How Do Crystal Ball Readings Work?

Crystal Ball

When you think of a crystal ball do you automatically think of a psychic? This is one thing that is often misrepresented on television. Crystal ball reading ahs been seen on television, in movies, in stage productions and more and it has made people think that this was some kind of weird magic.

The truth is crystal ball reading is a tool of divination that has been around for many years. Only psychics that are able to use clairvoyance are ones that can use crystal balls to get the answers that they need.

There is no real guide on how to use crystal balls, but you can read on and decide if doing crystal ball readings is something that you would like to try.

Using a Crystal Ball for a Reading

The hardest part of doing crystal ball readings is that you have to use your own interpretation to know what the signs and symbols mean. You have to practice using this tool of divination and it doesn’t usually just come naturally, even though psychics have some natural gifts.

Crystal ball reading is also called crystallomancy and it is something that can take forever for people to learn. A psychic that is trained in crystal ball readings has put a lot of time and effort into learning how to do this and has opened up their psychic gifts.

Clairvoyance psychics are able to look into crystal balls and to see different things such as images and visions. Crystal ball reading is harder than doing tarot card readings and the psychic has to be able to learn to reach into the spiritual realm to make it work.

When a psychic is using a crystal ball, they have to be able to communicate into the spiritual world. Meditation is important before you ever start crystal ball reading, and the psychic will usually meditate before they start.

Then the psychic will look at the crystal ball and as they transfix their gaze, they will have images and visions that come to them. Those that have been doing crystal ball reading for a while will be better at it than those that are new.

Crystal Ball Lighting

The right lighting will be helpful when doing a crystal ball reading. The environment in which you do the reading will help the psychic to be more accurate. If the light is too dim, it can cause the images to not be seen clearly and if the light is too bright, it can cause the crystal ball to not show through at all.

Make sure that the space around the crystal ball is cleansed of negative energy before you even begin doing a reading. This will help communication to be clearer.

History of Crystal Ball Readings

Crystal ball readings have been around for years, and they were used often in Egypt and Persian history. Different cultures are known throughout history to do crystal ball readings.

One of the earliest recorded uses of a crystal ball was in the 1st century CE and was noted by Pliny the Elder who was an author. Some have also been recorded that were used during the ancient Druid times and they would often use beryl as the stone that the ball was made from.

There were fortune tellers that were Romani between the 9th and 14th centuries, and they were used as a tool of divination. This practice is not approved by the Catholic church, and they don’t believe in psychic practices.

Crystal ball reading has become popular, and it became most popular during the Victorian era. This was a spiritual tool and was used as a tool of divination for psychics.

Kinds of Crystal Balls

Crystal balls are made out of different stones and some use beryl while others use natural quartz or glass. When you connect with the crystal ball, you will be connected with the spiritual world. Selenite crystal is another kind of stone that is often used. Many crystal balls in this century are made of Orgonite spheres. This is a good stone to ward of EMF energy and to help get rid of energies that are negative.

Questions to Ask a Crystal Ball

A crystal ball reading can give you answers that you are looing for. You need to make sure that you are grounded, or you might get answers you don’t want. You might get information from your psychic reader that you don’t understand at first, but you need to be patient for the answer to come.

Psychics that use crystal balls don’t pull any cards or anything like that, they just gaze into the ball at the symbols and the visions might take time to come to them. Be patient and allow the answers to come.

As you go for your reading, make sure that you are being mindful and that you are being patient. You should always ground yourself before you start your reading and be open-minded. Your spiritual guides will give you the answers that you need.

If you go into this kind of reading with a closed mind, then chances are you won’t get the reading you hoped for. You should only go if you believe in it, and you should give it a try only if you are willing to not be skeptical. You should make sure that you are connected to your psychic when getting this kind of reading because you will need to be patient.

Different psychics do different kinds of readings and so you need to make sure that you are seeing a psychic that is gifted and one that is able to do crystal ball reading. Not all psychics are able to do this because they all have their own gifts.

When asking questions, make sure that your questions are open-ended and that you aren’t asking yes or no questions. Allow your mind to be quiet and wait for your answers.

Choosing a psychic for a crystal ball reading is the most important part because you want to make sure that you find the right psychic. Ask questions about how they cleanse their areas and how they get their ball ready. You should believe in what they are telling you and they should give you enough information so that you can experience the reading in a good way.

Working with a Crystal Ball Psychic

Here are some things that you need to do to work with a crystal ball psychic:

  • Be grounded.
  • Meditate.
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Be open-minded.
  • Have an open heart.
  • Be positive.
  • Ask for clear answers.
  • Ask your reader about your future.

Final Thoughts

Crystal ball readings have been around for centuries, and it is one of the oldest tools of divination that are used. You can get accurate psychic reading with these tools and the crystal balls can help you to know what your past, present and future hold.

Getting a crystal ball reading can happen online or in person. Find the best crystal ball reader by reading the different customer reviews and finding one that is real.


  1. The article provides a comprehensive understanding of crystal ball readings, highlighting its historical context and usage. It demystifies the practice and emphasizes the skill and dedication required for accurate divination.

  2. The detailed explanation about the types of stones used in crystal balls, such as beryl and quartz, was quite informative. Understanding the material properties adds depth to the practice of crystallomancy.

  3. The article’s guidance on working with a crystal ball psychic, such as grounding and meditation, underscores the importance of mental and emotional preparation. This aspect is crucial for those seeking accurate readings.

  4. It’s interesting to note the importance of lighting and environment in crystal ball readings. The necessity to cleanse the space and create a conducive atmosphere for divination was particularly enlightening.

  5. The historical references, including Pliny the Elder and the Victorian era, provide valuable context. It’s fascinating how the practice has evolved and persisted through various cultures and time periods.


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