The Kunzite is a heart-based stone and it can fill your life with love and emotional strength. It can help to get rid of negativity and fill you with strength.

The stone is pink and has experiences of love and Divine will. The stone can help to make you feel better and help you heal emotionally.

Meaning of Kunzite

This stone is a pink or purple stone and can also be green, yellow and clear. The stone might be prismatic and can be seem-translucent or clear. The stone can be known because of the mineralogist George Fredrick Kunz and means “burnt to ashes.” This stone is sometimes grey in color.

This is a mineral that is used in lithium batteries and has more lithium than other stones. This stone can come in different colors and some contain chromium such as the green stones.

The pink stones have been found in Australia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Madagascar and the USA. The stones can come in different colors and are popular.

Negative Feelings

This stone works with the heart chakra and can help to open up the third eye chakra, the crown chakra and the soul star chakra.

It can help to balance your feelings and help you to love yourself more. This stone can help you have better relationships and can help you have intimate bonds. It can enhance your divine love and can improve your life and help you have more love.

If you need to get rid of stress, this is a great stone and can help you to reach divine love. It can increase your giftings and help you reach your Divine spirit.

The stone will give you happiness and help you with all of your daily activities. It works with your higher heart to help you have joy and to have a universal mind. It can flood joy in your life.

Why Use It?

This stone can help to heal the throat and heart charka and help you communicate better. It can get rid of deep issues form your past and help you to feel loved where you have felt unloved in the past.

The stone can open up your pure divine love and help you reach your deepest level. It can also give you inner child healing if you need it.

Who Should Use It?

This stone can be great for using with meditation and can bring you joy and love., IT can help you when you use it with the Kunzite and can help you reach your higher being. It can develop your intuition and help you with guided meditation if you need it.

The meditation will help you relax and give you energy and help you with your creativity.

Using this stone can help you if you need to have constructive criticism and can help you to reach your higher self and to heal the lungs if you have problems there.

Wearing This Stone

This stone is part of the Leo, Scorpio and Taurus birthstone and is easy to buy as jewelry. When you keep it close to you, it can help to heal you and get rid of relationship problems that you have in your life. You can use this in green, yellow and pink and you can wear it so that the vibrations can heal your chakras.


This stone can help to increase your vibrations and help you love yourself more. It can help you to have a better life and better relationships. If you want to retain love, use this stone to help you.

Lilac Kunzite

This stone has high vibrations and you should know its energy. It can help with the third eye chakra and the crown chakra and can bring you joy and happiness and stimulate your intuition giftings.

This stone can calm you and take away stress. It can be good for those that are dying so that they can transition peacefully in death. It can give you a strong awareness of your spirituality and bring you peace.

Using with Other Stones

Some stones have high vibrations and you can increase these vibrations by combining this stone with other stones. When you do this, you can raise the vibrational frequencies of these stones and you can use this to develop your giftings or for healing purposes.

  • Kyanite
  • Blue Kyanite
  • Moldavite
  • Phenacite

This stone is great for the heart and solar plexus chakra and can help to increase your love, compassion and your peace. If you want to increase these things and help to balance your chakras, you can do this by combining this stone with these other heart and solar plexus chakra stones:

  • Blizzard Stone
  • Gabbro
  • Purple Stichtite
  • Tourmilated Quartz
  • Shamanite Black Calcite
  • Aqua Aura Quartz
  • Rainbow Moonstone
  • Golden Healer
  • Papagoite
  • Mook Jasper

If you need to get rid of stress and feel calmer, this stone has lithium and so it is a great stone to use and to combine with other lithium stones such as:

  • Lilac Lepidolite
  • Holmquisite
  • Amblygonite
  • Lithium Quartz

You can also use green heart chakra stones such as:

  • Gaia Stone
  • Moldavite
  • Green Tourmaline
  • Chrysocolla
  • Anyolite
  • Emeralds
  • Green Selenite


  1. The article provides a thorough overview of Kunzite’s attributes, including its ability to promote self-love and emotional strength. The emphasis on its usage in meditation and creative processes is noteworthy.

    • Indeed, the information about using Kunzite during meditation to enhance intuition is valuable for those seeking spiritual growth.

    • The mention of Kunzite’s high vibrations and its calming effects, especially for those transitioning in life, adds depth to its spiritual significance.

  2. The variety of colors and sources of Kunzite mentioned in the article highlight its global significance. The inclusion of its applications in lithium batteries is an intriguing aspect of its utility.

  3. The detailed explanation of Kunzite’s properties and its uses for emotional healing is quite informative. The historical and mineralogical background adds an interesting dimension to the discussion.

  4. The connection between Kunzite and various chakras, as well as its potential to reduce stress and enhance relationships, provides a comprehensive guide for those interested in crystal healing.

  5. I appreciate the list of complementary stones that can be used with Kunzite to maximize its vibrational effects. This is particularly useful for individuals looking to create personalized gemstone combinations.


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