortierite
  • Blue Appetite
  • Natrolite
  • Scolecite


  1. The historical background and multifaceted uses of Chrysocolla are well-explained. It’s fascinating how its applications span from physical health to emotional and spiritual healing.

  2. The connection between Chrysocolla and zodiac signs like Virgo and Gemini provides an additional layer of personalized significance. It’s helpful to understand how it can align with astrological beliefs.

  3. It’s interesting to see the emphasis on communication and emotional balance. The stone’s link to different chakras and its potential for stress relief and calmness is particularly noteworthy.

  4. The detailed description of how Chrysocolla can assist with public speaking and communication is quite useful. Its potential benefits for teachers and public speakers make it a valuable tool.

  5. The geological and geographical aspects of Chrysocolla are intriguing. Learning that it can be found in diverse locations such as Spain and Congo adds depth to its historical and cultural significance.

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