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Using Crystals to Empower Your Work

Black Tourmaline

Many people have jobs where they work from home, but other people go to an actual workplace. In this kind of workplace most people don’t have a lot of control of the decorations or sometimes even who works beside of you. How can you make the workplace a place that …

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The Best Crystals for Manifestation

Best Crystals for Manifestation

The Law of Attraction is something that people have a hard time wrapping their minds around because it seems to easy. But some people believe that manifestation is easy and make it a part of their life. Others believe that they can use the power of the universe to make …

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When a Crystal Breaks or Gets Lost


If you lose a crystal or one breaks, there are different interpretations to what this can mean. It is important to use your intuition to guide you in this manner. Find out what kind of circumstances caused this with your crystals so that you will not be fearful. When a …

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Giving Crystals for Gifts

Crystals for Gifts

Crystals can make the perfect gifts for family or friends, no matter what the occasion is. Not only are they pretty to look at, they also can help you to feel stronger in your spirituality. There are different situations where crystals can help someone such as healing or grounding. When …

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Reaching a Parallel Universe with Crystals


We live on earth and there are things around us that we experience each and every day. The way that we live is a reality of who we are and what we do in our lives. The truth is thought that there are other universes and there is a parallel …

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Best Crystals When Traveling

Best Crystals When Traveling

There are different things that have to do with the psychic world such as chakras, third eye energy, palm reading and more. If you look online, you can find that even people online will charge for things like crystal healings. If you are a traveler, chances are that you learn …

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How to Get Negativity Out of Your House

Get Negativity Out of Your House

One of the most fruitful times is the Shravan and it is a time where you should fast and reflect on your life. This is a month where people should do rituals to have wealth and other great things happen to them in their life. Always make sure that your …

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These Are Crystals that are a Must to Have

Crystals that are a Must to Have

There are things all over your home such as your electronics, your cell phone and other things in the world that might take some of your energy away. There are things that can help you to stay strong even when you have to face things in the world and one …

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When your Crown Chakra Opens?

Crown Chakra Opens

When you want to open up your crown chakra, you have to understand that this is something that you can do and that you need to do with high vibrations. This can be confusing to you and make it hard for you to know what to feel or to think. …

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Healing Stones from Ancient Times

Healing Stones

As long as ancient times, crystals have been part of medicine. People now days are turning to crystals and stones to help heal themselves even today. The interest people have in crystals as an alternative medicine has not went away. There are different stones that have different mineral deposits that …

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